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UPPER LLANFOIST HOUSE ESTATE. NEAR ABERGAVENNY, roNIOUTHSHlRK THIS very valuable and highly picturesque Freehold Estate will be offered for Sale by Auction, by Mr. JOHN WILLIAMS, at the Angel Hotel, in the Town of Abergavenny, on Wednesday, the 30th day of May inst., at one o'clock precisely, in the following lotd, and subject to such conditions as shall be then and there produced. Lot 1.—A valuable piece of garden ground, pointing both to the Blaenavon turnpike-road, and to the Brecon and Abergavenny canal, (opposite to Messrs Bailey's Govilon Wharf,) and admi- rably adapted either for a wharf or building purposes, and containing 2a.10P. Lot 2.-Three valuable closes of land, all fronting the turnpike- rWad from Abergavenny to Merthyr, and most conveniently situate fbr lotting-out on building lease, or in garden allotments, the whole containing 10A. 2R. 20-6. Lot 3.-Compri.;es a barn, cowhouse, and fold, and two closes of good arable land, the whole containing 5A. IlL 34P. Lot 4.—Two gardens, with stable, &c., adjoining the Brecon and Abergavenny canal company's wharf, a good meadow, and piece of rood land, the whole containing 3A. OR. HIP. Lot o.—Two very valuable closes of rich meadow land, known as the Three Covers and Wi-lod Facii, with a thriving young oakwood, the whole containing 3A 2R. .Lot 6.—An exceedingly valuable piece of ground, called Caa Main, which might be converted very profitably into a garden or building lots, and would be a most eligible site for the erection of a small inn; together with a thriving oak coppice adjoining, the whole containing 5A. 2R. 18i'. The preceding- lots comprise the farm of Lower Pentwyn, in the parish of Llanwenarth, containing 28A. 3R. 21P., now in the occupation of Kichard Jones, Esq., or his under-tenants; and from their proximity to the village of Llanfoist and Govilon, and advantageous position, these lands would be much sought after, and command very gooa rents. The following lots are all situate in the parish of Llanfoist:— Lot 7.—The very valuable wood called Upper Llanfoist Grove, containing 58A. Olt. 33P., which skirts "Brecon and Abergavenny canal for nearly three quarters of a mile, has a very excellent soil, and is noted for the superior quality of its timber it also contains several beds of excellent stone. Lot 8.—The large and commodious family mansion of Upper Llanfoist, with suitable out-offices, large garden, very rich and pic- iuresque lawn, finely timbered, (and which alone foimerly rented at £100 per annum,) paddock, and groves behind the whole, con- taining 27A. 2a. 37P. of very superior land. The scenery from the house and grounds is of the finest description, and of a most varied nature; the noble Blorenge Ilill, with its base adorned with woods, forms a magnificent background, and adds an imposing feature to the beauty of a landscape very rarely equalled. Lot 9.—The exceedingly compact and fertile farm of Penyworlod, in the occupation of Mr. W. Havard, consisting of a very substantial and picturesque dwelling-house, back kitchen, and dairy detached, with good granary over barn, cart and hack stables, cowhouses and sheds, together with two workmen's cottages, containing 62A. 1R. Sr. of rcry superior arable, pasture, and wood land. This will be found a most desirable purchase for any gentleman disposed to farm on a small scale for his own amusement; it has all the capa- bilities for being made a perfect model farm, and the house, with a few tasteful additions, would become a delightful residence, while for the beauty of its site and scenery, it is unsurpassed through the whole extent of the far-famed vale of Usk. t Lot 10.—Three valuable meadows known as the Bridge Meadows, situate within a few hundred yards of the town of Abergavenny, and in the occupation of W. Morgan, Esq., or his undertenant, the whole containing 4A. 2R. 31 P. Lot 11.—Tyr Mauog, or Church Meadow, near the village of Llanfoist, consisting of a very fertile meadow, with oak woods adjoining, the whole containing 10A. 31t. 11P. The following lots are ituate in the village of Llanfoist :— Lot 12.—A large and valuable garden, in the. occupation of Thomas Dutton, containing 1A. 2R. 5P. Lot 13.—The Waterloo Inn, with cottage attached, two stables, gardens, and yard, with an exceedingly rich meadow behind, the whole containing 2A. OR. 3OP. L )t 14.—Three very neat cottages, with garden attached, con- taining SIP. Lot 15.-Two very valuable gardens, near'the Waterloo Inn, with an extensive frontage, well adapted for a row of cottages, and containing 1,020 square yards. Lot 16.—A row of cottages, near Llanfoist Wharf, comprising •even tenements, with gardens attached, the whole containing 37P. Descriptive particulars, with plans annexed, may be had fourteen days prior to the sale, at the Beaufort Arms, Monmouth King's Had, Newport; Plough, Cheltenham; Great Western Hotel, Bristol; of the Auctioneer, Brecon-road, Abergavenny or at the 'OtSces of Messrs. Gabb and Secretan Woodliouse, Solicitors, and M essrs. Sayce and Price, Land Agents and Surveyors, Abergavenny, whom any further information may be obtained. N. B.