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BRITISH-AND FOREIGN SCHOOL SOCIETY. The annual meeting of this Institution was held at Exeter Hall, on Monday, the 7th inst., and was numerously attended. The chair was taken by the Earl of Carlisle. Mr. Henry DUXN read an abstract of the report, which stated that, One hundred and three new schools had been opened during the year, providing additional school accommodation for upwards of 10,000 children. Those schools had been planted in seventy-eight different localities, 67 of them in England, and 33 in Wales. Forty- six schools had been temporarily supplied with teachers, under emergencies which cotill nr)t'bo otherwise provided for. Forty-two public meetings had been held, at which the principles of the Society have been zea. advocated. At twenty-two place- lectures had been delivered on the Importance and Necessity of Promoting the Education of the People. The Schools in London and the neigh- bourhood had been, as heretofore, inspected by Mr. Althaus, whohad paid during the year 310 visits, attended 32 public examinations, •iiid 8 public meetings. Mr. Wilks, the agent for Lancashire, had vi iitod VI towi\8, chiefly in Lancashire, Cfheshirc, Warwickshire, Staffordshire, Cumberland, Westmoreland, and Northumberland' in all of which pieces he had zealously promoted the interests of the schools, and the welfare of the Society. Mr. Barton, with, the general objects, had visited IJ9 towns and villages,—chiefly in Yorkshire. Lincolnshire, Derbyshire, and Salop. Mr. Smith, in addition to his important duties in London, had visited 61 towns, hid held 21 public meetings, and conducted 21 public examinations, lo Wales, 86 schools had been established, and 30 had been opened, either i.i North or South Wales, during the past year. During the year, 12) schools had been aided by grants of lessors. slates, and other material. The assistance hitherto rendered to schools iq the colotics an1 other foreign parts had been continued. The children of Jamaica, Tobago, St. Domingo, of Greece and India, of New- foundland, Po, and New Zealand, had all exoerienced their bounty during the year. The Model Schools had fully main- tained their position and were still overflowing. In the I3oys' S,hool, 919 had been admitted, making the total number received since its commencement, 31,339. In the Girls' School, 4-5') had been admitted, making the ¡jumbor entered on the books since its fi,r.D:.1- tion, 13,294. Nearly 50.000 have, therefore, now received more loss instruct! m in the Model Schools alone. The Normal Schools had been efficiently conducted and numerously attended. Dc. Corn well reported-the admission of 175 students. The Training School for Female Teachers had. been equally prosperous; 36 students were reported in attendance in April last; 111 had been received since. Of these, 8 I had been appointed to schools 21 had withdrawa, and 42 were still pursuing their course." Samuel GURXEY, Esq., the Treasurer; then presented his accounts, from which it appeared, that the total amount re- ceive! during the year was £ 11,561 17s, 10d., the expenditure £11,711 18s. 8d., leaving a balance due to the Treasurer of £ 112 101. The meeting was then addressed by the Bishop of Xonwrcri, W. EVANS, Esq., M.P., Rov. W. ARTHUR, (from Paris,) HeV. T. BOAS, (of Calcutta,) Rev, E. CRAIG, llev, T. BIXNBY, and other gentlemen.