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HUNGARY. The Hungarian demands, as agreed upon by Kossuth, Georgey, Bern, and Dcmbrmski, are as follows :— 1. The recognition of the kingdom of Hungary in its ancient limits, including Croatia, Slavonia, and the military boundaries. 2. Union with Transylvania, as decided upon by the Hungarlaa Biet at its sitting last year. 3. General amnesty for ths whole of Austria, the immediate release of the October prisoners, and indemnities to the families of those who were murdered. "4. Transmission of all the Hungarian regiments serving in Italy and elsewhere throughout the empire to Hungary. 5. Recognition of the Hungarian constitution of 1848. "6. Hungary shall remain under the government of a Provi- sional Executive Administration, elected from among the Diet, until the hereditary succession shall have been legally restored, and the King who shall have been elected shall be crowned at Buda- Pesth, and swora to the Constitution. 7. Galicia shall stand in the same relation to the Austrian Federal State as that in which Hungary now staucls, and will stard under the name of the Polish kingdom of Gaiicia; it will, therefore, be linked to Austria only by a personal union, having its own army and its own finances. 8. The participation of Hungary in the Austrian national debt shall be decided by the Hungarian Diet by majority." The Russian auxiliaries are to enter the territories of Austria in feur columns, by Wallachia, the Bukowina, Lemberg, and Cracow. The continual retreat of the Aus- trian armies inspires the inhabitants of Vienna with the idea that the Hungarians will soon appear at their gates. No less than. 1,600 wounded were brought to Vienna on the 30th. It was stated that Raab had been evacuated by the Imperialists, the siege of Comorn finally raised, and the positions and entrenchments of the blockading forces given Z, up and destroyed. Kossuth, now formally installed in Pesth, has re-appointed the old magistrates, re-organised the National Guard, and proclaimed the independence of Hungary. COMPLETE EVACUATION OF HUNGARY BY THE AUSTRIANS. The Cologne Gazette states that the Austrian troops ex- perienced a defeat near to Atsch, and lost several cannon, and that General Welden has evacuated Hungary. The Magyars, to the number of 15.000 men, and 30 cannon, have penetrated into the district of Turocz, and possessed themselves of St. Martin and'Mossocz, and intend to cross the Wasp.