-The estate may be viewed on application to the respective tenants. Circülation-Thhty-nva Thousand! rr ir v, V A ¥ TLX V Jl T E N D A MON'JCHL i FEKIOIACAI^ T'JTRIVALLED IN CHEAPNESS, INTEREST, AND USEFULNESS, Price Twopence, Thirty-two Pages, beautifully printed, and stitched in a wrapper, in neat Magazine form. AS soon as the FAMILY FRIEND appeared, it was recognised a as something new in literature. Its superiority to the great mass of cheap publications became at once apparent; and hence, before the Fourth Number was issued, the circulation rose to TNIUTV-FIVK THOUSAND, and is still rapidly increasing. Upwards of one hundrcd newspapers reviewed the work in most favourable terms, all concurring in the opinion, that it is a publication which shouldfind its way to every Family in the kingdom." Its matter comprises Essays, Tales, Poems, Sketches, Papers on Science, &c. Light and cheerful in its literature, it is nevertheless peculiarly instructive, and of a high moral tone. But Its chief dis- tinguishing features are these—that it contains subjects of interest for every member of the family, from the grandfather to the child and that it blends with entertaining matter much valuable prac- tical instruction upon Household and General Domestic Affairs. Every number contains a tale, an article upon practical science, an historical or scientific paper, addressed to young people, by Aunt Mary," or by Grandfather Whitehead," a mass of useful receipts and prescription, (this department being edited by a ME.UBKR oi' THE MEDICAL PROFESSION) Original Illustrated Designs in Fancy Needlework (by the celebrated MRS. WARREN) Instruction and Advice for the Gardener, Housewife, Naturalist, & Various humorous matters, such as Anagrams, Arithmetical and other Problems, Enigmas. Conundrums, llebuses, Practical Puzzles, Chef-s Problems, &c. &c.,for family pastime. Already the Work has supplied valuable matter upon pleasing pursuits—such as the Culture of Flowers, the Preservation of Flowers in Winter, the Preservation of Birds, Eggs, Insects, Shells, Mosses, Ferns, &c., and an interesting series of papers upon the I'reservation of "Sea Weeds" is now going on. Thus it con- tributes to make Winter Fire-side Evenings, and Summer Wan- derings, alike agreeable and instructive. The Work commenced January 1, 1349, and a number has ap- peared every succeeding month up to the present. New Subscribers are strongly advised to order the whole of the back numbers at once (Pi ice 2d. each), that there may be no difficulty in procuring them hereafter. Loudon Published by Houlston and Stonoman, 65, Paternoster- row. Sold by Herbert Jones, Brewster, Ivey and Pearse, Morris, and Swansea; Hibbert, and Thomas, Neath; Rees, and Brown, Llaneliy; White, Merthyr; Bird, Webber, and Owen and Roberts, Cardiff; and by all booksellers in the Kingdom. GOOD HEWS FOR HUSBANDS. \J.T ASBTNG-DA Y is the day most dreaded in the domestic f calendar. 13 y some is its advent regarded with ghastly honor; and where's the man who would hot gladly rid himself of such a necessary ? Intolerable as are reputed to be those high and mighty thinurs called curtain, lectures,' not one poor wif-lit, we feel convinced, but would rather sustain a score of them than bear the infinitesimal woes of a washing-day. A domestic Lethe has therefore long been a desideratum, but we rejoice to say is now attainable. To Mr. HAitPER TWELVETREES is due the honour and the emolument of this discovery, the greatest won- der of this wondrous [lgc. Woman-kind will laud hiii for it, and men bestow on him their benisons. But what is it P' inquires the reader. We'll fell you-not wherein the discovery consists, but- what Mr. Twelvetrees has discovered. He has effected a domestic revolution Quedl Scrub is deposed, and a Republic of Soap-suds holds sway. Incredible as it may appear, a six weeks' wash may be accomplished before breakfast, for less than sixpence, without the aid of a washerwoman i Pshaw it's all moonshine—Mr. Harper is a visionary—an enthusiast.' He is neither although, we acknowledge, we aid at oiie-pei-ioe, form a similar estimate of his character. Don't condemn the man unheard. In our establish- ment his 'directions' have been followed, and his 'process' tried. And a most simple process it is, and eminently economical and ex- peditious. No rubbing is required at 'the tub,' nor a tithe of the usual time. The linen is rendered of virgin whiteness, and not in the least deteriorated. The process has also been tested in the family of a gentleman whom we rank among our acquaintance, and he pronounces it a positive blessing to that portion of frail humanity which, like himself, has long been occupied in explorations for a benedictine El Dorado, where washing-days are unknown. As many of our readers will naturally desire to obtain the Directions,' we here print the addres of the author,—1 Mr. Harper Twelvetrces, 14, New Millman-street, Foundling Hospital, London,' of whom they may be procured. The cost is a mere triflc-oil,titi(I-tliirtv postage stainps-tiie intrinsic value being inestimable. We shall be happy to furnish any further information that may be required on the subject of this washing wonder—that is, any particulars not involving a knowledge of details for who would be so unjust, so callous, as to deprive the inventor of any portion of the emolument he is entitled to derive from his truly ingenious discovery ?"— Guernsey Comet, March 5, 1849. To be had of all Booksellers, price 2s. 6d. AGENT FOR CARDIFF, ME. E. JONSS, HIGH-STREET.












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