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THE amount of window duty assesse 1 during the year 1817 --is was £1,880,;325; the amount received, £ 1,811,742 ;"the number of houses charged to 485,143, and the number of sureharcus made to 2,166. & NORTH HANTS ELECTION.—The following is the final do,t;e of the poll, on Wednesday, at the North Hants Election • Portal ] 190 Shaw S6S — 331 CHURCH-HATE SEIZURES.—Distress warrants have been issued by the Southampton magistrates, against a great number of persons in the Earl of Guildford's parish, for church-rates The churchwarden has applied to the earl to repair the church him self, and render the enforcement of the distress warrants un- necessary; but the rev. earl is inexorable, and has ordered the churchwarden to enforce the law. He declares that, if the latter falters in the least, he will call on the archdeacon to mo- secute him. [The apostolic peer receives only £ 2 300 cv £2,400 a-year from the parish for doing nothing !] CrLUWE oi' IELONY AGAINST A CLERGYMAN.—The Rev J G. Ilouasiield has been apprehended in London on a charge of having stolen some silver spoons and other property from the furnished lodgings wheie he resided. The only evident against him was the absence of the property from 'the house A second charge was then hrought against him of obtaining C210 upon the mortgage deeds of £ 300 money atlvancedc some property near Wirewood-common, Yorkshire veil knowing that his interest in them had long been disposed of'fot the benefit of his ci editors, during his incarceration in Yo-k Castle. He was in prison for eight years, rather than pay the sums claimed by his creditors. The prisoner, who exhibited < his appointment as chaplain to the Ead of Airlie, and said hit had an advowson to alivmg worth C500 per annum, indignantly denied the charges.—Remanded. ° IGNORANCE AT ROME.—The correspondent of the Daily Keu* says of Rome: By the wise management of the old re-rime there is here « ff'-oatof vi_. alphabet than in any given country of Europe (Naples excepted)." THE CHURCH IN WALES.—A correspondent in the Guardian of last week says of our beautiful establishment, out of four bishops, four deans, nine archdeacons, a vast hierarchy," cue dean and three archdeacons only are capable of making them- selves understood! Then, as for incumbents, rectors, and pre- centors who are either absentees or not capable of making them- selves understood, they are without number, and as Macaulay says—eating up the spoils of a Church loved and revered by the great body of the people." THE 1 RIAL OF RUSH.—From the importance attached to t1l. evidence of William Frederick Howe, a witness on the part of the prosecution on Rush's trial, a great n-ia iy inquiries were made yesterday and to-day respecting that pe.son, in the neigh- bourhood of Marlborough-street, Greenwich. In that street there are six or seven number ones, and three persons of the name of Howe, and great confusion and trouble have arisen in consequence. One of the Mr. Howes, a baker, inhabitingon of the number ones, knows nothing of William Frederick Howe and does not believe that any such person resided during the last ten years in the street; and then Mr. Howe, a shoemaker, the occupier of another No. 1, is equally ignorant of the exist- ence and the residence of William Frederick Howe; and a third Mr, Howe, a person who has retired from business, bus never seen nor heard of the Mr. Howe inquired after. In one of the number ones, however, a Miss Smith resides, who keens lodgers, who knows Mr. Ilowe, and sayi that he is in the country on business; that hehas gone down to Norwich to attcnl to some private affairs, and that he will not be at home for some time. Miss Smith is an elderly woman, and evinces consider- able anxiety when inquiries are made after Mr. Howe. The neighbours, one and all, say that she only takes in female lodgeis, and that she never has a male lo Iger, and all of them acknowledge their ignorance of Mr. William Frederick Howe and pretty freely express their scepticism as to the existence of such an individual as an inhabitant of any of the number ones of Marlborough-street, Green wich.Globe. THE Standard of Freedom in an article on the past pnrlia- mentaiy session saN-- The grand moral of the session, there- fure-that which stands out prominently above all its business: and its pretensions is tliis-tlizit the pojmlar pressure h:'s effected a check to the progress oj taxation, and nothing more THE LAND SCHEME.—The Worcester ITeraldgives a lamentable account of the condition of Feargus O'Connor's allottees on the Lowband's Estate, in Redmarley, Worcestershire. Six families have left, and the rest are in a state approaching to destitution. The settlement" was made in August, 1848 LOOK UNDER THE BED BEFORE YOU GET IN.—On Sunday evening last, soon after eleven o'clock, the inhabitants of Lower Knowle and Totterdown were much alarmed at the cry of murder and the springing of a ratt'e. It appeared that as the servant of Captain Strange way, who resides near the turnpike, was going to rest, on looking under the bed she saw a man lying on his side close up against the wall, and being much alarmed she screamed out, but before she could leave the room the villain strueit her a violent blow in the side and knocked the candlestick out other hand, then made for the window and got out on 1 ile-hili. What his intentions were, whether rob- bery or murder, can only be imagined. The servant describes him as a short thick-set man, dressed in a fustian coat, and with bushy whiskers. Mt A SCOUNDREL. In London, a sturdy Irishman named Under- wood, who has just been commi. ted to prison for three months was usually to be seen at the west-end of the town with one of his legs banuaged up, and -working his way about on two crutches, apparently with much difficulty, and as if in acute pain. Colley, one of the Mendicity So-ieLy's officers, recoguisod this lame, afliicted, and poverty-stricken individual a few Sundays back, in an excellent suit of black, with a fine satia stock, smoking a cigar, and taking a comfortable glass of brandv and water in a public-house. On Thursday, the officer met him again, acting the part of a destitute cripple, and tooic him inta custody He threw down one crutch, broke the constable's head with another, and kicked with his lame leg another con- stable to the round before he could be secured. BRIERLY HILL—DISGRACEFUL SCENE.—A few days ago a fellow led his wife and infant child, the former with a hal e,* round her neck, through the Merryhill turnpike, and dis of them to tne woman s uncle for sixpence, a nidst t ;» cheers and ribald jests of a crowd of idlers. The woman ye it off with her new husband with much complace .cv —Wor tsf r Jemnuzl.