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WEST OF ENGLAND FASHIONABLE TAILORING ESTABLISHMENT, No. 10. SMITH-STREET, CARDIFF. WILLIAM LEWIS, TAILOR and DRAPER, begs most respectfully to inform his numerous Friends and Supporters, as well w as the Public generally, that he has just received A large Assortment of New and Fashionable Goods suitable to the forthcoming' Season. An early inspection will greatly oblige. All orders executed on the shortest notice. W. L. bogs also to add, that he has a large stock of WOOLLEN GOODS of every description and price for sale. N.B.—BEST LONDON AND PARIS HATS. 19, Smith-street, Cardiff", April 19, 1849. 3 "DISHONESTY AND IMPOSITION. WHEREAS a Person named GEORGE LEWIS is engaged in Hawking Hosiery and other Goods about the country, and stating that they are manufactured by me, J. HIP WELL, SAINT MABY-STKKET, CAMUIFP, and further, that I am his Uncle, THIS IS TO GIVE PUBLIC NOTICE, that the above statements are groundless and impudcut fabrications, aud totally destitute of truth, "10 I have no connexion, either directly or indirectly, with the said George Lewis, and employ no one to sell goods for mo. I take this opportunity of returning my grateful thanks to those kind Friends and the Public in general who have so liberally patrgaised me since my establishment in business; and to make my intention known of Selling Off, without Reserve, all my Stock of Drapery and Cloths; oQnhting of 1200 Yards CALICO, 1000 Yards LINEN and COTTON CHECK, 500 Yards FLANNEL, and a quantity of SURGES, PIT-CLOTHS, HOLLANDS, ROUGHS, and PRINTS; SCARFS, RIBBANDS, LACE, SHAWLS, &c., &c., with at variety of other articles. Also, about One Hundred Pounds' Worth of READY-MADE CLOTHING; with BLANKETS, QUILTS, COUNTER- PAN ES, and other Goods of a similar description TABLE-LINEN, CLOTH CAPS, and a general Stock of DRAPERY and HABERDASHERY goods. The Sale of HOSIERY to be continued upon the usual terms, at the Manufactory, and at the Markets of Cowbridge on Tuesdays, and Newbridge on Wednesdays, as heretofore. April 9th, 1849. J. HIPVirELL, 21, Saint Mary-street, Cardiff. WA n 11) 1 s LAItGE AND NEW STOCK OF PAPER-HANGINGS HAS JUST COME TO HAND FOR THE PRESENT SEASON; CONSISTING of 8000 PIECES of the most elegant DESIGNS that can be brought before the Public in FHKXCII CHINESE, INDIAN, and ENGLISH tastes and designs, 01 the most superb patterns that can be produced, greatly surpassing any ha kas before had. Also, elegant sets of patterns representing Stag Hunting, Italian Boys, and various other subjects, so admix-ably executed a&to obtain the Prize awarded by PP. IN EN ALBERT at the Society for the Promotion of Arts and Commerce. J. W., in returning thanks to his numerous supporters, not forgetting the Trade, for the very liberal patronage they have been pleased tø favour him with, begs to inform them that he has this season nearly doubled that of the last, for the express purpose of procuring them afc such remarkably low prices as to enable him to render them as low as any House in the Kingdom, as well as to have that great variety wirtch cannot fail to please every taste. Splendid Crimson Flocks as low as 6s. 6d. per piece. LIST OF PRICES AS FOLLOWS: t 8. d. Rich Crimson Flock .per piece 0 5 6 All Crimson, imitation ditto 0 3 6 Ditto Glazed, ditto 0 4 0 Rich Satin Watered ditto. 0 2 10 Ditto Ditto 0 2 0 Elegant Drawing-room Paper. 0 1 6 ,%per Diig-room, Crimson and Oak 0 2 0 Very good clitto 0 1 8 II. d. Parlour Paper (last year 2s. Ø4.) .per piece Q i 6 Library Paper. 0 1 4 Good Sitting-room and Bed-room 010 Very superior 0 1 3 Bed-room ff 0 0 8 Ditto 0 0 7 Ditto. 