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A CALL TO THE STRONG. MAST.Y worker, valiant-hearted, Stout of limb, and stron* of brain, Seek not War's delusive glo- riigh not for the battle plain. Hig-li the Warrior's praise is sounded, Long the Hero's tale is told, Low the honia e paid to valour, Bright the glare of yellow gold. Earth allurimr riches lioidcth, lteady to the eager hands; Kure the srems and golden treasures Lying 'midst the southern sands. Glorious is the Student's gaining, Great the guerdon knowledge brings, Glowing songs of love aud beauty The enraptured Poet sings Manly worker, earnest-hearted, These are not alone thy goal, Not for these alone did Heaven f Mould its image in thy soul. Thine to lead, defend, and vanquish, Nobly great and truly brave Thine to help the. weak and fainting, Thine to succour and to save. Thine to soothe, assuage, and lessen Sorrow, grief, remorse, and pain; Thine to. wrestle with the Wronger, Thine to break the galling chain. Thine to teach where all is darkling, Thine to raise when trampled down, Thine to. vindicate thy Manhood, Thine to dare the tyrant's frown. Seek the sp t; where shame and sorrow Poison with malignant breath; Where, scenes of guilt and an- guish, "jCrt-ows the TTpas tree of death. LOr/dun. Where thick darkness, overshrouding, Lets no ray in from Above; Where f,;ul lustings, all degrading, Bear the holy name of Love. Where, despairing, broken-hearted, Outcasts from the world's fair fame In the dark and whelming waters Seek to hide their guilt and shame. Where the blood-red hand of power Claims a fellow-man as slave, Where the victims, scourged and branded, Curse the life that Heaven gave. Where gaunt Famine's horrid craving Crowds the living with the dead, Where the Mother sees her children Perish for the lack of bread. Where, by niggard tyrant's power, Far from every pitying eye, Smitten with disease and hunger, Helpless little children die. Everywhere where Mail's degraded, Everywhere where Man's opprest, Where the erring need thy teaching, Where the weary sigh for rest. There's thy work, thou Manly-hearted, There's thy mission on the earth, Written bv the hand of Heaven At the moment of thy birth. Nobler than the warrior chieftain Is the vanquisher of wrong; Holier is the voice of mercy Than the poet's festive song. On then, on then, Manly-worker, Hopeful, loving, fearless, free; GOD has called thee to the warfare, And the world hath need of theo. G. R EMERSON. TO ELIHU BURRITT. Go forward with thy work of peace, Thou Leader of the truly brave! So shall thy conquering hots increase, The world from war to save. 'The Word of God thy gleaming sword Smite down therewith each sanguine foe, "Till all mankind, with one accord, To Heaven allegiance show. Oh! would that Europe all were found Beneath thy Da11ner, bent to prove The glory that must soon redour.d "lie S Frorn unIcn, peace, and love. The time must come -the grand, good time, The time (hat lurchng placemcn drean, When policy shall shun the crime To deal in blood for bread. When Nations in one faithful band Of Brotherhood combined shall be; Will need no Army on the land, t <, No Navv on the sea. "• ABERYN GWENT. -_r_

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