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''OFFICIAL REPORT.ITALIAN LEGION, COMMANDED BY GARIBALDI. Palestrina, May 9, Nine, P.M. The combat of to-day could not have had a better termina- tion. The Neapolitans, to the number of 7,000, with 800 cavalry, arrived in the evening of yesterday at Valmontone, and were an- noyed by us during the night with a fire of musketry, pushed up to the walls. To-day they attempted to strike a decisive blow at us. Three roads lead from this place to Valmontone, which all meet in one at two musket-shots beyond Palestrina. The enemy divided his forces into two bodies one was directed upon our left, by the road which runs from this to Cave, with a branch to Val- montone, the other upon our right, by Lugano. At the centre a skirmish took place, in which three of the Royalists were killed, without any of our men being hurt. At half-past four the enemy, whose coming we ardently longed for, appeared. All was ready. The fire began from our left, the enemy replying with cannon as well as musketry. None of our men gave ground for an instant, but stood nailed to their post, like lions made fierce by thirst of blood. After an hour's firing, the enemy made a movement in retreat; a detachment of our troops, sent to the left under shelter of the high ground, opened a fire upon his flank, well nourished, and directed with such skill and steadi- ness that we had the satisfaction of seeing the enemy betake him- self to a precipitate flight, leaving many dead and wounded, with three pieces of artillery, two of them disabled. He was pursued for a considerable distance, and though very clever at running, several prisoners were made. Meanwhile another body of troops came upon our left, by the pathway of Zagarolo, to which leads a cf Lugnano they were drawn up in mass, with a vanguard of cavalry; another body of cavalry, deployed upon their left flank, was posted in reserve. This body arrived in good order at the point where the roads crossed each other, and opened a fire from one piece of artillery. Their object was to repair the repulse they had received on the other side, and they attempted to deploy some battalions on this quarter, but our troops were too firm at their posts to allow them to pass thereupon they changed their tactics, and attempted to penetrate to our right flank by descending in single file. The fire with which they were met was too keen they tried a last effort, but unsuccessfully. Our men, encouraged ex- ceedingly by what had passed, met them with ardour, and could not long be restrained in their position. Quitting it on three points, they made a vigorous assault, and forced the enemy to a hurried flight. A single company of ours sufficed to pursue him more than a mile, repulsing and almost destroying a squadron of cavalry. which had in despair attempted a charge. Thus it is proved that the Italians, when they fight, conquer- for those only are Italians who contend for liberty. The Neapo- litans sustained a heavy loss in killed, wounded, and prisoners; of our men few were wounded, and still fewer killed. The particu- lars of the Royalist and our loss will be given to-morrow. DAVEEIO, Chief of the Staff of General Garibaldi." Garibaldi returned to Rome on the 11th, and was received in triumph. Accounts have been received from Bologna to the 12th. The place still held out against the Austrians. The people were fighting desperately, and are prepared to make of Bologna a second Saragossa. The Austrians have been repulsed by the Bolognese in several attacks. Hosti- lities recommenced on the 9th, when the Austrians threw rockets upon the town from the suburb of San Michale, and cannonaded it from the Palazzo Aldini. A combined attack upon the Galliera, Felice, Isaia, and Saragossa gates took place at the same time, all which were repulsed, while the Bolognese cannon did great execution among the Austrians at the Annunziata. The Bolognese have 2,000 troops of the line.



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