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NORTH WALES RAILWAY. Having given, in our last number, extracts from the report of the Lords'Committee on the affairs of til is railway, we add the fol- lowing account of the meeting of die shareholders A special meeting of this company was held on Tuesday week at the Guildhall Coffee-house, Mr. Chad wick in the chair. The C.iairman briefly stated Unit the directors were anxious to afford the shareholders' every information with respect to their affairs. The whole of tiie books would be laid before them, and it would !)e for those who were interested in this unfortunate pro-, it would be for those who were interested in this unfortunate pro- ject to decide what was best to be done u iderthe circumstances.' Henderson said, he was glad that the shareholders had been afforded another opportunity of expressing their opinion in favour of the conduct of she directors. With a view to clear up any doubt that might exist with regard to the management of their affairs, he ,ulÚd move that a cOIHnuttee of inquiry lie appointed, consisting of those m-lio were known$ £ i'be opposed to the directors, to investigate the affairs of the company, with power tuexíllllitle the directors, solicitor, or any other officer of die company. Air. Powell .seconded the resolution. After some observations from Dr. Waterfield and Mr. Butt, the resolution was unanimously passed, appointing a committee, con- sisting of Mr. J. Shaw (the solicitor of Mr. Archer). Mr. Norris, Mr. t rawfovd, Mr. Cohen, and Mr. Henderson,.with tuil powers to investigate the affairs of the company, and to report thereon at a flit-ore meeting.. In reply to questions, the Chairman stated that there was no thingdue .to landlords, solicitors, or Parliamentary agents that £ 600 would puy 08 all the liabilities of the company. The Lord Chancellor had decided against, theciahtrof Mr. Jackson, and it was not probable the lattei- would prosecute the suit any further. The powers of their act to take land had ceased last Jary. and next July the powers to carry .on the works would cease. With c respect to dividing the funds in hand, they acted under the advice of an eminent lawyer, H; Rolt. who had drawn up the deed. The difficulty was in this mode, of proceeding that it required all the pardes to agree to tiie dissolution of the company and to sign the deed. The only dissenting, partu-s he knew were Mr. Hulkeley Uughes and Mr. lierapath. The directors would give the com- mittee every facility in their powet to make any investigation they thought proper. Thanks were voted to the chairman, and. the meeting separated.

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