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NEWPORT. COURT OF EXCHEQUER, MAY 15.—(Before the Chief Baron, and a common jury.) XiCWfORT, AB3RGAVSNW, AND HEREFORD RAILWAY V. BROW N. This was an action brought to recover X323 7s., being arrears due by the defendant to the company upon certain calls, together with n terest. Mr. Martin appeared for the plaintiffs, and Mr. Cockburn for the defendant. „ The defendant was Mr. John Brown, of Sydenham, and he was the holder of 75 shares, upon which he had neglected to pay two calls of £ 2 each. Mr. Cockburn said, upon the facts of the case he had no answer, but he had to raise a point which now stood for the decision of the Court of Common Pleas in the case of the Cork and Bandon Rail- way v. Connolly, and which had reference to the notice anterior to making the call, and not subsequent to the call. By the 22nd sec- tion of the Act the shareholders were entitled to 21 days' formal notice of the intention of the directors to make the call, and as that had not been given in this case, he apprehended that the calls were informal. The Chief Baron said he would reserve the pomt, but did not think that it would much avail the defendant. A verdict for the full amount was then returned for the plaintiffs, with leave to move to enter a nonsuit upon the 22nd section. BURGLARY AT MAT,PAS.On the night of Friday, the llthinst., or early on Saturday morning, Woodlands, the residence of James J. Cordes, Esq., was broken into, and a considerable qir-otity of silver plate and other articles stolen therefrom. It appears that the perpetrators effected an entrance through the scullery window, by cutting holes in the shutters. On Saturday morning,it was dis- covered that a dog had been left behind in the back premises by the burglars, which the servant foolishly set at liberty before the arrival of the police, which might have led to the immediate detection of the thieves, who have not as yet been apprehended but it is sup- posed they will soon be brought to justice. The high esteem and respect in which Mr. Cordes is deservedly held by the people has materially increased the anxiety for the apprehension of the robbers. £ 25-rewatd has been offered for their detection. POLICE, MAY 14TH.—[Before the Mayor, Thomas Hughes, and William Jenkins, Esq.] George James was charged with stealing two watches, the pro- perty of Richard Whopham, of Cardiff. Part of the stolen pro- nerty was found in his possession, and the remainder pawned at Mr. Wildes, pawnbroker, of Llanarth-street,, in this town. The pri- gorier was committed for trial. John Williams, of Liverpool, was charged with stealing a silver tea spoon, the property of Chas. Phillips, coach proprietor. The prisoner was taken by Mr. Phillips out of charity to help him in the stable, when he committed the above ungrateful act. Com- mitted for trial. Samuel Gould was charged with stealing thirteen pounds of white lead, the property of Mr. John Clarke, plumber and glazier, Commercial-road, Committed for trial. (Bailed out.) Henry Jones was summoned for assaulting David Turberville. Settled out of court. Ann Snailham was summoned for assaulting Ann Nonield. Ordered to pay costs, 2s. 6d., and bound over to keep the peace for six months. Henry Thomas, railway gauger, was summoned for wages, 2s. 6d., amount due to Edward Barrett. Ordered to pay, with 6s. 6d. costs. Valentine Daniel was summoned for a public annoyance in the street, at the bottom of Stow Hill. Ordered to pay costs. George Wilcox was summoned for pound breaking. Case dis- missed. Spargle Hitchings and Chas. Phillips, the drivers of opposition coaches between Newport and Cardiff, were summoned for furiously driving through Commercial-street, on Thursday last. Each fined Is., and lis. 6d. costs. Benjamin Richards was charged with assaulting his wife, Ann Richards." Fined 4Us., and costs, 16s. 6d., and bound over to keep the peace for six months.





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