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MERTHYR. ON the 18th inst., Mr. EliezarThomas, Ebbw Vale, delivered a lecture on the Rise and Fall of Babylon, to a-numerous assembly, at the Temperance Hall, in this town. The lecture was characterised throughout by great research and observation in this branch of ancient history, much of which is involved in great darkness but the lecturer succeeded in throwing addi- tional light upon some of its hitherto obscure parts, and gave a yery satisfactory description of the magnificence of the "golden oity," u.udtho greatness of the" glory of kingdoms." The lecturer was obliged to dwell at great length on several parts of the subject, owing to the intricacies by which they were sur- rounded, so that time did not permit him to proceed farther than the history of this great kingdom. The remaining part of the lecture is to be delivered gratis at a future time, which we anticipate, on account of its moral application, will be truly edifying. Mr. Thomas was formerly a resident in this neigh- bourhood, during which time he very diligently laboured in behalf of sobriety; and no small praise is clue to those who have so steadfastly exerted themselves in this glorious cause, 110 that through their efforts teetotalism has been the means of creating a taste for sound practical knowledge in many of the working men of Merthyr, whose minds had been lying dormant under the baneful eitects of intoxicating drinks. We may mention in particular the institution of the Teetotal Cymro- iljiion Society," which holds its interesting meetings regularly. MANY children have fallen a sacrifice to the virulence of scarlet fever in this town and neighbourhood lately. One man at Coedycymmer lost three children in the short space of a week through the ravages of this dreadful malady. FHW remember having seen such a wintry week as the last ..at this season of the year. Vegetation in consequence has been very much checked, if not seriously injured, in many parts. Last Saturday the weather was much milder than during the previous part of the week. GAAWEX-TBRTTACE, Merthyr, should be called now Preacher's- terrace, or Clergy terrace, for there are six ministers and one clergyman residing in that part of the town. .11 TUB news of the execution of Sarah Harriet Thomas at Bris- tol, last Friday, reached Merthyr at an early hour on Saturday morning. EARLY T-tisi-G.We perceive that the Taff Vale Railway Company intend setting au example, and a laudable one too, an. this head, on and after the 1st of May next. This arrange- ment will, we doubt not, be a great accommodation to the I public in general. ABBRDARE.—INQUEST.—Au inquest was held at the King William beerhouse, on the 19th inst., before George Overton, Esq., coroner, and a respectable jury, touching the death of Daniel Richards, who was killed at Abergwawr colliery, by a fixll of stone from the top, on the 19th inst. RHY"HHEY.—Messrs. Jackson and Davey delivered two lec- tures at the new school-room in this place, last week, which ware well received by large and respectable audiences. COUNTY COURT. This court was held on Monday and Tuesday, before John Wil- Ron, 170 plaints had been entered, and 10'J were jpne through the first day very quickly, as there were no objec- tions, and several had been withdrawn. The cases were mostly Hoimportant. The following are a few of the cases heard:- Daniel Morgan v. Wm. Onion. Complainant claimed the sum s/" 22s. 10.. for hauling apples from Abergaveany to Merthyr, in September last. No defence was offered, and the defendant was ordered to pay the. whole amount claimed. Daniel Jenkins v. Wm. Evans. The amount claimed was L2, for pigs sold by complainant's servant to defendant but the de- fendant denied having ever bought the pigi, but alter ward* ad- mitted that C I 101. of the £ 3 10s. had been paid. The defendant's wife was ia court, and was very clamorous, go that she was ttrde-red to be taken into custody. Ordered to pay £ 2, Ann Marshall v. Benjamin Jones. This was a debt for beer, but we could not hear the amount. His honour ordered 10s. a month to be paid. The same v. Jenkin Richards. Debt claimed IBs, for beer, Ordered to,pay 5s. a month. The same v. Thomas Morgan. The amount claimed was 32s. tW. beer. Ordered to pay 5s. a month. Robert Marshall v. Jenkin Richards. The amount claimed was £ 2 4s., for work done, at Is. IQd, per day, Ordered to pay a month. John, Davies v. Wm. Da vies. Amount claimed it money Liit, and h. 9d. for seven pints of beer. Ordered to be paid in fourteen days. Volsman v. Edward John. Amount claimed E4 4s., for two barrels of beer had in May, 1848. Ordered to pay ia a week. !xmcr v. Williams. Thus eaSO occupied much time in oonrt on .Tuesday Mr. Frank James appeared for plaintiff, and Mr. Philpotta for the defendant. Mr. James stated the case on the part of the plaintiff. Lower was a miner, and had lodged with defendants for twenty years. About twelve months ago plaintiff went to Cornwall, and was go- ing to a house of his own. When returning he wanted the furni- ture he left at the house of the defendant. He had tha clock, the bed, bedding, and other articles, but could not get the che.it of drawers, and this action was brought to recover that from possession of the dafendant. 0 After the examination of the plaintiff, and several other persons, his honour reserved his judgment. } Several other cases were gone into, and the court rose. MR. D. W. JAMES was appointed chairman of the board of guardians of Merthyr Tydfil union, on Saturday last, and Mr. Lewis Lewis, vice-chairman. Bvareference to our advertisements in to day's PRINCIPALITY, it will be seen that Thomas Webster Rammell, Esq., has been ap- pointed superintending inspector for the parish of Merthyr Tydvil, under the Public Heal:h Acts, and will proceed on the 15th of May next to make the necessary inquiries. AWFULLY SUDDEN DEATH.—On Saturday morning last, Mr. Thomas Thomas, farmer, of Penrhiwyronen, was attacked with apoplexy, and died after the lapse of twenty minutes. When attacked, he called on the servant girl to give him some water, and cried out, "0 God, what is the matter! In a few minutes after his death his left side was found to be quite discoloured. He was 48 years of age, and has left a wife and four children to lament his premature death. On Monday, an inquest was held on the body before George Overton, Esq., coroner, when the jury re- turned a verdict of Died by the visitation of God." GELLTGAER. Four persons were baptised at this place, on making profession of faith, last Sunday afternoon, by the Hev. J. D. Williams.