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EMIGRATION TO AMERICA. WILL HAVE DESPATCH FOR NEW YORK. a THE fine NEW-COPPERED and FAST- SAILING SHIP, FANIZA, 1,000 TONS BURTHEN. This magnificent Vessel is in all respects admirably adopted for the Conveyance of Passengers, being Seven feet high between decks, aad will bo fitted up .'1 conformity with the Act of Parliament. No charge for Passengers' Luggage. Early application is recommended to secure berths. A, ly to the undersigned, at their GENERAL EMIGRATION 0 15, Prince-street, or on the Quay. C. F. THOMAS AND CO., Bristol, May 1st, 1849. Licensed Passenger Brokers. W.B.—TERMS OF PASSAGE EQUAL TO LIVERPOOL. EMIGRATION. IN THE STATE OF GEORGIA—UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.—For Sale, 120,000 Acres of FREEHOLD LANDS, iu IRWIN COUNTY; in Lots of 120 Acres and upwards, at Five Shillings per Acre. The Lands lie between thirty-one and thirty- two degrees north; distant from the Atlantic Ocean one hundred and twenty miles, and at an elevation of four hundred feet above its level; free from swamps, climate salubrious and healthy, distant from England eighteen or twenty days' sail. They are bounded by I'M .Navigable Rivers, the Flint, and the Ocmulgee. A railroad, two-thirds finished, passes through the lands, which will connect both these rivers.—Vessels sail nearly every Week from Liverpool to Savanna or Charleston. Passage to either City from jE3 to E4 |>«r head;—From Charleston and Savanna, the Lands are reached either Coach, Waggon, or Steam-boat.—Every information may bë obtained relative to the above, &c., from RICHARD KEILY, Raq., No. 1, Royal Exchange Building, London. BRISTOL AND BRECON. -jsaltt "PRINCE OF WALES" COACH. *"pHE PUBLIC are respectfully informed the above COACH will JL commence running on the 1st of May, leaving the LION HOTEL, BRISTOL, every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, at Half-past Twelve, P.M., through" Chepstow, Usk, Abergavenny, and Crickhowell, to Brecon; returning the alternate days, by the tame route, leaving the CASTLE HOTEL, BRECON, at six A. M. WILLIAMS, NIBLETT, & Co., Proprietors. April 23rd, 1849. Travelling Accommodation between Aberdare and Swansea. A CAR, for the conveyance of PASSENGERS, left the JA HORSE AND GROOM, INN, ABERDARE, on Mondays Thursdays, the 23rd and 26th days of April, returning Tues- days and Fridays; and will continue to perform the journey to and on the above mentioned days until further notice. WASHING MADE EASY. tE are in possession of Mr. HARPER TWELVETREES' di- rections for economical and expeditious washing, and are glad ;rve that his method of cleansing white clothes is quite consis- tent with natural and chemical principles. Many of the wonder-work- \lg recipes, by which empirics and swindlers cajole and deceive the Jgnorant, expose their own deceptiveness to a well-informed person who comes to know them. When one proposes to accomplish a cer- tain end, and suggests means for its accomplishment wholly inade- quate, we may feel assured that the pretended discovery is an hum- bug, and its propagator for value received a cheat. Such are nine- tenths of the patented follies vended by the rogues to the fools. But such is not Mr. Twelretrees' art of economical and expedi- tious washing. Let his little book of directions be placed in the hinds of any chemist, or even in the hands of a person of experi- ence and observation in natural phenomena, and he would say at once, this method will cleanse and whiten the clothes." The Materials to be employed, and the method of employing them, J^ould be quite satisfactory, without the testimonials of those who b&ve tried the recipe. But appended to this little book are the *tatements of some twenty persons, who declare it most satisfactory effectual. We could add similar testimonials from various 'Parts in this island. It is especially valuable to the poor man. The benefits to be derived from this new mode of washing are time, labour, and trouble saving. The cost of a week's ?