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TUSCANY. General Ramorino, who was reported as executed, is, it appears, to be imprisoned for life. It would have been well for Poland, for Savoy, for Italy, for himself, had this man never been born. The Tuscan Monitore of the 4th publishes a proclamation of the Grand Duke of Tuscany, dated Gaeta, the 1st, an- nouncing that, as it is necessary for a time to adopt extraor- dinary and exceptional measures for the restoration and maintenance of order, he has appointed General Serristori Governor of Tuscany, with full and absolute powers. The Grand Duke declares that this measure is only provisional, and that he remains warmly attached to constitutional prin- ciples, notwithstanding the rebellion which attempted to deprive him of his authority. The Tuscan Monitore of the 5th announces the entrance of the Austrians into Tuscany. General d'Aspre, who com- mands the expedition, has published a proclamation declaring that his expedition has no further object than that of restor- ing public tranquillity. The Extraordinary Commissioner of the Grand Duke, Count Serristori, immediately sent Lieut.-General d'Arco Ferrari to explain to General d'Aspre that order reigned already in Tuscany, excepting at Leghorn, and therefore begged that he would limit the operations of his troops to Leghorn alone. The vanguard of the Austrian cavalry entered Pisa on the evening of the 5th, and the rest of the troops, amounting to 14,000 men with 36 cannon, arrived during the night. All the members of the Tuscan Cabinet had given in their resignation. The Genoa Gazette, of the 7th, states that the Arno steamer, which left Leghorn on the 6th, has brought the in- telligence that the people of that town, on hearing of the arrival of 15,000 Austrians, increased the strength of their barricades, determined not to surrender. All the subjects of foreign countries had taken refuge on board the ships. It was expected that Leghorn would be attacked on the 7th. The Dante steamer, which arrived at Genoa on the morning of the 7th, has brought the news that the Town Council of Leghorn had determined to let in the Austrians, who were only at the distance of half a mile.





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