0 0 6 Ditto 0 04 The Proprietor wishes to inform his Customers, that he undertakes to Paint andPaper Houses by Estimate or Admeasurement, war- ranting to give satisfaction to all Parties who will be kind enough to favour him. The Trade supplied at 5 per Cent. on tiny amount tyer £ 5. Patterns, freo of charge, sent to any part of the Country upon application. All Papers marked in plain figures, and no abate- ment whatever.. „ J. W. begs to state that, in compliance with the wishes 01 several Ladies and Gentlemen in this Neighbourhood, he shall henceforth keep a regular supply of PIANO-FORTES, both tor Sale and to Lot out on Hire, of first-rate Instruments, by Collard, Broadwood and Metzler, and has by him now some very superior Instruments. Among the many novel articles now on hand is the PATENT DOWN QUILT, adapted for a Large Bed, and so constructed as to make a beautiful Chair or Sofa Pillow; the PRINCE of W ILES'S EASY CHAIR, which is not only elegant in its appearance, but is considered to be the most comfortable yet invented Patent Rising Drawing-Glass Patent Night Coin mode; Smea's Patent Reading Stand; Drawing-room Table Book-Stand; Angola'Hearth RUM Aiding Hearth-Brush together with a very great variety of fancy Drawing-Room Chairs, of quite a New Style? eleaunt Dressing with Marble Slabs, from £ 2 up to £ 0 6s. w»th « sanpty of other new f-.hino—- The Proprietor wishes to cail particular attention to his large and elegant assortment of CARPETINGS and HEARTH-RUGS of every description, the patterns tinii quality oi vihich cannot fau i.on^eet the approbation of all who may be pleased to favour him with an 'inspection • 4-7 quite new Patterns of Brussels, just struck off the blocks, very superior quality, 3s. 6d. per yard, regularly sold at 4s. 6d. per yard • the very best that can be manufactured for money, at 4s. 6d. per yard Dutch Carpets, ill all widths, and quite a new class of Patte-ns' of the very best quality; Kidderminsters and Druggetings; Linen Crumb Cloths, in great variety, at equally low prices J. W. takes this opportunity of bringing before the Public his List of CABINET and UPHOLSTERING GOODS, &e., &c., BOW on hand anil feeling confident, ft0111 the great success that lie has met with, that the attention so called will not be in vain, being assured that his Goods are of such a general character as cannot fail to suit all parties, having on hand a very large assortment of first- duality Goods, together with every description of Common Furniture. Marmietesie Drawing-Room Furniture. The Sutherland WorkTabJe, ^UiU Table, with Chess, Cribfea". ■ mcK^E.n> IHOH, Work-box, a:-d u nen »- -i Fa Most elegant Landscape 4 a Circular IV bM, pearl n ueas cops j Ditto, sizes a] to; u» Lowers FiVted-vip Ladie: i- Four-feet Rosewoou T i.•> w- Pair ditto C'aia-tai.-ic.: Tea didbrent-styie | feet awl arms, Elizabethan Piliov i, u. New-style Cylinder Cueii. ■ Ditto, plain New Fitted-up Fancy Bi-t -.i.ina 1 Cabriole Marble-tori Vva. '<-va- rious sizes New style Cylinder Clietnoi.. Four-feet solid Loo Tables, f'f;■ s Three-feet six Loo Tables, £ 2 lUy- Hair-bottom C hairs, each 13s. Gu. Cheffioneers, £3 10s. Sideboards, Telescope Tables, Dining and Pembroke Tables New Style Dining-room Chairs, yoke back Library ditto Spanish Mahogany Hall Chairs, Ciibnulij feet, moulded back Hall Chairs; ditto, ditto, carved back M ahogany Umbrella Stands, extending arms Ditto, tlitto, no arm Portable Easy Chairs Chinnock's Pateut EaRY Chair 7 A large assortment of Easy Chairs, newest styles Silk and Worsted Gimps fords and Tassels for Couches., Ottoman^ Pillows, or Chairs,"in great variety of colours Ladies' Skeleton Bags, for Berlin Work also, a Fancy Emb.