*a«h to a family will not exceed 6d. The time required, say one "our and a half; and then, as to hard labour over the wash-tub, the splashing, dabbling, and flooding the kitchen, to the great an nOYmce of the family, are dispensed with. Upon the whole, we have no hesitancy in recommending Mr. fwelvotrees' discovery to the attention of the public not doubting they will find it, as others have done on trial, a sure, economical, expeditious method of washing all white elothes, consisting of liuen and cotton.—Leading" article in the Isle of Man Times, *<*>. 24, 1848. V J Harper Twelvetrees'celebrated copyright pamphlet," is to be had all booksellers for 2s. 6d., or of HARPER TWEI/VETREE8, Pub- lisher,, 14, New Millman-street, Foundling, London, for 31 postage and a directed envelope. Kent and Richards, Paternoster-row. Agents wanted throughout Wales. AGENT FOR CARDIFF, MR. E. JONES, HIGH-STREET. litLFOR-D AND HAKIN BRITISH TRAINING SCHOOL, MIDDLE-STREET, MILFORD. The BAZAAR of USEFUL and FANCY ARTICLES, In aid of the Funds of the above School, will be held IN THE LARGE ROOM OF THE INSTITUTION, On THURSDAY, the 24th day of MAY, 1849, and tvo following days. THIS SCHOOL is in a most flourishing condition, and well deserves the support of a benevolent public; but the Com- Mlttee wish it to be distinctly understood, that the BAZAAR has llo connexion whatever with the one to be held in a House in ^HONT-STREET, Tickets of Admission to which are being offered for sale, containing no reference to the object for which it is to be held, and bearing the date of May 24th,, 25th, and 26th, though previously advertised for the 26th and 28th of May. In order that the public may not purchase those Tickets under jjho impression that they are for the Milford and Hakin British School Bazaar, they are requested to observe that no Tickets for that Bazaar have yet been issued when this is done, each Ticket Jill have the object stated on it, and also bear the impress of the School thereon. Milford Haven, April 19th, 1849. [DUTY FRBB.] CARDIFF UNION. Pursuance of the Act of Parliament 11th and 12 th Vic., cap. X 91, sec. 7,1 HEREBY GIVE NOTICE that the AUDIT o/ the -^COUNTS for the half-year ended on the 25th of March, 1849, *til commence on FRIDAY, the ELEVENTH day of MAY next, at A.M. at the BOARD ROOM of the said Union. T. BOWEN, Carmarthen, April llth, 1849. Auditor. [DUTY Fur MERTHYR TYDFIL UNION. tNpursuance of the Act of Parliament 11th and 12th Vic., cap. 91, sec. 7, I HEREBY GIVE NOTICE that the AUDIT of the .-COUNTS for the half-year ended on the 25th of March, 1849, ^iUcommence on THURSDAY, the SEVENTEENTH day of MAY next, 10 A.M., at the BOARD ROOM of the said Union, T. BOWEN, Vgtrmarthenw April 19th, 1849. Auditor. WEST OF ENGLAND FASHIONABLE TAILORING ESTABLISHMENT, No. 10, SMITH-STREET, CARDIFF. WILLIAM LEWIS, TAILOR and DRAPER, begs most respectfully to inform his numerous Friends and Supporters, as well as the Public generally, that he has just received A large Assortment of New and Fashionable Goods suitable to the forthcoming Season. An early inspection will greatly oblige. All orders executed on the shortest notice. W. L. begs also to add, that he has a large stock of WOOLLEN GOODS of every description and price for sale. N.B.—BEST LONDON AND PARIS HATS. 10, Sinith-street, Cardiff, April 19, 1849. GREAT BRITAIN STORES, NEAR THE POST-OFFICE, CARDIFF. L. WALTER, TAILOR, "WOOLLEN. DRAPER, IIATTER, AND GENERAL OUTFITTER, RETURNS his sincere and unfeigned acknowledgments to his numerous Patrims and Friends, for their valuable custom, and the extreme liberality evinced by them in the recommendation of their Friends; and begs to assure them that no exertion will be their Patronagc Cap lndustlT, human exertion, and practical experience, may enable him to ensure a continuance of The success that has marked his progress in the bespoke department, proves