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WESLEY AN MISSIONARY SOCIETY. The annual meeting of this society was held on Monday, the 30th of April, in Exeter Hall, Strand., The hall was densely crowded. Sir Edward N. Buxton took the chair at eleven o'clock. The report stated, that the general state of the society's missions was decidedly prosperous, and that the annual returns were such as to stimulate them to persevere in their exertions. The operations of the society derived great importance from the remarkable character of the present times. The Wurtemberg mission was of such a nature as to be regarded with peculiar interest, as counteracting strenuously the infidel principles sought to be inculcated there. In France the society had found a more effectual means of furthering their labours. The small increase of members in India and Ceylon was not deemed altogether unworthy of notice. In Austria the society was progressing. In New Zealand and Feejee the missions had been most successful. They had been proceeding most favourably in South-Eastern Africa, until their operations were disturbed by the Caffre war but since that time they had the satisfaction of seeing that the zeal of the inhabitants had been re-awakened. The committee regretted that an augmentation of the funds did (not take place, whereby their course of action would be even- tually restricted, as they would be obliged to contract their operations within the limits of their funds. From the financial statement it appeared that— The total amount of income received from all sources for the year 18-1-8 was £ 104,123 19 7 The expenditure for 18-18 was. 111,492 9 3 Excess of expenditure over income. 7,365 9 8 To which add the deficiency of 1847 5,993 G 5 Total deficiencv for 1847 and 1848 f- 13,358 16 1 Some very large donations, in aid of the funds of the society, were presented to the meeting after the reading of the report, which met with great-applause from the assembly. On the motion of Mr. Heald, M.P., seconded by the liev. Dr. Hannah, the report was adopted unanimously. Sir. Westhead, M.P., Mr. Pearson, M.P., the Rev. N. M'Leod, minister of Dalkeith, Dr. Cox, Dr. Newton, the Rev. T. Jackson, and the Rev. J. Jobson, then addressed the meet- ing in favour of appropriate resolutions, which were unani- mously carried and, thanks having been voted to Sir Edward N. Buxton, Bart., M.P., for his conduct in the chair, the meet- ing separated.


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