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EMIGRATION. | N THE STATE OF GEORGIA—UNITED STATES OF X AMERICA.—For Hale, 120,900 Acres of FREEHOLD LANDS, in III WIN COUNTY; in Lots of 120 Acres and upwards, at Five pur Acre. 'IheLriiuIs lie between thirty-one and thirty- two degrees north distant from the Atlantic Ocean one hundred and twenty miles, and at an elevation of four hundred feet above its level; free from swamps, climate salubrious and uealthy, distant iVoiu England eighteen or twenty days' sail. They are bouuded by tiw Navigable Rivers, the Flint, and the Ocmutyee. A railroad, two-thirds finished, passes through the lands, which wiil connect rivers.—Vessels sai; nearly every Week from Liverpool to Savanna or Charleston. Passage to either City from £ 3 to El i.jtr head—Yroux Charleston and Savanna, the Lands are reached W either Coach, Waggon, or Steam-boat.-Every iufor.nataou may b • obtained relative to ttie aoove, &e. trorn RICHARD tihiLY, No. 1. Royal Exchange Building, London. SMIGUATIOS. J II s VIN S, ARCHITECT, EMIGRATION, and GENERAL AGENT, AiSEROAVENN Laud in America and South. Australia to Sell or Rent on very low Terms. F'ii'.E VASSA'.KS TO THIS OF GO(H) HOPE. an I Free Grants of 20 Acres of Land to Emigrants, approved of by th Colonial Land and Emigration Commissioners. Passages secured to ail parts of tuo orid, on the most moderate and certain principles. ESTATK AND (JREXEIL AT. AGENCY OFFICE, -N EW-KOAD, ABEll- O: v. v N >: N y BRISTOL GENERAL S TEA Il NAVIGATION COM ? A N Y, OFFICE, QUAY, BRISTOL. {vpgi w f I^IIE follow illg steam vessels are intended to | sail from Cumberland Basin, ijiistoi, to full from Cork, Jttvtrna and Sabrina; Water- ford, Victory aud Hose; Tenby, Osprey Mil- ford, Pater, anil Haverfordwest, Vs#rey; Car- marthen, direct; Swansea, County ■ sfJ, Newport, Siajt and I sx; CanUtt, biar and frrace OS ■■ /■,> ai undei"-uiencio.neu, de.L'ing AL I«.IL, <S ■ i. J .— FROM RRISTOL TO f 11 f lit i I i I i I z o & JUwid^T a M4 ■■■ }* P"' Tuesdav 3 2h pm 2.J pmi ~>-} pm 2} pal a 2.} atn ~i pm i pm •Wcinesdav 4 • § ••• P"i « pm Tiniisdav. j « am -1.J pm 3-1 pru Friday 6; 4k pin v'C j>4 »ni ° »,n 5* Haturrtay. 7, 6 pm an: V oi c* am 7 am Tu7-m £ V 74'an. 74 air. 'i am 7J am S g 7 i am 7 air, 7^ am .iVedu.eiday.51i 1.„ jf* ••• 'i an: » Thursday.1-2 = | fi am 8 am fe am I-'riuav IK; 9 am t 9 am S.V am 9 am !Saiu ^ay.lli 9 am £ '| 9* =»» 9 9* »'a 11; S'g Kit am 104am Tuesdav'V..17| 12 noon 2noon 12 noonjiic noon §"| 1 pm IS 110011 jaaoo. !> ••• o-2 f P1" Thursday.. 101. H? j aui f* Pm Pm FrkL-v pm £ 4 ani 1)111 1 liiturliay .2i 5} pm 5 a"! a am 5 am Sl«»nd^7 Jl T I" 6 am«| am "2ti 7 am 7 am 7 am 7 am y; t am 6* am i lun \Veur.esday25j S « ••• ( am an» 'Iiuu.,aav.2(i! gS 8| a,n 8 am I am Vcidav .27[ 9 am g-S 9 am S| am 9 am ^rainu.y .2N SH am „§ 10 am am Ulam 'Meulhiy .S H" -• am 11 am \"7 FPU BRISTOL FROM -? ¿ I..J ,f 1 || | | | 1 | I r I i (5 111 I -I 1'- Vo-t.Hv 2 ••• S.ti 11-4 am 11 am Tu^.lVy 3 3 pm 2i am 1 pm 1 pm "e.'i*'li\es(l.iv 4 ■■■ SS? ••• P^ Thursday. 5 5i am 2| pm 3 pm IV .]. 