that such an Establishment was wanted in Cardiff- and it is scarcely necessary that he should remind the Public that the great governing principle upon which his Business is conductd is that of furnishing at its original Wholesale I rice, and tor the lowest remunerating profit, the most necessary article that enters into the expenditure of every family, and every individual in the Kingdom; therefore, it is as much the interest of the Public as the Proprietor to recognise and encourage the justness and fairness of this system of Business. Having completed a New and Fashionable Stock of Clothing for the ensuing Season, comprising such an assortment as, for beautv of material, excellence of style, and lowness of price, by far exceeds any ever before offered to the public of Cardiff, L. W. solicits an early inspection, confident that the result must be the general approbation and support of all persons who rightly appreciate the advan- tages of Fashionable Dress. The Proprietor of this Establishment, while he courts the custom of the wealthy, and renders it worthy their patronage by furnish- ing the very best material, and making up the same in thefirst style of the art, places the most elegant articles within the reach of all to whom economy is an object, with the additional advantage (not to be obtained elsewhere) of returning any article ordered which does not meet with their approbation either as regards Cut, Quality, Colour, or Make, though previously seen, chosen, and approved. In nothing is public opinion so unsettled as in Dress; and the Proprietor trusts, that by thus liberally meeting the difficulty of public taste and choice to the extreme, to merit and increase the extensive Trade, Patronage, and Confidence with which he has hitherto been honoured.. 2,000 Summer Coats from 3s, 6d. SUIT of BLACK, COMPLETE, E2 10s. 6d. MEN'S SUITS of BEST MOLESKIN, Ready-made, 18s.; to Measure, 20s. L. W. having now commenced the-manufacturing of CLOTH CAPS, will to'aW to INNNW P„W;N +>,„+ 1 on „ cheaper than any other House, and the advantage of selecting from an immense Stack, or having them made to order. P 0811 Paris and London Beaver Hats, from 2s. to 20s. White and Black Felt Hats, 5s. 6d. Hosiery, Stocks, Cravats, Gloves, superior White and Coloured Shirts, Silk Handkerchiefs, Scarfs, Drawers, Shirts, Flannels, Shoes, Oil-Coats, &e. &e. Sole Agent for the Patent Black Waterproof India-Eubber Coats, Overalls, &c., Of which a general assortment is kept, and sold at the Manufacturer's List of Prices. ANCHOR HOUSE, DUKE-STREET, CARDIFF. THOMAS DAYIES T) EGS most respectfully to express his sincere acknowledgments to the Gentry and the Inhabitants generally of Cardiff and its O Vicinity, for the distinguished patronage he has been favoured with since his commencement in Business; and to assure them that his best endeavours will be exerted to merit their future support. With this object in view he has just visited the Metropolitan and other Markets, and has selected with the greatest care an extensive Ffhlo?able Designs m DRESSES, SHAWLS, HANDKERCHIEFS. RIBBONS, LACE, STRAWS, FAMILY MOURNING, &c., &c., with a large and varied Stock of LINEI? and WOOLLEN DRAPERY including CARPETINGS, FURNITURES, and FAMILY LINEN of every description, intAriiitX, including^ His attention will be particularly directed to the punctual execution of all orders that he may be entrusted with. will greItlyhobi?geegS t0 ann°UnC0 that th° whole of his New Good9 for tho Season are now ready for inspection, and the favour of a cal A. -L i. -11 SOUTH WALES RAILWAY. J EIGHTH CALL £ 5 per SHARE; making £ 38 PAID.— NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that, pursuant to a esolution of the BOARD of DIRECTORS, the PROPRIE- TORS of SHARES in this COMPANY are required to pay the NINTH INSTALMENT of JEo per Share, on or before the 11th of May next, to any of the undermentioned Bankers :— LONDON.—Messrs. Glyn, Halifax, Mills, and Co. LIVERPOOL.