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IldiijiotiH SimiiignirF. GELLYGAEK.—Oil Tuesday and Wednesday, the 10th and 11th inst., services were held in connexion with the ordination of Mr. J. D. Williams, late of Haverfordwest College, to the pastorate of the Baptist church at Gellygaer. On Tuesday evening sermons were preached by the Revs. T. Price, of Aberdare, and J. Roberts, of Merthyr. On Wednesday morn- ing the Rev. E. Williams, of Aberavon, delivered a short ad- dress on the nature of a Christian church. After the usual questions had been satisfactorily answered, Mr. Williams offered the ordination prayer, and the Rev. J. Roberts delivered the charge to the young minister. The discourse was a dis- criminating and forcible exposition of ministerial duty, and the Rev. J. Richards, of Newbridge, preached to the church, and inculcated in a very impressive style the duty of prayer on behalf of the minister. In the afternoon the Revs. T. Price, of Aberdare, and D. Jones, of Caerphilly, preached. In the evening the Revs. 13. Evans, of Hirwaen, and E. Williams, of Aberafon, preached. The devotional services were conducted by the Revs. Messrs. Evans, of Hirwaen, Evans, of the Nelson, and the young minister. The meetings were numerously at- tended, and full of unction. It is pleasing to state that the cause here has greatly revived since the commencement of Mr. Williams's labours amongst us. We have admitted six per- sons into our fellowship, and have eight others before the church. May the Lord of the harvest bless the efforts of his labourer in this populous neighbourhood to bring many to the knowledge and obedience of the truth. ORDINATION- SERVICES.—The ordination of tile Rev. Richard Morris, student of the Baptist Academy, Haverfordwest, and Ilorton College, Bradford, to the pastorate of the Baptist church, Great Drifloielcl, took place on the 5th and 6th of April. On Thursday, the 5th, at seven o'clock in. the evening, the in. troductory sermon on the constitution of a Christian church was preached by the Rev. B. Evans, of Scarborough. On Friday, the 6th, after singing and prayer, the usual questions were asked, and the ordination prayer offered, by the Rev. R. Johnston, of Beverley the charge to the minister was deli- vered by the Rev. James LL.D., president of Ilor- ton College the sermon to the church was preached by the Rev. Henry Dowson, of Bradford. In the afternoon the Rev. R. Harness, Burlington, introduced the service, alter which a sermon to the congregation was preached by the Rev. W. W alters, of Preston, Lancashire. At five o'clock there was a social tea party, in the Corn Exchange, after which addresses were delivered by the Revs. J, Acworth, LL.I)., H. Dowson, W. Walters, B. Evans, D. M. Thompson, of Hull, J. R. Jen- kins, of Horton College, and other ministers and friends. The services throughout were well attended. The sermons were masterly productions, and were listened to with the greatest attention and pleasure. The young minister enters upon his labours with the most encouraging prospects. BKTHESDA, CAIINAr,-VONSI[IRLI.' The Independent church at this place held its anniversary meeting on the 7th, 8th, and 9th inst. At six o'clock on the evening of the first day, sermons, were delivered by the Revs. T. Thomas, Aberdaron, and Hugh Pugh, of Mostyu. At ten, the following day, the Revs. T. Davies, Anglesea, and Hugh Pugh. At two, the Revs. T. Griffiths, Capelholyg, and W. Ambrose, Portinadoc. At six. the Revs. J. Davies, Conway, and T. Edwards, Ebenezer. At ten, on Monday morning, the Revs. E, Lewis, Dolyddelen, and Hugh Pugh, of Mostyn. At two, the Revs. J. Stephen, Dwy- gyfylchi, and D. Griffith, Bethel. At six, the Revs. T. Grif- fith and W. Ambrose. The meeting is reported to be one of the best ever held in the place. The spacious edifice was crowded to excess during the whole of the services. HOLYWELL.—Cm Good Friday last, the Independents of this place solemnised their religious anniversary. The various and respective services were engaged in by the Revs. J. Lloyd, Aber- gele D. James, Anglesea; E. T. Davies, St. George J. Grif- fiths, Buckley R. Knill, of Chester, &c. The day being highly favourable, the congregations were remarkably good; but the evening congregation was overflowing, and scores were obliged to go away, unable to find admittance. We were never better pleased, edified, and instructed by any previous anniver- sary PONTYPOOI,.