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PRINTING OF EVERY DESCRIPTION BXBCUTED AT THE OFFICE OF THE "PRINCIPALITY," MOliTII STREET, CARDIFF, WITH NEATNESS AND DESPATCH. Orders from the Country (both in Welsh and English) promptly and punctually attended to. Advertisements and Orders received for the London and Pro- vincial Newspapers. AN OUT-DOOR APPRENTICE WANTED. THE HOLY ART OF WINNING SOULS TO CHRIST, "InXEMPLIFIED in the LIFE and MINISTRY of the late Xli ttev. M.JONES, of Trelech, Carmarthenshire; with some account of the revivals of religion under his ministry. By J. J. BEYNON, Donington, Salop. Price Is. 3d. Ministers, deacons, and all Christians who would promote the revival of religion, should read this little book. Sea reviews in the Evangelical Magazine for October, 1848; fo for November 22nd, 1848 Christian Witness for April, 1849. London, Mr. J. Snow; South Wales, Mr. Rees, Llanelly; Sht-ewsbury, Mr. Tibnam, and the Author. GOOD NEWS FOR HUSBANDS. WTASHIXG-DAY is the day most dreaded in the domestic V calendar. By some is its advent regarded with ghastly horror; and where's the man who would not gladly rid himself of jr.ich a necessary nuisance ? Intolerable as are reputed to be those 'high and mighty things called I curtain lectures,' not one poor wight, we feel convinced, but would rather sustain a score of them than bear the infinitesimal woes of a washing-day. A domestic Lethe has therefore long been a desideratum, but we rejoice to say isriiow attainable. To Mr. HARPER TWELA ETREES is due tha honour and the emolument of this discovery, the greatest won- der-of this wondrous age. Woman-kind will laud him for it, and nua bestow on him their benisons. But what is it ?' inquires the rttudor. We'll tell you—not wherein the discovery consists, but- what Mr. Twelvetrees has discovered. He has effected a domestic revolution Queen Scrub is deposed, and a Republic of Soap-suds holds sway. Incredible as it may appear, a six weeks' wash may bo accomplished before breakfast, for less than sixpence, without the aid of a washerwoman Pshaw! it's all moonshine—Mr. Harper is a visionary—an enthusiast.' He is neither although, we acknowledge, we did at one period form a similar estimate of his eliaracter. Don't condemn the man. unheard. In our establish- ment his directions' have been followed, and his process' tried. And a most simple process it is, and eminently economical and ex- peditious. No rubbing is required at the tub,' nor a tithe of the usual time. The linen is rendered of virgin whiteness, and not in the least deteriorated. The process has also been tested in the family of a gentleman whom we rank among our acquaintance, and lie pronounces it a positive blessing to that portion of frail humanity which, like himself, has long been occupied in explorations for a biiiiedictine El Dorado, where washing-days are unknown. As many of our readers will naturally desire to obtain the Directions,' Wi: here print the address of the author,—' Mr. Harper Twelvetrees, •It, New Millman-street, Foundling Hospital, London,' of whom they may be procured. The cost is a mere trifle-one-ancl-tliirty postage stamps-the intrinsic value being inestimable. We shall be happy to furnish any further information that may be required on the subject of this washing wonder—that is, any particulars not involving a knowledge of details for who would be so unjust, so callous, as to deprive the inventor of any portion of the emolument he is entitled to derive from his truly ingenious discovery Guernsey Comet, March 5, 1849. To be had of all booksellers, price 2s. 6d.