-ssed Velvet German and Russian Bags, in various pat- terns Angola Hearth-rugs, 6 ft. by 3 ft. The Patent Drawing-room Sliding Hcarth- brush Has bossed Velvet, in various colours Superfine Cloth, scarlet and black, crimson and black, any for Cloths Papier-mache Table Hats and IJoilers Indian-grass ditto and Doilers Quite a new assortment of Berlin Patterns, Wools, Purse Silks, Knitting and Crotchet Books, Coloured and White Boar's-head Cottons, and every other article belonging to the same department, just como to hand Loo Tables Occasional Tables The Star Table The Bell Table, with rich inlay i-pier-Maehe Drawing-Boom Furnittu Fire Screens, pearl and gold Pearl Indian Sunk Tables | Indian. Banister Chair, pearl and gold Eosawood. Bfawisig-Room Enniitiire. vlieiis^top' .Faolcs Ditto, i)r<fts mounted Handsome Cut fire Screens Ditto; plain Cabriole Settees, perforated back and spin- die, quite ncv BonbltiTerid Settee, in Cabriole, quite new Ditto, ditto, Snigle-end, varying in style Mahogany Furniture. Patent Easy Chairs, of different styles An. Assortment of Sofas and Couches, in differeu f styles Four-post, Half-Testor, French, and other Bedsteads, in various styles; Mahogany "Wardrobes Tent Bedsteads, "from 16s.; Mahogany-bot- tom Chairs, 6d. Beau lets and Corner Cupboards Chests of Drawers, new styles, painted ditto VVashstauds and Dressing-tables, mahogany and painted Ditto, Mahogany, Marble-tops A large assortment of Bedroom Chairs Cane Swing Cots; Mahogany-cane Table Chairs Plain Cane Table Chairs Mahogany Marble-top Wash and Chamber- stands New-style Painted Washstands Various Articles. A lenre assortment of Patent Carpet Bag! 1..double lock, andaddress can bo locked in side of the lock A variety of the Patent Leather and Brussels Carpet Bags Carpet Bags, from 4s. up to 17s. each. A nice assortment of Velvet Carpet Hassocks Ditto, Brussels Ditto, Common Ladies' Carriage Ctirp(!t & Wool Feet-Muffs ( Crimson Druggeting ditto; crimson and grey A large Stock of Druggeting, plain and printed Variety of Dutch Carpeting A large assortment of Kidderminster Carpets Yard, a, and It Yard Carpeting A large assortment of Giraffe Damasks, C, qute new. Ditto, mixed with Silk Lapland liugs Ditto, Fancy Work ditto, Plain colour Hearth-rugs and Door-rugs Cornice Fringes and Bell Pulls, of various prices Twelve Fancy Work Tables, all beautiful j Marqueterie e. Gondola Chairs, pearl and gold I Ditto Patent Alberts, flowered, pearl and gold Ditto Yoke, pearl and gold Elizabethan Ottoman Ditto, Carved Ottoman Music Stools; fancy Occasional Tables Different-style fancy Work Tables French Chuirs, large and small Different-style solid Rosewoods Chafer* A large assortment of Drawing-room Fancy Chairs Room Screens and Chairs Back Fire Screens Bedsteps, forming Commode and Cupboard Ditto, Steps and Commode Ditto, Commode Mahogany and Painted Chamber Horses Ottoman Bedstead, forming Easy Chair, Couch, Ottoman, and Bedstead Feather-beds; Milpuff ditto; Hair, Woel, and Milpuff mattresses Chimney and Dressing- Glasses, various styles New Patent Rising Dressing-Glass New Patent Night Commode Smea's Patent Reading Stand Drawing-room Table Book-stand Gold and Plain Embossed Leather, for Doors New Toilet Table, with fixed drawers and glass, allowed to be on of the first arti. cles in the trade &c. &c. &c. Oil Cloths, from three varda wide down to half-yard White Marble Oil Cloth, expressly for wash- 8tand tops Ditto, Rosewood, Mahogany, Gold, and Claret, best goods Ditto, Common, of various patterns Cocoa Matting; ditto Manilla; ditto In- dian figured; ditto plain ditto Dutch root-stools; Camp-stools Brass and Mahogany Window Poles and Ends 0 Musical Pictures American Chairs Sapper Stands Ladies' Work-frames Eight-day limepieee, remarkably