—The Bank of Liverpool. MANCHESTER.—Messrs. Loyd, Entwisle, and Co. GLOUCESTER.—The Gloucestershire Banking Company. BRISTOL and EXETER.—The West of England and South Wales Bank. CARDIFF.—National Provincial Bank of England. CARMARTHEN—Messrs. David Morris and Sons. SWANSEA.—Glamorganshire Banking Company. All JCalls not paid on or before the 11th May next, "will be charged with interest at the rate of 5 per cent. per annuua; and no interest shall be payable to any proprietor upon any amounts which he may have paid up, or which may have been paid up on any Shares, so long as any Call shall remain unpaid upon any shares held by him, By Order, N .ARMSTRONG, Secretary. South Wales Railway Office, 449, West Strand, London, April 11th, 1849. A T a MEETING of a COMMITTEE of SHAREHOLDERS A in the PROPERTY in BIRKENHEAD DISTRIBU- TION, resident in Liverpool, Manchester, and neighbouring towns, held at the GEORGE HOTEL, Dale-street, Liverpool, April 9th, 1840, MATTHEW FERGUSON, Esq., in the chair, It was resolved unanimously as follows :— That the time for the sale of tickets be extended to MONDAY, MAY 14th, 1849; and if at the time any shares remain unsold, the owner of the property must take them up and it is further deter- mined that the drawing of the said distribution shall commence on Monday, May 21st, 1849, and that no further postponement shall take place. That tliisc,ornmittee undertake to superintend all arrangements respecting the drawing. That the tickets be inspected, counted, and deposited in the wheels by the Committee, on the morning of urawing. That there be two boys to draw the tickets, two gentlemen to re- ceive and call them out; also two other gentlemen, selected from the company, to examineaud certify that the correct number are called out and entered. Also, that there be appointed by the Com- mittee a clerk to write off all the numbers and prizes as they are drawn, as a check on the Secretary. .1 That the Committee shall meet at the same place on Thursday, 17th of May, at three o'clock, p.m., to complete the arrangements for the drawing, and again to assemble at the Music Hall, Bold- street, Liverpool, at nine o'clock, a.m., of the 21st, and the drawing to commence at ten o'clock, prompt. Valuable Freehold Property in the County of Chester. TRUSTEES. J. Williams, Esq., Liverpool. J. Webster, Esq., 35, Watson-street, Birkenhead. BANKERS. North and South Wales Banking Company. SECRETARY. Mr. Jas. Taylor, Land and Estate Agent. OWNER. Mr. Knight, Claughton-road, Birkenhead. UPWARDS OF X100 PER ANNUM FOR A GUINEA To be Drawn for, on MONDAY, MAY 21st, 1849, at the MUSIC HALL, BOLD-STREET, LIVERPOOL, a neat rtage of substantially-built SHOPS and DWELLING-HOUSES, to consist of 2,250 shares at twenty-one; shillings each. The buildings to be conveyed to the winner free of expense. The successful party to pay f200 (which will be ad- vanced if required), for the purpose of being divided into 200 divi- dends of El each. Shares, and every information, may be had at the Office of Mr.. W. Mitchell, 14, Charlotte-street, sole Agent for Manchester and district. If by post, enclosing a postage stamp for reply, and to whom all Post-office orders must be made payable, and all corre- j spondence addressed. I ii; London and Paris HAT EMPORIUM, HIGH-STREET, CARDIFF. JOHN WILLIAMS & CO. T> ESPECTFULLY acquaint the inhabitants of Cardiff anxjftfhe JLV surrounding country, that they have iust received th^r First Lot of Spring Hats, which will be found the Largest and most Fashionable Stock of the kind in Wales. J. W. and Co. take this opportunity to return their thanks for the very liberal support they have received, and beg to state that they are enabled, owing to their extensive trade, to fix such priest as no House in the Kingdom can surpass. Hats 3s. 3d. Do. Fine 4 0 Do. Superior 5 6 ■ Do. SatinNap. 