8 G am 6 am CJ a;!1 3i Pm P'» S.itti'iliiy 7 1 u.iu 1 am 1 1^ "i.t pin 4 p3R. • ')! £ 5 S am 5 pm .i'.v 10 8 am E P Of am on am •» a<u ursday11 g* 6 am 6.| am T..u >d:iy.. 12 "Svs 9 am 6| am b.J aja iV is 10 am 10 pm 9 am 4 pm 9 am i am 7 am S,'ill-day'H >■% 10 au* "i am 7i a:u■] .ir! ■■■ S? "»! 9 Tue-Mla'v ..17 12noon § 12 noon loi am OA am V-• .i;u-^urv!S 12 noon -sdav 19 o "i am 1 pm li pin i'i-.v .20 4 i>m 3 pill 10 pm 0 44 am 2 pm 2 pia >«aty.2l 54 am g »4 am 3 pm 3 pm .Monday .23 ••• — f-f H Pm M pm Tut-.vl-.iv .3i S am g.8 a:n 5 am <> am V.'eriiuv.tlay25 5', am « aui t § 7 am 6J am Ci am lrr;day .27 10 am 10 pm 9 am 1 pm Pg 10 am 7 am 7 am S:ituviiay .2S ••• o r, 10 am 7f am S a-.a JU-«iay .30 94 am 91 am The PiitKNiX. will very shortly be replaced on the Carmarthen >ita!ion with, increased facilities for carriage of Goods (sec futu»e hills). The whole of the above vessels arc fitted up for the convey- a:\ee of passengers and goods.—Female stewards on Imard. Carriages and horses shipped with care.—Horses and carriages to be shinned two hours before sailing. Particulars may be obtained hy applying at the Bristol Steam Aaviu;ation Company's OfHeo, Quay, Bristol; where all goods, va.-ka.n-es, parcels, &e., should be addressed;—For Swansea and i'.u*0i§', to W. 13. Owen, Bull \Yluxrf, ltedeliff-street and Ciara- tn-eet Hall, Marsli-street; and E. T. Turner, 12, Quay-street; and for Newport, to J. Jones, llownham Wharf, Hotwells. "v A.OKNTS.—Mr. Joseph Morgan, Tenby; Mr. J. Ilees, Ilaver- foriUv^st; Mr. Palmer, Milford; Mr, Bowen, Pater Mr. John S. smnrt and Mr. W. Pockett, Swansea; Mr. T. John and Mr. A. nhiirstou, Cardiff; Mr. Martin, Ilfraeombe Mr. Thomas Baker, Lvu'ton; Mr. Robert Staeey, Carmarthen; and Mr. ii. Jo^es, X (■■ w p rt. T A F F L L W A Y. Alteration of Passenger Trains. OX and after TUESDAY, MAY 1st, 1849, the TIMES of .DEPARTURE of the PASSENGER TRAINS will be a- f-ui-nvs, until further notice;- FROM CARDIFF TO MERTHYR AND ABERDARE. WEEK DAYS. At 30m., Morning; — 2h. 4-5m., and 6h. Om., Afternoon. SUNDAYS. At 9h. 30m., Morning ;—and 5h. Afternoon. FROM MERTHYR TO CARDIFF. DAYRI. At 7h. 30m., Morning lh. O.n., and 4h. 10m., Afternoon. st'D.iYS. At 7h. ;30m., Morning:—and 3h. 10m., Afternoon. riWi MERTHYR TO ABERDARE. WKEK DAYS. At 71L ;3Ôm., Morning-;—and 4h. 10m., Afternoon. SUNDAYS. At 7h. 3()m" Morning;—and 3h. 10m., Afternoon. FROM ABERDARE TO CARDIFF. « WEEK DAYS. At 7h. 25 n., ?<Ioraing;—lh. 0m., and ih. 10m., Afternoon. SU.>> Y.S. At 7h. 2:)n_, Morning;—and Jh. lOIn., Afternoon. FROM ABERDARE TO MERTHYR. WEKiv DAYS. At Oh. 40;n., Morning;—aud 6h. 18m., Afternoon. SUNDAYS. At Un. 40:1. Iorning ;-and oil. 18m., Afternoon. Fu; ..her ;.>ai-tiea;ars maybe obtained by applying at any of th ta.uitm- Bv Order, GEORGE FISHER, Cardiff. April 12th, 1S49. Cieneraljiniierintendent. TraYslliag Accommodation between Aberdare and Swansea. \C \R the conveyance, of PASSENGERS, will leave th ilUiCSE AXit GROOM, INN, Aii Eli DARE, on IcHb) a-i-.» Tuarfdav, the 23-d a id 20th days of April, returning Tuft «tays Fridays successively.







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