low Common Goods, of all kinds, at remarkab'y low prices A assortment of English and Foreign r ancy Toys Fancy Cabinet Goods, such f ca-Ci\ddies, Work-Boxes, Desks, Net- ting and Glove Boxes, &c., &c., of the latest designs. The Proprietor also begs to inform his numerous stipporteis that he is appointed by W. SMEA and SON, Sole Agent in Wales for I that valuable article called the FRENCH POLISH PRESERVER, which preserves and Hardens the Polish, keeping tip that beautiful brilliancy which is so much desired, and can be made use of by any servant with the greatest easy in bottles, Is. 3d. and 2s. 6d. each. J. \V. wishei to infoim the Trade that he has on hand a large assortment of the following VENEERS for.sale:—Mahogany, Rosewood, Maple, and Satin Wood and intends keeping a regular supply for the convenience of parties 011 the Hills, saving them the expense of going to Bristol for such things, intending to sell at Bristol prices. Also, Mahogany Boards of various thicknesses on Sale. J. iltgi to inform the Inhabitants of this Neighbourhood, that in compliance with the desire of parties,7 he, for the future, will be an HOUSE AGENT, and shall be most happy in rect-iving instructions from any parties, either to procure or let Houses l'or the same. • j J. W. begs to call the attention of the inhabitants of Aberdare, Merthyr, Dowlais, and their respective Neighbourhoods, to his Estublishment, being assured that they will eilect a'savirig of about ,1-3 per cent., together with the advantage of selecting from a general a*»ottiiient A large Assortment of Angola Wool Rugs, of various Colours, just come to haM. ALL COOls* MAUJCRI) 1: "LAIN Y.IGL'REP, AND !•! O ASATiJMK.Vr. • Duke (Street, Car*ilf,.7th Mardi, lb49. ) MERTHYR TYDFIL. FREEHOLD GROUND RENTS. To be Sold by Auction by Mr. John Jenkins, At the CAS FLE INN, MERTHYR, on TUESDAY, 1st of MAY, 1819, at Six o'clock in the Evening, (in such Lots as shall be agreed upon at the time of Sale,) 4LL those GROUND RENTS reserved under the several Leases granted by the late Samuel Rees and Thomas Rees, Esquires, deceased, for the term of 99 years to various parties, of BUILDING GROUND ill and near to High-street and Twyn-yr-odyn, in Merthvr Tydfil aforesaid. And"also the FREEHOLD and INHERITANCE thereof, after the expiration. of the said several Leases, together with all Houses, Buildings, and Erections thereon; which Premises are now in the "ce'1 several occupations of James Millward, John Millward, Thomas Miilward, Jokr, Ferrent, William Todd, Mrs. Evans, Thomas Shep- herd, J osiuh Atkins, Daniel Asprey, David Jones, Printer, David Miles, Mrs. Woodman, Walter Thomson, Banker, Thomas Davies, Innkeeper, and tjie,Trustees of the Uuitarian Chapel. For further particulars apply at the Office of Mr. OVERTON, Solicitor, Mertiiyrfj- or to Mr. JOHN JKHKISB, Auctioneer, Aberdare. DESIRABLE INVESTMENT IN LEASEHOLD PROPERTY. To be Sold by Auction by Mr. John Jones, By Direction of the Mortgagee, at the RHYMNEY INN, midway between Merthyr Tydfil and Tredegar, on WEDNESDAY, APltIL 25th, 18-19, at Three o'clock in the Afternoon (subject to such Conditions of Sale as shall be then and there produced): IOT 1.—All tho.i • SIX COTTAGES or Dwelling Houses, and Carpenter's Shop, with Gardens and Premises thereto attached, situate adjoining the Star Inn, Sirhovy, Breconshire, now in the several occupations of Mr. William Lott and others, as monthly tenants, at rents amounting to X 10 6s. per annum, and are held under a lease from the Most Noble Henry Charles Duke of Beaufort, K.G., dated the first of January, 18-39, for the natural lives of Mr. Dd. Thomas, Rhymney, Shopkeeper, then aged 52 years, since dead; Edw. Davies, of Laisgattock, Crickhowell, gentleman, then aged 19 years; and Mr. John Vaughan, then aged one year, at the yearly ground rent of £1 H. LOT 2.