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HUligtmts SuMligim —♦-—


HUligtmts SuMligim —♦-— PONTYPOOI, -ENGLISH BAPTIST CHAPEL.-Oil Sunday even- ing last the Rev. Thomas Thomas, theological tutor of the Baptist College, delivered an eloquent discourse on Baptism at the Eng- lish Baptist chapel, Crane-street, after which eight individuals were baptised, most of whom were young persons, and one the pastor's son. A large number of persons attended to witness the solemn rite, and appeared deeply interested. GILEAD CHAPEL, COITY, NEAR BRIDGEND.—At the above chapel a meeting was held on the 21st inst. to advocate the prin- ciples of total abstinence from all intoxicating drinks; when Ni r. Lewis Davies, Coity, presided, and addresses were delivered in Welsh by Messrs. Thomas Hughes and Richard Roberts, both of Old Castle. We are glad to state that the meeting was well at- tended, though we understand this was the first meeting of the kind that has been held in the place. The lecturers dwelt chiefly on the uselessness of intoxicating drinks, and the great good aris- ing from the adoption of teetotal principles. His views were re- ceived with the most enthusiastic approbation of the audience. At the close of the meeting nine persons came forward to sign the pledge. A TOKEN OF RESPECT.—The church and congregation at Sketty, near Swansea, wishing to show their affection for their minister, the Rev. E. G. Williams, who is on the point of leaving them, presented him with the following valuable publications Harries's Introduction to the Holy Scriptures, in five elegant vo- lumes Tomline's Introduction, and Grotius' De Veritate. On Sunday week the books were placed on the table under the pulpit, for the inspection of the people, and Mr. Williams returned his thanks in public at the close of the evening service. PONTYPOOL.—SARDIS CHAPEL.—The teachers and children of the Sunday-school in connexion with this chapel were addressed last Sunday week by that venerated patron of Sunday-schools, W. W. Phillips, Esq. TABERNACLK, ALDEHSOATE-STREET, LONDox.-The anniver- sary of the Independents was held at the above chapel on the 13th inst. At ten o'clock the service was introduced by the Rev. W. Rees, of Liverpool; and sermons were delivered by the Revs. B. Price, Baptist minister, and Moses Ellis, of Mynyddishvyn. At two o'clock the Rev. Moses Ellis commenced the service, and the Rev. Edmund Evans, Wesley an minister, and the Rev. W. Rees, preached. At six o'clock the service was introduced by the Rev. Evan Jones, and sermons were delivered by the Revs. M. Ellis and W, Rees. On Monday evening the Rev. Dr. Jenkyn, of Coward College, and the Rev. M. Ellis preached to a numerous and respectable congregation. The former preached in Welsh.

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