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T 111", WAR IN I N D I A,


'tiff..' ——


tiff. —— CARDIFF POLICE COUtvr.—MONDAY, APRIL 16. [Before; Walter Coffin, Mayor, and K. L. Reece, ISsqrs.] Samuel Binding was charged with being drunk and exposing his person, in Duke-street, on Saturday night. Dismissed with a caution. His money, J 7s. 9d., was returned' to ftim. John Matthews a. peared to answer the complaint of Maria Watson for an asaault by spittirii in her iaci,. This case had been adjourned, from the pre- vious Monday, for the production of a witness.—The magistrnte ordered Matthews to pay 10s. including costs; in default one nioatii imprisuiunciit. The flue was paid. Robert Aynew, in the employ of Mr. Lockhart Hannah, was put in the box, having been given into custody last Tuesday night, on a charge ot embezzling certain good and moneys the property of Mr. Hannah. Mr. Bird applied for a remand, and went into some cases, partly to show his grounds for tie appli- cation. Tho magistrates, after hearing the evidence (which we shall give in full when it neit comes before the bench), granted the application. Agaew was allowed to be out on bail on his own recognizance of £ 20. Mary Barry was charged with stealing half-a-pound of butter the property of Mr. Richard Beynon. The prisoner escaped punishment from the circum- stance of the child who saw hLn take the butter being too young to take all oath. John Daw and Win. Newland were charged with having on Tuesday night last each broken a pane of glass and stealing a fowl, the property of r. Thomas Miles, St. Mary's Street. The ottence was proved by Mrs. ;\tile* and her servant. Prisoners to pay 5s. each, or to be eomrnittodyor one month. James Brothers and John Stock were charged with breaking the window of Mr. Win. Williams and stealing some bread. Committed for one month each. Samuel Powell was charged with being drunk and disorderly, and assaulting everyone he met at half-past seven o'clock on .Monday night lust. Dismissed with a caution. Mr. Win. Evans and Mr. Stanley were ordered to put their houses in Stanley-street in proper order, to avoid nuisances, and appear next Monday. Fhe penalty for non-compliance is 10s. per day on eucii ordjr. John Hill and Phillip Webber were accepted as bail for John Howell, for stealing coal. Morgan Unarm was charged with creating a -riot iivdie public streets viae disturbance arose out of a dispute as to the ownership of a horse which.he claimed. He was ordered w givo up his claim to tile horse on payment of ik to him. TUESOAT, APRIL 17.rBefore W. Cofflny Esq., Mavor.] CAIRNRS T I MASTKKS OF VESSELS A'D i'liOTS."—Thomas JProbert appeared to answer the complaint of Lieutenant Dornford, It.N., for infringing one of the by-laws of the Bute Dock, in entering the gut leading to the dock before the ball had been hauled up. The case was proved by Edward John, and Mr. rhiUpotts addressed the bench on behalf of the defendant, contenamg that the ball was not placed in a convenient plaee to be seen. Tiie mayor convicted the defendant in the sum of 12 and costs. _i(,sas M alker, of the Brothers, of Bristol, was charged with alike offence. The same witness proved the case. Mr. PhillpotlS also d t ..«i rtaiker. Fii:ed £2 and costs. Robert Collins, William Hichardu, and Frederick Owens, pU.K■ e» „ charged with bringing up vessels before the ball had been haisteu. J tI siaeU £ 2 and costs. The two masters, Probert and Walker, and also the pilot C'oiuns, expressed their determination to go to prison for a month iadet'au ioi warrants were ordered to be issued in the other oases. The case of Samuel 1'rosser was adjourned to nest '\y. MP.UTHYB POLICE COURT.—FIUI.AY, U. [Before Wm. Thomas, E&q.} Thomas Meredith, publican, Dowlais, who w«o> ppyrj. at in Kent,.by-Sergeant Parsons, was charted with forgi Thomas, a farmer, from BreconsMre, to a promissory vbjm& ol 4»S H's. The charge was fully, sustained against hiai, aa- ••••>iusa»Ued tv J take his trial at the next assizes. „ j George JJreese stood in the box charged with Jemg d. u j Reprimanded and discharged.. SATURDAY, AVRII, 14.