-All tiiose 13 MESSUAGES or Dwelling Houses, with Gardens and Premises attached, now in the several occupations of Mr. John Williams, Cattle dealer, and others, as monthly tenants, at rents amounting to £ 69 a-vear together with all that spacious and commodious Dwelling House in the occupation of Mr. Jaines Roger Havard, which might (if let) realize E-20 per annum. The said Premises are situate opposite the Rhymney Inn, on the Turnpike road side leading from Merthyr to Abergavenny, a distance of four miles from the for-oer, and are held under a lease from Sir Benjamin Hall, for <50 years, dated 20th October, 1810, at the yearly ground rent of £ 10. Also, at the ANGEL INN, Merthyr, on THURSDAY, APRIL the 26 th, 1849; LOT 3.—A Moiety of and in 13 COTTAGES, Stable, Garden, and Premises, LSitliate at Ynysgau, Merthyr Tydfil, in the county of Glamorgan, now in the occupation of Mr. J olin Edwards and others, as monthly tenants, now producing jt:33 3s. 8d. per annum, held under a lease for the term of 99 years, commencing from the 29th day of September, 1791, at the apportioned ground rent of 1:2 2s. per annum. For further particulars apply (if by letter, prepaid) to the Mort- gagee, Mr. DAVID JoNEa, Grocer, Dowlais; or to the Auctioneer, Glcbeland, Merthyr. TjtOY TUNNEL, NEAR MONMOUTH. UNRRtRVED sTlE BY AUCTION. rno RAILROAD CONTRACTORS, TIMBER MER- CHAN IS, BUILDERS, and the Public generally. To ba Sold by Auction, by Messrs. Graham, on the above premises, oh TUESDAY, 2ith of APRIL, 1849, the whole of the Plant, Stone Buildings, Timber, Tools, &c., &c., on and about the Railway now in construction, the property of H. Brewer, taken in execution by the sherilf. The plant comprises about lifty-five tons of wrought iron rails, nine tram waggons, twenty large centres, .two hundred and forty deals, five pieces of pine timber, six pieces of ash, one hundred and ninety pieces of timber, in tops and ends, about three thousand sleepers and fenc- ing, lot of fencing fixed, double saw-pit cover, side .<trakes, liead- lUgs, posts, &c. stone-built office, stable, smiths' and carpenters' shops, doors, windows, shutters and frames, framed roof, pantile covers, office,desks fitted up with drawers aud flaps, three large drawing tables on tressels, quantity of bricks, sand a;ul ashes, stone drawing tables on tressels, quantity of bricks, sand a;ul ashes, stone runner with iron frame, mortar, grinding machine, carpenter's bench with two wood screws, four Wood troughs, quantity of planks, boards, scantlings, and poles, smiths' and navigators' tools, fourteen wheel and hand barrows, oae ladder, windlass and frame, buckets, of larjje naiis, office fittings, several lots of furniture, dog- house, &c. Sale to commence at Eleven o'clock in the Forenoon. Blue BFolll and Newport, April 10, 1849. ELI gIbTFIn VESTMENT. PEM B K OK ESII IRE. To be Sold by Auction, by Mr. Walter Reynolds, AT THE SALUTATION INN, IlkV ERFORD WEST, On SATURDAY, the 5th day of MAY next, between the hours of One and Two in the Afternoon (subject to the conditions of sale as shall be then and there produced), ALL the valuable FREEHOLD MESSUAGE, TENEMENT, and LANDS, called Landershook, situate in the Parish of Spittal, IN TUB COUNTY OF I'KMBROKE, and now occupied by Mr. William Pride, as tenant thereof under a lease for the term of Three Years, commencing from the 2.5th day of March, 1848, but determiuable at the end of the first two years, at the yearly rent of £ 60. Since the suspension of the Railway Works, and daring such suspension only. the landlords have con- sented