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H GERMANY. BI-'RT/IX ApRIL 3.—The Frankfort Deputation had their audience with the King to-day at noon. His Majesty answered pretty much in these ttrms Gentlemen,- The message of which you are the bearers has moved me deeply. It has°made me turn my gaze to the King of kings, and the sacred individual duties which rest upon me as a king, and one of the most, powerful German princes. A glance in that direction, gentlemen, makes the eye clear, and the heart firm. In the resolution of the German National Assembly which you, gentlemen, bring me, I recognise the vote of the representatives of the German people. This call gives me a claim, the value of which I appreciate. It demands, if I obey it, immeasurable sacrifices from me. It imposes the heaviest duties upon me. The German National Assembly has relied upon me in preference to all others, when the foun- dations of the unity and power of Germany are to be laid. I am proud of their confidence; assure them of my grati- tude. I am ready to prove by deeds that the men are not mistaken who place confidence in my devotion, my loyalty, my love for our common German fatherland. But gentle- men, I would not justify their confidence, I would not act up to the desires of the German people, and would not establish German unity, were I, in violation of sacred rights and my own express and solemn declarations, to adept a resolution which must have the niost important consequences for the crowned, heads, the princes, and the free towns of Germany, and the tribes of our great race they govern, without their free consent. It is now the turn of the separate German States, in a combined deliberation, to examine whether the constitution promises to be as beneficial to each of them individually as to the whole; and whether the rights which it confers upon me would enable me, with that strong hand which the office requires, to guide the destinies of our great German fatherland, and fulfil the hopes of its people. But of this Germany may rest assured, and do you, gentlemen, proclaim it through every valley If the sword or shield of Prussia are wanted to oppose external or internal foes, I will not shrink from my duty even though uncalled. J will, in such a case, tread the wonted path of my house and my people—the path of German honour and loyalty."





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