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W A RD LARGE AND IQEW iif(fck W HAS JUST COME TO HAND FOR THE PRESENT SEASON CONSISTING- of 8000 PIECES of the most elegant DESIGNS that can be brought before the Public in FRUNCH, CHINESE INDIAN, and ENGLISH tastes and designs, of the'most superb patterns that can be produced, greatly surpassing any ha has before*had.' Also, elegant sets of patterns representing Stag Hunting, Italian Boys, and various other subjects, so admirably executed as to obtain the Prize awarded by PRINCE ALBERT at the Society for the Promotion of Arts and Commerce.. J. W., in returning thanks to his numerous supporters, not forgetting the Trade, for the very liberal patronage they have been pleased to uivour him with, begs to inform them that he has this season nearly doubled that of the last, for the express purpose of procuring them at such remarkably low prices as to enable him to render them as low as any House in the Kingdom, as well as to have that great variety which cannot fail to please every tasto. Splendid Crimson Flocks as low as 5s. 6d. per piece. LIST OF PRICES AS FOLLOWS: £ s. d. £ s. d. Rich Crimson Flock .per piece 0 5 6 Parlour Paper (last year 2s. 6d.) .per piece 0 1 6 kll Crimson, imitition ditto 0 3 6 Library Paper 014 Ditto Glazed, ditto 0 4 0 Good Sitting-room and Bed-room 0 1 0 Rich Satin Watered ditto 0 2 10 Very superior. 0 1 3 Ditto Ditto 11 0 2 0 Bed-rooin 0 0 8 Elegant Drawing-room Paper 0 1 6 Ditto 0 0 7 Dinni"-rooni, Crimson and Oak 0 2 0 Ditto. 0 0 6 V ery good ditto. 0 1 8 Ditto 0 0 4 The Proprietor wishes to inform his Customers, that he undertakes to Paint andPaper Houses by Estimate '1' Admeasurement, War- ranto- to give satisfaction to all Parties who will be kind enough to favour him. The Trade supplied at r er Cent. on any amount aver Patterns, free of charge, sent to any part of the Country upon application. All Papers marked in in figures, and no abate- inetit whatever., • • « J. W. h^s'to state that, in compliance with the wishes of several Ladies and Gentlemen in this Neighl- Lood, he shall henceforth Wp a regular supply of PIANO-FORTES, both for Sale and to Let out on Hire, of first-rate Instrumen' Collard, Broadwood, and and has bv Tiim now some very superior Instruments. Among the many novel articles r jn hand is the PATENT DO WN QUILT, adapted for a Large Bed, and so constructed as to make a beautiful Chair or Sofa Pilh ;he PRINCE of WALES'S EASY CHAIR 'which is not only elegant in its appearance, but is considered to be the most comforta /et invented Patent Rising Dressino-Glass' Patent Ni^ht Commode; Smea's Patent Reading Stand; Drawing-room Table Bot ind Angola Hearth-Itugs; Sl'vino-"Hearth-Brush together with a very great variety of fancy Drawing-Roem Chairs, of quite o\v Style, elegant Dressing- Giassifs with Marble Slabs, from £ 2 up to £ 6 6s. with a variety of other new things The Propiietor wishes to call particular attention to his large and elegant assortment ot CAivrJi o and 11 Lvl-k i II-It U (J&, ot every description, the patterns and quality of which cannot fail to meet the approbation of all who ma pleased to favour him with an iespection 47 quite new Patterns of Brussels, just struck off the blocks, very superior quality, 3s. 6d. i yard, regularly sold at 4s. (>d. per yard the very best that can be manufactured for money, at 4s. 6d. per yard Dutch Carpets, in all widths, and quite a new class of P^r-mi'of the verv best quality; Kidderminsters and Druggetings; Linen Crumb Cloths, in yreat variety, at equally low prices. J W takes this opportunity of bringing before the Public his List Of CABINET and UPHOLSTERING GOODS, &c., &e., now on hand and feeling confident, from the great success that he has met with, that the attention so called will not be in vain, being assured