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THE GREAT WESTERN COMPANY (say the Liverpool Tim,s) have effected a saving of fifteen shillings per annum by waf _r- in" instead of scaling their letters. EVSTEIW COUNTIES RAILWAY.—'The report of the committee of investigation into the affairs of this company is about to be Vued wh^n if what wo hear be true, it will be shown that 'systematic'"cooking" of accounts has been carried on for ? >me time past, in order to declare dividends, a large portion ot which have been paid out of capital. TIIE NEW SOVEREIGN.—The Devats, speaking of the la.e Eng- lish excursion party, says H was formerly the sovereigns t who paid these international visits now that the sovereign is caaed the people, it is the citizens who do so." THE national debt on the 5th of January, 1819, amounted to £ 714,22t'i38.

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