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ABERYSTWYTH. CAMBRIAN INSTITUTION FOR THE DEAF AX]) DUMB. At a special meeting of the committee of this institution, held at Aberystwyth, on Friday, the 13th inst., the subject-, brought forward for consideration, viz., the establishment of auxiliaries, and the election of a secretary, were atteno#d with no ordinary degree of interest, and created in the minds of all present, during their discussion, mingled feelings of pleasure and regret. Pleasure at the prospect of soon seeing the society in a more advanced state of efficiency, and regre? on account of the honorary secretary, Josiah Berry, 1^ relinquishing his important office, in consequence of his being about to leave tlie town. To show the respect eE'er- tained by the committee towards that gentleman, an un- usually largo attendance of members assembled to meet bint on the occasion of his retirement. George Fossett, Fsq., occupied the chair, and amongst the other gentlemen pre- sent were the Rev. John Hughes, vicar of Llanbadarnfawr, and incumbent of Aberystwyth John Miller, Esq., mavor of Abervstwyth Thomas O. Morgan, Esq. J. P, Fierce Evans, fesq., J. P. Thomas Jones, jun., Esq., J. P.; Joseph Dawnie, Esq., treasurer; Messrs. John Roberts, jun.,Henry Humphreys, Joseph Roberts, Griffith Thomas, the secretary; and the principal. On Mr. Berry tendering his resignation, John Miller, Esq., the mayor, rose, and in very complimentary term* proposed the following resolution :—" That the best thanks of the committee are due, and are hereby presented, to Mr. Berry, for the great zeal and judgment he has displayed as the honorary secretary of this institution, and their dtt p regret that circumstances should require his resignation which was seconded by the Rev. John Hughes, vicar, who, in thanking Mr. Berry for the very efficient and valuable services rendered by him to the society, expressed a hope that every temporal and spiritual good might attend him wherever Providence might hereafter fix his lot. Gecrga Fossett, Esq., the chairman, in putting the resolution to the meeting, could not refrain from expressing an opinion, m which all present he felt sure would readily concur, that the favourable position which the institution had already at- tained was in a great measure to be attributed to the and ability displayed by Mr. Berry in its behalf, oinee fi* had been the secretary and -no one, he addt d, could regret more than he did the loss of his services, and his intended removal from the town. These sentiment!* were received with applause, and the resolution was carried umti.hm Mr. Berry briefly acknowledged the vote of thanks, i.ud is the course of his observations stated that fhougit he Iwd n- linquished his official connexion with the institution^ should nevertheless feel an unabated interest in its success, and it would ever give him pleasure to do what he could to promote its welfare. We ourselves may perhaps he allowed to share in the regret of the committee on the retirement of Mr. Berry, for during his residence at Aberystwyth he has had the good fortune to acquire the respect and esteem of all classes, and we are sure that the good wishes of the toW,) will, in conjunction with those of the worthy vicar, follow hitn wherever he goes. At the earnest request of the committee, the Ilev. Jphu Hughes, vicar, was afterwards prevailed upon to accept th* office of honorary secretary, vacant by Mr. Berrv's resigna- tion, and to which, on the motion of Pierce E aus, J. P., and seconded by John Miller, Iq., the- mayor, ii* was duly elected. r Arrangements were then entered into fur Mr. Charioa Rhind, the principal of the institution, to proceed as a drpn tation from the society in the course of the ensuing month, to the following towns in South Wales, viz., .Newcastkr- Emlyn, Cardigan, Haverfordwest, Mil ford, Pembroke, Pem- broke-Dock, Tenby, Narberth, Carmarthen, Llanelly, Siiaii- sea, Cardiff, Merthyr Tydfil, Crickhowell, Brecon, Llando- very, Llandilo, and Lampeter. The chief endeavour of tho deputation will be to increase the efficiency uf the iustifutiou by the establishment of AUXILIAUIXS in ail the above pi ice*, at which public meetings will be hohlen. With this view Mr. Rhind wilt explain at those meetings the objects of ilju* society, and point out its claims to the eojisideratioa and support of the Welsh public in general. I he society ha\ ,ng no sectarian ends to promote, the committee earnestly ha; respectfully solicit the cordial co-operation and assi.-i"tfim*»: both of Churchmen and Dissenters iu this moatcxceii.j work. SUICIDE.—On Monday mom isglast, this town WAS TAROVRTI. into a state of great exe'tement by a report that J unes, Stevens, Esq., of rresteign, who was iu a delirious state m mind, had the previous evening, about ten p.m., throvu himself out of one of the bedroom windows ct the Beiio Vac Royal Hotel, and thereby caused instant death, Tho de- ceased gentleman was in the habit of thin;phic« for many years, and was highly vesptcted. r £ he inquest was held at the Belle Vue Royal lintel, before R. Wiiijan^, Esq., M.D., and a highly respectable jury Mr. J. Matthew*, Great Dark Gate-street, was foreman and a verdict was returned that the deceased, who was labouring tmde? deli- rium tremens, killed himself by throwing himself out of Otio of the upper windows of the Belio V u Roynl Ibtcl. ttnd failing on the paving in the area below, and-thereby caused a mortal wouiid on tho head, which produced iusiaiU death.