to accept the reduced rent of £ 35 iu lieu of the reserved rent of E 60. The Dwelling-House"is neat and comfortable, and comprises two front and well-finished rooms, with a passage intei-sectitio, theni. three bedrooms, servants' room, kitchen, cellar, and dairy, with a superior garden well stocked with fruit-trees, remarkable as beavers of the very best sort of fruit. There is an eight-stall stable, with a hay house and loft over it (newly erected with the best of mate- rials), and likewise a hayguard and fold. The fields contain 11 acres (more or less) of very gdod land, and are plentifully watered, LANDERSHOOK is five miies from Haverfordwest, and near to the Newport-road, over which a daily post travels, and is within IIX) yards of the principal line of the South Wales Railway. To a sportsman or angler, the above estate presents an advantageous ir. vestment, as it is in the immediate vicinity of Trdtgarne Wood, where two packs of hounds frequently hunt, and within five mi- nutes' walk of the Cleddy river, so much prised for its excellent Salmon and Trout Fisheries. For further particulars apply to WILLIAM Hiaoox, Esq., Frog- hole, near Spittal or to the Auctioneer; or WILLIAM RI;HS, Soli- citor, Haverfordwest. Haverfordwest, April 5th, 1819. A T a MEETING of a COMMITTEE of SHAREHOLDERS l\ in the PROPERTY in BIRKENHEAD DISTRIBLT- TiON, resident in Liverpool, Manchester, and neighbouring town*, held at the GEOIWE HOTEL, Dale-street, Liverpool, April 9;ii, 1840, MATTHEW FERGUSON, Esq., in the chair, It was resolved unanimously as follows; — That the time for the sale of tickets be extended to MONDAY. MAY 14th, 1843; and if at the time any shares remain unsold, the owner of the property must take them up and it is further deter- mined that the drawiug of the said distribution shall commence on Monday, May 21st, 1849, and that no further postponement shall take place. That this Committee undertake to superintend all arrangements respecting the drawing. ° That the tickets be inspected, counted, and deposited in the whed by the Committee, on the morning of drawing. That there be two ooys to draw the tickets, two gentlemen to re- ceive and call them out; also two other gentlemen, selected from the company, to examine and certify that-the correct number art- called out and entered. Also, that there be appointed by the Com- mittee a clerk to write off' all the numbers and prizes as they are drawn, as a cheek on the Secretary. That the Committee shall meet at the same place on Thursday, 17th of May, at three o'clock, p.m., to complete the. arrangement* for the drawing, aud again to assemble at the Music Hall, Bold- street, Liverpool, at nine o'clock, a.m., oi' the 21st, and the drawing to commence at ten o'clock, prompt. Valuable Freehold Property in the County of Chester. "C"" T'LII'T' J. Williams, Liverpool. J. Webster, Esq., 35, Watson-street, Birkenhead., BANKERS. North and South Wales Banking Company. SECRETARY. Mr. Jaa. Taylor, Land aad Estate Agent. OWNER. Mr. Knight, Claughton-road, Birkenhead. UPWARDS OF £100 PER AMo-" Full OUINEA'i To be Br aw on MONDAY, MAY 21st, 1849, at th. ABi K TVvwTr tvaTTrfr^c r £ in3° oi su io«. i ani DvVhLLKNG-1IOUSES, to cond.-i at t u-v-u« shillings each. The buildings to be ae expense Ths successful party ,h will" b'e ad- vanced if" required), for the j>,r..urided into-200 divi- dends of Ll each. Shares, and eve i if n ;j-.i Vr W. Mitchell. 