—On Monday evening last, the teachers and friends ..of the English Baptist Sunday school met at their school-room, tr>.drink tea, and to adopt measures for the in- 'Isc crease and further improvement of the school. After the tea and cake had been dispensed with, the superintendent in a brief address laid before the meeting the present state of the, school. The meeting was afterwards addressed by the Rev. Thomas Thomas, W. W. Phillips, Esq., Messrs. Davies, Lewis' Havavard, and Young, who pointed out the duties of minis- ters and private memberswithregardtotheSundny-school,as well as the more important duties) of the teacher, in a very for- cible manner. THE SOUTH WALES UNITED ENGLTSII ASSOCIATION OF. MINISTERS AND Ciiuit-CHES.—The first quarterly meeting of the J above association Was held at the Burrows chapel, Swansea, on the 10th and 11th instant. On Tuesday evening the 10th, a sermon was preached on "Personal Religion," to a large: audience, by the Rev. T. Roberts, of Llanelly. On Wednes- day morning the ministers met in conference, and devoted. themselves to prayer and free conversation on the subject of, "Ministerial Devotion." At three p.m., a devotional meeting of ministers and church members was held, when addresses were delivered on EIli,:ieiit Church Membership." In the evening a numerously attended public service was held, when addresses were delivered on the Sabbath. The Rev. Mr. Griffiths, of GGwer, on the duties of the Sabbath the Rev. Mr. Ford, of Gower, on the privileges of the Sabbath and the Rev. W. Jones, of Swansea, on the desecration of the- Sabbath. The services throughout were interesting and profit- able, characterised with devout earnestness. It was resolved that the next meeting of the association shall be held in the last week in June, at Burry Green, Gower. y STRADGYNLA[S.-TEMPRi!A:Ci ANNIVSRS.VRY.—The Tem- perance Society of the -above place held their anniversary on Easter Monday. At ten o'clock, a.m., the several branches of the society met at the Independent chapel, and after Mr. B. Thomas, Pantteg, had introduced the service, the Rev. P. Griffiths, Alltwen. was voted to the chair, who, after a very telling address, called upon the Hev. J. Rees, Cannel, to address the meeting, who in an able speech stated that the use of intoxicating drinks retarded poli- tical reform, the advancement of science, and the progress of reli- gion. He was followed by ihe Rev. J. Thomas, Bwlelmewydd, who in a very humorous manner showed the connexion existing between mooerate drinking and drutilietmess j that drunkenness is the pare tit. of nine-tenths of the crimes existing in the commu- nity and that total abstinence is the only sure remedy. Then the Rev. R. Pryce, Cwmllyr.fe,. addressed the meeting in his peculiar maimer on the pernicious effect of intoxicating drinks on the hu- man system, and concluded by prayer. At half-past one, p.m., they met at the same place, and formed a procession, and went to ranttcg. There again the Rev. P. Griffiths oc- i cupied the chair. Mr. John Howells introduced the service then the chairman called upon the Revs. H. Rees, Ystrad, J. Rees, J. Thomas, and R. Pryce to address the meeting. At se\Cll o'clock, they met again at Ystrad. Mr. T. Levi com- menced the meeting. The Rev. H. Hees was voted to the chair, who called upon Mr. G. John, Swansea, Hevs. J. Rees, and J. Thomas to address the meeting. The congregations were over- flowing throughout the day, and listened with the greatest atten- tion, and expressed their saiisfaction very often by bursts of laughter, which was occasioned by the humorous illustrations made use of by the speakers to explain and enfo; ce the principle. The principle-has taken a firm hold in this place among the Indepen- dents and the Calvinisuc Methodists. The male members of both churches, with a lew e. abstainers. "RIO.

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