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FRANCE. M* Marrast announced on Wednesday to the National Assembly the demise of three of its members—1V1. Fayet, bishop of Orleans, M. Ballot, and M. Coulmann. This triple anuounoement caused a great sensation. M. Coulmann was in his place in the Assembly the day before. The report of the Committee of the National Assembly on the budget of the Minister of Public Instruction, proposes reductions, amounting to l,048,524f. The chapter relative to the salaries and expenses of the cardinals, archbishops, and bishops, was the subject of animated discussion. General Changarnier has written a letter to the Patne, in which he declares, that he will not accept the subscription proposed to be raised in his favour, in place of the 50,000 francs refused to him by the National Assembly. The total number of cases of cholera in the Paris hospitals reported to Wednesday is 1,006, of which there are 595 dead. 419 cases occurred in one hospital, the Salpetriere; nevertheless, the admissions to and deaths in the hospitals, are not above the usual average at this season. The subscriptions received by the Secretary of the Com- mittee of the Rue de Poitiers for the publication of a cheap periodical to destroy the effects of the Socialist propagandism have amounted to 140,000 francs. It is reported that M. Proudhon, proprietor of Le Peuple, had made his escape from prison, in which, it will be recol- lected, he was confined, pursuant to his sentence, for a sedi- tious libel. General Changarnier has been raised to the dignity of Grand Officer of the Legion of Honour. /;) Lord Brougham has arrived in Paris. The Q tteen of the French arrived at Boulogne on Satur- day morning with another party of English yisiters-ahout 2'50. After partaking of refreshments they left for Paris. M. Dosnc, the father-in-law of M. Thiers, died on Satur- day morning of cholera, after a few hours' illness. The epidemic is more prevalent in Paris than the authorities are disposed to admit. Every effort is made, both by the govern- ment and the press, to conceal its extension. There are fifty-eight members of the National Assembly confined to their apartments by serious indisposition. THE ENGLISH IN THE FRENCH CAPITAL.-Tlie minister of the Public Works has given orders for the admission of the English to the national buildings and parks, which are not usually open to the public.








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