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IRELAND. DEATH OF THE ROMAN CATHOLIC PRI.MATr,- DUBLIN, SATURDAY.—The Most Rev. Dr. Crolly, the Roman Catholic Primate, expired yesterday, in Drogheda, after an attack of cholera of nine hours' duration. The deceased prelate was highly esteemed by men of all religious and political persuasions, being ever remarkable for Christian liberality towards his Dissenting fellow-countrymen, and love of peace and order. He was about seventy years of age, but from active habits and strong constitution looked to be much less advanced in age. OPENING OF THE COMMISSION. The commission was opened this day before Mr. Justice Jackson and Mr. Justice Moore. The former learned judge, • in the course of the charge to the grand jury, very briefly referred to the case of Mr. Duffy, merely stating that as the bills had been already found they had nothing whatever to do in the matter. No day has been fixed for the trial, but it is generally believed that it will not commence before Tues- day morning. Mr. Duffy's health has been materially bene- fitted by his transference from the gaol of Kilniaiiiiiain to the Richmond Bridewell. Mr. Corry Connellan, private secretary of Lord Clarendon, has been served with a sub- poena to attend the court on Tuesday next. Lord Clarendon is not expected to arrive in Dublin until the week after next. THE WRITS OF ERROR.—THE QUEEN V. SMITH O'BRIEN AND OTHERS. About the 10th of May William Smith O'Brien, J. B. M'Manus, and Patrick O'Donohue, convicted of high treason at Clomnel, will be removed to London, for the purpose of having the writs of error, taken on their behalf, argued before the House of Lords. No doubt an earlier day would have been selected, but there has been an unwillingness to fix any time for the purpose during the ensuing Easter term, because such an arrangement would necessarily withdraw 0 t the English judges from the business of their respective courts. An early day in the short vacation, between Easter and Trinity term, will be fixed for hearing the cases. THE CHOLERA. LIMERICK, APRIL 1.—As I sent you an authentic account of the state of things here, when the hand of God was laid upon us in anger, I feel it a bounden duty to inform you, 11 y with devout gratitude to Ilini,-that now, in mercy, he is causing the scourge we dreaded to disappear. In my last communication, I intimated that there was hope that the virulence of the cholera in this city had already begun to lessen. Very happy am I tcutell you that, since that time— with the exception of but a day or two—the pestilence h:is. been gradually, but very perceptibly, decreasing-. Through the continuance of the Divine compassion towards us, I trust that we may, before very long, have to report that the city is entirely free from the destroyer. Not more than about some fifteen or sixteen cases, I believe, occurred yes- terday, in the whole place.

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