6 6 ,bo. Superior 8 0 .Do: Superfine.9 6 J)o. Velvet Nap 10 8 Do. Superior 12 0 IDo. Superfine 13 0 Beaver and Cloth Hats from 3s. 3d. to 14s. CHILDREN'S HATS AND CAPS IN EVERY VARIETY. The Lowest Price asked. OBSERVE !—EAST SIDE OF THE TOWN-HALL. NATIONAL PROVISIONAL BANK OF ENGLAND, 112, BISHOPSSATE-STREET, LONDON, <• APRIL 11, 1849. VIIHE Dii, IkCTORSoftheNATION'ATPIIOVISIONALBANx OFENG- x LAND, HEREBY GIVE NOTICE, that the Annual General Meeting of the Proprietors of the Society will be held on Thursday, the 10th day of May next, at the hour of twelvo precisely, at the Company's house, 112, Bishopsgate-street, in the City of London. By order of the Court of Directors, DAN ROBERTSON, Agent and Manager. The Chair will tie taken at Twelve o'clock precisely, not Twelve for One o'clock. ''■y TO: LET, ifllK MARKKT n:.v WAREHOUSE, MERTVYR, TYDFIL. A' S it is the intention of the Proprietor of the above Establish- inent to give up business, an excellent opportunity now offers itself to any person wishing to open Business in Merthyr. The House is held under a lease for fourteen years, thirteen of which are unexpired. For further particulars inquire of the Proprietor, JOHN WILKS ADKIN. N.B.—All persons indebted to, or who have any claim on, the above John Wilks Adkin, must send their Accounts to Messrs. PERKINS and J AMES, Solicitors, Merthyr. Postponed from May 19th, to Jane 2nd. LLÀNCARV AN. FREEHOLD LAND FOR SALE. To be, Sold by Auction, by Mr. Mark Marks, ON SATURDAY, JUNE 2ND, 1849, at Two o'clock in the after- noon, at the CROSS KEYS, CARDIFF (subject to such con- ditions of■ gyle as shall be then produced), ALL thai FREEHOLD MESSUAGE or DWELLING- HOUSE, with Stable, Garden, and Orchard attached and also all that piece or parcel of PRIME LAND adjoining, con- taining together, by estimation, nearly sixteen acres, situate in the Village of M/oulton, in the parish of Llancarvan, in the County of Glamorgan, and late in the occupation of Mr. William Jennins, the Proprietor unless previously disposed of by private contract, on application to Mr. G. S. STRAWSOX, Surveyor, Cardiff. The Orchard is walled round, and well stocked with fruit-trees. The land-tax on those acres adjoining the house, aud including it, the Garden, and Orchard, is ri deemed. THE SALE OF THB FREEHOLD GROUND-RENTS AT MERTHYR, IS UNAVOIDABLY Postponed from May 8th, until Tuesday, 22nd May. MERTHYR TYDFIL. FREEHOLD GROUND RENTS. To be Sold by Auction by Mr. John Jenkins, At the CASTLE INN, MERTHYR, on TUESDAY, 22nd of MA Y 1849, at Six o'clock in the Evening, (in such Lots as shall b agreed upon at the time of Sale,) A LL those GROUND RENTS reserved under the several ief.ns granted by the late Samuel Rees and Thomas Recs, Eqnjn", deceased, for the term of 99 years to various parties, of BUILDl N ir GROUND in and near to High-street and Twyn-yr-ouyn,, in Merthyr Tydfil aforesaid. And also the FREEHOLD and INHERITANCE thereof, aftei" the expiration of the said several Leases, together with all ILOOSFS, Buildings, and Erections thereon; which Premises are now in the several occupations of James Millward, John Millward, Thomas Millward, John Ferrent, William Todd, Mrs. Evans, Thomas Shep- herd, Josiah Atkins, Daniel Asprey, David Jones, Printer, David Miles, Mrs. Woodman, Walter Thomson, Banker, Thomas Dav;<K( Innkeeper, and the Trustees of the Unitarian Chapel. For further particulars apply at the Office of Mr. 0"Vei;, Solicitor, Merthyr; or to Mr. JOHN JEXKINS, AUCTIONEER, Aberdare, TO MALTSTERS, BREWERS, PUBLICANS, AND OTHERS. To be Sold by Auction, by Mr. Thomas Williams, ON THE PREMISES, ON TUESDAY, MAY 15, 1849, AT THREB O'CLOCK IN THE AFTERNOON, ALL that COMMODIOUS PUBLIC-HOUSE and PRE- MISES, called The Cambrian, situate at Treforest, within about sixty yards of the Taff Vale Iron Works, half a mile of the Treforest Iron and Tin Works, and less than a mile of the market town of Pontypridd. The House comprises good tap-room, bar, bar-parlour, large kitchen, and brewhouse, cellar, &c., wirh four convenient bed- rooms, and has a plentiful supply