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AT KinDHRMjNSTEH, a number of persons have been taken ill after using flour., On examination, it transpired- that- the miller's man luuj put sugar of lead instead of alum into the fluur. What right had he to adulteraie the flour with cither sa bs tnce ? The Kid'dennmsfer■ Me.sscnge-r says, "We regret to have to announce that the numbers injuriously affected by par- taking ot the poisonous mixture referred to in our Inst have very alarmingly increased since Thursday, and that several cases are likely .to prove fatal. As many as six or seven fa- 11 I milies, numbering seven, ten, and fifteen members, have been ill in consequence of the poison being absorbed into the system. The danger only becoming apparent when the symptoms were at their heght, III many cases medical aid was not obtained till the liartics were in a very dangerous condition. The fol- lowing are the Ofptiieiits suffering severely from the deletrious compound, who are under the treatment of the me- dical gentlemen of the town :-150, Messrs. Freer 70, Mr. Thomas Bum-ks; 60, Mr. Cooper; 50, Messrs. Betts and Giles; 50, Mr, Henry "Wilson 30, Mr. Norris; and 90. Mr. Norris, jutu, making a .total of 50 cases. The greatest excitement'pre- vailsin town-respecting the matter, and notice has been given that a meeting will be held .to investigate the subject. NEWSPAPER ENTEKIHCISR'.—SO constantly .is the electric tele- g. aph in requisition for the purposes of the press on the other side of the Atlantic, that one of the New York papers is about to have an independent" track of telegraph constructed for its own exclusive use from New York to Washington and Boston. Ihe eastern route will be 215 miles, and the southern 225.


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