—[Before Wm. Thomas, hsq.J Thomas Coopjr was charged by Mr. Roger 'A juaia-s, rtu(;\y. f otflcer,. oftas Merthvr TydtiL union, with running away and U'av;ng hu famLy cuapgeaole to the parish of Jicrthyr. He was eonniiitted for one mouth wicn iiard labour. Thomas James and James Breese were placed in the bos,_char-pel by police cO!l:ablt' Evan Rees with being drunk aiitl disorderly iu iiie .o streets. Pined 5s. each. MONDAV, Aran. t6.[Bofüre W. Thomas, Esq.] Timothy Coffin, a strapping youth, who hadbeennuwly discharged from U. Brecon barracks, was charged with entering the back promises of Mr. Jouu Robert Jones, of Dowlais, on Saturday night, with felonious intent. He was committed as a rogue and vagabond for one month with hard iauour. WEDNESDAY, AI-BIL IS.—[Before W. Thomas, and G. H. Morgan, Esqrs.] SXEALXNG LEAD.—'dm Rees, plasterer, was charged with stealing 18-5 pounds of sheet lend, from the roof of one of the lodges oi Pendvarran House, ou Friday night. It appeared that liees eiia»bea. the lodge roof like n squirrel, took away the quantity taat ae vvautcu, if not the whole, and hid it. The lead was seen by one oi the Peny- darran agents, and Superintendent Wreun put one of his men in plain clothes to watch it, when lo and behold, Rees went ou Monday uight fox the booty, and the officer took him into custody. Com- mitted to take his trial at the next quarter sessions. NEATH PETTY AIIIL 13. [Before' HOiVd Gwyn, M.P., Griffith Llewellyn, and N. Y. E. Vaughan, £ sqr.J Mr. Jenkin Savours, landlord ot tne Oastlo Inn, i\eath, was charged" by the surveyor of the hi^h\vay for ^"eaCh.Mign^r^v'.airt. the non-pavaient of road-rates. Oruered to pay, with coats, -ny r* Manuel John, of Macsteg, was charged with assaulting Hanniih Sh"ltou, of the sauie place. Fined 18s., including costs. Elisabeth l'honk, Neath, was charged with s., ltiti Murgntpt ] Jenkins. Case dismissed. 1'. P. Short, Aberavovi, was charged with making use of threaten* • ag language towards the wife of P.C. Joaes, At»er<*yoa..cin-d inciti,.iinL, costs. Two orders in bastardy were made. NKVVPOKT POLICE COURT. -MONDAY, APEII. 1C. [Before the Mayor and T. Hughes, Frederick Marsden wan charged with going about the town as. a ra^runt, without hat or coat.—U:saiissed on condition ot his leaving the town immediately. James Davica and Thomas Evans, two lads, were charged with going into a grocer's shop and stealing t'roui thence bread, under pretence of buying it.—Committed to Oak, and to be once privately whipped. Thomas Hays was similarly charged.—Committed to taste -us trial at UV-k for larceny.. John .S cores field, charged with running away from his employer, trial at UV-k for larceny.. John .S cores field, charged with running away from his employer, and staying from his work.—Remanded. Mr. iJiihiizv, charged wiih allowing beer to be uniwn alter o'clock at night..—Fined 20s. and oosis. Susanna Ja»nes was charged with stealing an apron, The pro- secutor uot wishing -to pres* the charge, she was dismissed :with a reprimand. Abraham Morgan was. charged with stealing iron.—Committed to Usk-for three months, and to be privately whipped. Mr. iohti Lewis, maltster, was ehurged by- ilort,; the super visor of the Newport district, with having an illegal quantity ot grain on his prenii^i's, under the pioecss oi beiog umde into ia..l^j ou the 10th of March last. Mr. Philpotts deichded.- Having en- tered at some length into the examination of-Witnesses-, it. was touud that ouly about one-tenth was over the quuistii.y allowed by law, the duty"upon.which amounted to 6.jd. The magistrates, having considered tho cai«u, dimnissed it. when Mr. ReynKild, coiwvtor, iu-.iaitttv-dhis hitcaUon (.-flaking it to .he ses^-ans to Uak.










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