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T 111", WAR IN I N D I A,


T 111", WAR IN I N D I A, THE VICTORY OF GOOJERAT. We have received by express from Marseilles despatches iu advance of the overland mail, which left Bombay on the ,17th ult. They contain full particulars of the decisive Nik-tory achieved over the Sikhs on the 21st of February last, a brief announcement of which arrived by the last i!iili I. On this occasion no doubt need be entertained of the decisive character of the success, the enemy having been tomplutely routed with the loss of his guns, ammunition, and camp equipage. Lord Gough's army, which amounted to nearly 25,000 men with 10') guns, encamped on the 20th in order of battle within four miles of the enemy, whose force was estimated at 60,000 men with 60 guns/ They occupied the ground a roan i the village of Guojerat, in a position as well chosen as tha nature of the country permitted. The British army moved to the attack early in the morning of the ht, in a line nearly three miles from right left. The action began with a heavy cannonade, in which •var artillery, which was/admirably served, did such execu- tion that the enemy's guns were speedily silenced. The infantry then advanced, driving the Sikhs before them in the utmost confusion: the cavalry division was sent in 'Hn'I..ít, and iuing upon the rear of tho flying enemy until ». uight prevented further operations. Of the' 60 guns which the Sikhs brought into action, 53 were captured, with an tfuormous amount of ammunition, and the rest have, doubt- less, been since takon by the corps detached in pursuit. Nor was this really decisive victory purchased by the terri hle loss of lite which has rendered Lord Gough's previous battles a source of mourning rather than of triumph. The Kritish army has to lament 5 officers and 92 men killed, And 21 officers and G81 men wounded. Oa the day after the action General Gilbert, with a force vf 12,000 Then, was despatched towards the Sheliiiii, to s«Liea«d occupy Rhotas, Attoek, Peshawur, and the whole frontier up to the passes of Afghanistan. Ito ei-oised the J.ieltiin on the 28th, and took possession of the town of that Jlaiue, with some mortars and ammunition which had been Abandoned by the recreating; army on that day. Hie ud- -vufcs from Gciieral Gilbert's corps reach to the 2nd of March, at which date they had been compelled to halt on from Gciieral Gilbert's corps reach to the 211d of March, at which date they had been compelled to halt on I hair advance tp ilhotas by the extreme inclemency of he weather. A report had, however, been received that e ..ad to fc'.fu possessio i oi Khotas. fae'principal oUjects of the campaign being thus achieved, it was expected that the inuia army under Lord Gough into Chir advices from the Commander-in-Chief's camp are to t 3rd of March, on which day Lord Güug-h reviewed aud {•inspected the whole of tlio troops. Permission to return to t.sir appointment had been already given to several staff •wtficess. There seems, indeed, every reason to believe that the Sikikchiel, who have twice sent Major Xjawrence to treat for them, will submit to the on y terms which have been conceded to titein -,tii unconditional surrender. It was said that Lord Gough. had sent in his resignation. No decision had, it was understood, been arrived at as to she ann xation of the Punjab. India generally 'was tranquil and contented. Scinde was' free from any apprehension either of rebellion or foreign attack, and the garrison left at Mooltaii remained unmo- lested. Sir J. Littler had been appointed President of the Council cf India and Deputy-Governor of Bengal iu the room of Sir T. H. Maddock, wiiohftd retired.


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