of exceliciit:water. The premises, containing nearly 400 square yards, are held undej- a 99 years' lease, from 1st November, 1848, at a yearly ground-rent of £ 3 4s. 6d. There is sufficient ground uncovered to build either a neat brewery (which is a desideratum to the neighbouihood), Qr about half a dozen cottages, and presents an opportunity rarely to be met with of investing capital to a great advantage. For further particulars, apply to the Proprietor, Mr. William, Evans, Maesmawr, near Upper Boat, or to the Auctioneer, Pont- ypridd. The Tenant will show the premises. BRISTOL GENERAL STEAM NAVIGATION COMPANY, OFFICE, QUAY, BRISTOL. rriHE following steam vessels are intended to I sail from Cumberland Basin, Bristol, to and from Cork, Juvema and Sabrina Water- ford, Victory and Rose; Tenby. Osprey; Mil- ford, Pater, und Haverfordwest, Cspret/; Car- marthen, Phcenix and Torridqa, direct; Swarc- ea, County and JSeresjord; Newport, fcww and Utk; Cardin, Star and Prince of Wales, as under-mentioned, during MAY, 184t>^ FROM BRISTOL TO •G JS- i « » ^$3 *■* MAY. | fe ■§ & ci | S t h 8 1 S I & <3 I Tuesday .,71 Tpm i~pm Tpm 1 pm 1 pin jl-'} pm 12 noon Wednesday 2 '^i pm 1 jm, Thuisday. X 3 M Ji pm '<! £ p;n Friday 4 Si pm i am i y>m H pm PM Saturday.$4i pm 5 am 4J pm 5 am Monday. I 53 pm 6 a.5 p Tuesday 8 7 am 7 am 7 am 6 am 61 a h) Wednesday 9 7 am 7 am 7 a 6 p Thursday. 10 8 am 7 an 7* atn Friday 11 Sam S am 74 am 8 a»n Saturday .12 Sam 9am 8t Iml 8t am Monday. U 3 9J am 9* am Tuesday .15 10 am 10 am m 11 am Wi am 10.J am Wednesday 16 !2noon g ll| am 11 alu Thursday.17 3 am 1 pm 12i>owl Friday 18 2 pm £ 2 am 2} pm 14 pm Saturday, 19 3 pm q¡ 3i am 3 pm pm Monday .21 41 pm 5 am Tuesday .22 5 pm 6 am 6 am 6 am 5 am 6 a 5 n Wednesday 23 7 am 6 am 6} a 5.)p Thursday.24 7J am 7 am 7 am Friday 25 8 am 8 am 7| am. 8 am Saturday.C S am ••• am anl 884 Monday .2S 10J am 10 am Tuesday .29 11 am 11 am 11 am 12noon 11 i am Wednesday3-" 12 noon I'M pm 12 BOi. Thursday.31 14 am IJ pm I June 11 -j The Torridge will make as many voyages to and from Carmarthen a« she can get loaded and the weather will permit. FOR BRISTOL FROM • "W § J MAY. 5 g 51 | | § t > H a s S & u ■ 5? ts j.4 J' ø I'< —V — Tuesday 1 12noon 1 am 111 am 11 are Wednesday 2 12 noon 1.2.} 'f,t& Thursday. 3 4 am ) £ pm lj Friday 4 4 pm 5 am knight 5 am 2 pm -2A pm Saturday. 5 6 am oj am 3 pm 3 pm Monday 7 4 pm 5.}a4i p Tuesday 8 7 am 8 am pm 6 a 3 p Wednesday 9 5 pni 6 a Thursday. 10 8} am 5 J am 6 an Friday 11 9 am S am 9 am fi am fi am Saturday. 12 9^ am 4 am «; 9 am am 7 am Monday .14 » 71 am 71 -am Tuesday. 15 11 am £ 11 am 84 am are WednesdaylS 3 ■■ am 9J an Thursday.17 ••• 1J amllj sm 11 aiw Friday .18 3 pm 121 pm 10 pm am 12 noon 12j Jjia Saturday. 19 4 am 5 4 am ].} pm pin Monday .21 3 pm 3J pm Tuesday .22 7 am 7 am 4 pm 5 a 4p Wednesday 23 4?, pm 54 a 3p Thursday.24 s nm 5{ am 6 am Friday .25 9 am 8 am 9 am 6 am 6 am Saturday .26 10 am 4 am 9 am CJ am 64 iijei Monday .2S Si am 27 Monday .2S S am giaul Tuesday .29 lam lIli am 91 am 9 au WednesdaySO am loj'snj Thurscliiv 31, 2 am ill! am, 114 ata The whole of the above vessels are fitted up for the convey- anee of passengers and goods.— Female stewards on board. Carriages and horses shipped with eaxe.-I-Ioi-scs and carriages .to be shipped two hours before sailing. Particulars may be obtained by applying at the Bristol Stcain Navigation Company's Office, Quay, Bristol; where all goods, packages, parcels, &c., should be addressed For Swansea apd Cardiff, to W. B. Owen, Bull Wharf, Retlcliff-street and Claz- street Hall, Marsh-street; and E. T. Turner, 12, Quay-street; and or Newport, to J. Jones, R own ham Wharf, Hotwells. AQEXTS.— Mr. Joseph Morgan, Tenby Mr. J. Rees, Haver- fordwcst; Mr. Palmer, Milford; Mr. Bowen, Pater; Mr. John Smart and Mr. W. Pockett, Swansea; Mr. W. It Harvey ami Mr. A. Kingston, Cardiff; Mr. Martin,; Mr T1k>itk.« Baker, Lynton; Mr. Robert Stacey, Carmarthen: and Mr P Joaes; Newport.