14, t aj»4 district. If by p< st c « .reedy, aed ta whom all Post-oth 1 ai/d spondencc addressed. TEAS AT WHOLESALE >^87 CAKRIAC-E FREE, No. 2, BUCKLERjSBDKY, C'HEAPSIBK TH £ ",C B'S"OF ™ «■ >' -I. Wholesale Establishments, and framed on the most E?on n w i,'Brran8V;nt'1^!illn t « .r.v.vt. most spacious in Loudon, and affords the GreatesfF^Srftfr a1hP the those merciless expenses inseparable from the show of a Rf fiil Shin >>~id ffip'-vhiV^ rlil)! t^ni'r-h.M c.'nu5!.Y "^W'camb.re. w>?i» parent of many branches, extending throughout th« United nf 1 irui;-Cl'5 asor r ..1x0,1. Our >, t^-e and we thus derive everj' advantage the market afford?" Tf i K magmtu.le that our purch- a,e n.-c^.in! t,u> ^d}nost faCt'-t0 8uPI»ly hand by'which all lue^Ldiate^fdslte VveT Eae ™ lnqn^mgav^ onv prices, we have appended a few recommendatory remarks, and v/e w^ii noticela> iy to understood aa holding on seives responsible lor each character so appended. We mention this, ia conseuu-^of ^h^too V-C practice ot la^—paruuMily m the lea lrade-ot gulling the pub ic with false alluring titks—uxd while 8*>m"' a^-dL tributf ? -h-"> rcM at ha! a crown a pound others adopt the ingenious appellation of best B!,ck TeaTwhich. for quaU^ h oa a par ii f Hi- i T}¡e following List is composed from the Latest and most Favourable auotations in th }'aj'7Ht: BLACK TEAS. 8. d. GO.OI).()ltDlXAUY Congou ( a very fair common Tea) .2 8 QofDD I JM.I C -> (a useful lea, decidedly cheap) ..3 0 S'fitoNi} CON h i v. (a very good Tea for domestic u«i») -3 4 N L. PIJKOB FJLAVOUK (this, is an cxce Im't lea, id i y hi repute) 3 g I'IKE if J :G i 0 (We might here refrain ir, u publi.shiuga high,'l' ¡me", ¡:r posits veiy It lugher is unnecessary; but we iceep the higher prices lor Connoisseurs.) Scpjjuiost PjiiiOJS SoucKONu (from the Kpngshing estate, rich aud fare) 4 4j LAPBANO SOUCHONG JJ 0! (This is th0 acme of peifeeuioii in Xea, and bears comrarioorl in to old Beeswing Port.) GEESM TEAS. GOOD USRFTJI, GEEF.X (this will mix with Black at 2s.-8d) A Fink T wANiLAY (this wiêhthe Biaek a 3 t YOCNG HYHOX (a very good Tea, and with the 4d. Biaek. makes an excellent mixture) # FINK YOUNG Hit SON (a little on the Cowslip fiavour). A U GVXVA'WDZK. TKA (very strongly recommended) .i SU^Eiuotc YOUNG HYSON (This is a most excellent Tea AN 1 is really the most useful of all our Green Teas; it'po:-=- sesses great strength and a fine aromatic U f INEST il^SoN ( 1 his is a choice Tea, possessing all those rich and aehestte qnaliues line Hysons are celebrated for) > I'l.VKST (iUA'l'tlWilES 7 w (This is Jke Gunpowder, ae.d is quite a trent; IHH years suufce it Wis sold at IGs. I)er lb. I COFFEE. I«wr,ei tl m w«>, w* t«K»w Ih* iicHitj, so fr.»ratly complained "I'« GOOD OEYLON COFFEE (Good sound Coffee) .0 10 Ckvlon Cori'EB (a very good Coffee) • 0 P I, A NTATION (recommended) ^i 9 J L T. _11 _1 1 I- FINKST JAVA OOFFKE (much and deservedly in RF>QV.«ST> 1 "I TIlE FI-NKST-CUKA.COPPKI? (strongly recommended) I t, Fi-Il-ST !AO("IIA (i s I ii wia ite uummuy miuireu irom ine aoove thut it ia ft.,11 greater mil reasonably be anticipated until the exce^ive dtVv o' '>4 ° • x fJ *t0CU< "f priceB Bever were 83 low- «*au Vonjou at l',s. per which,-after deducting the d^v Wve t ^cMd n0W SellIn- a price by which the importers must be great losers.' 'v" tne mtrehantts aau pay all expenses of'impcrtati^ IiSn-^now WC Vr^urert0 continuance of that support, hitherto so liberally bestowed, the k,t tw.caty'; ye^p^i^thu our ia ?he we refer with pride io the progressiv, incr^ dan. g uaprecedouted advantage, is t'.Sly appreciated oa llbcral «>< eommrnial enterprise, and holdicg u:. Our motto is, « ihnaU profit and quick we'Wtik reMuneratl«a by magnitude .of b-.orln. NOTiI;-Tl'¡\S ale deliven.'d eal'rh;'cè free tv part of En«laB(1 whon the tiered exceeds six pound;, but the carrk,^ not uni'8s accompanied 'i.'ei. 2, jBaeklvx-fOury, Cbciipaide. n „ MANr'ELL J^KD .QO. Jtemeroa. Carnage Free U any Part of the Kingdom.