that his Goods arc of such a general character as cannot fail to suit all parties, having on hand a very large assortment of first* quality Goods, together with every description of Common Furniture. Maraueterie Drawing-Room Furniture. Tlic- gutherlzii(I WorkTaVe, forming Card Table, with Chess, Cribbage, Backgam- mon, Work-box, and a new shaped Bag | Loo Tables Occasional Tables The Elizabethan Star Table J The Bell Table, with rich inlay Twelve Fancy Work Tables, all beautiful Marqueterie Paraer-Mache Drawing-Room Furniture. Most elegant Landscape Tables Circular Tables, pearl and gold chess tops Ditto, sizes smaller, with groups of flowers I'i'tted-up Ladies' Work Tables Handsome Fire Screens, pearl and gold Pearl Indian Sunk Tables Indian Banister Chair, pearl and gold Gondola Chairs, pearl and gold Ditto Patent Alberts, flowered, pearl and gold Ditto Yoke, pearl and gold Rosewood Drawing-Room Furniture. Fc-'Tr-fect Rosewood Loo Tables, JEJ 5s. Pair ditto Card-tables to match, £ 6 6s. T». different-style Easy Chairs, Cabriole fet and arm* £ 2 10s. upwards Elizabethan Pillows, marqueterie tops New-style Cylinder Cheflioneer Ditto, plain New Fitted-up Fancy Bell Table Chess-top Tables Ditto, brass mounted Handsome Cut Fire Screens Ditto, plain Cabriole Settees, perforated back and spin- dle, quite new Double-end Settee, in Cabriole, quite new Ditto, ditto, Single-end, varying in style Elizabethan Ottoman Ditto, Carved Ottoman Music Stools fancy Occasional Tables Different-style fancy Work Tables French Chairs, large and small Different-style solid Rosewood Chairs A large assortment of Drawing-room Fancy Chairs Mahogany Furniture. Cabriole Marble-top W ash-stands, in Ya- rious sizes New style Cylinder Cheffioneers Four-feet solid Loo Tables, polished, £ 3 19s. Three-feet six Loo Tables, ;E2 19s. Haiv-bottom Chairs, each 13s. 6d. Cheffioneers, £3 10s. Sideboards, Telescope Tables, Dining and Pembroke Tables Now Style Dining-room Chairs, yoke back Library ditto Spanish Mahogany Hall Chairs, Cabriole feet, moulded back Hall Chairs; ditto, ditto, carved back Mahogany Umbrella Stands, extending arms Ditto, ditto, no arms Portable Easy Chairs Chinnock's Patent E:\sy Chair A large assortment of Easy Chairs, newest styles Patent Easy Chairs, of different styles An Assortment of Sofas and Couches, in different styles Four-post, Half-Testor, French, and other Bedsteads, in various styles; Mahogany Wardrobes Tent Bedsteads, from 16s.; Mahogany-bot- tom Chairs, 4s. Gd. Beaufets and Corner Cupboards Chests of Drawers, new styles; painted ditto Washstands and Dressing-tables, mahogany and painted Ditto, Mahogany, Marble-tops A large assortment of Bedroom Chairs Cane 0 Swing Cots; Mahogany-cane Table Chairs Plain Cane Table Chairs Mahogany Marble-top Wash and Chamber- stands New-style Painted Washstands Room Screens and Chairs Back Fire Screens Bedsteps, forming Commode and Cupboard Ditto, Steps and Commode Ditto, Commode Mahogany and Painted Chamber Horses Ottoman Bedstead, forming Easy Chair, Couch, Ottoman, and Bedstead Feather-beds; Milpuff ditto; Hair, Wool, and Milpuff mattresses Chimney and Dressing Glasses, yariousstyles New Patent Rising Dressing-Glass New Patent Night Commode Smea's Patent Reading Stand Drawing-room Table Book-stand Gold and Plain Embossed Leather, for Doors New Toilet Table, with fixed drawers and glass, allowed to be one of the first arti- cles in the trade &c. &c. &e. Various Articles. Silk and Worsted Gimps (jords and Tassels for Couches, Ottomans, Pillows, or Chairs, in great variety of colours Ladies' Skeleton Bag, for Berlin Work; also, a Fancy Embossed Velvet German and Russian Bags, in various pat- terns Angola Hearth-rugs, 6 ft. by 3 ft. 'j P Drsiwi off-room Sliding Hearth- brush Embossed Velvet, in various colours Superfine Cloth, scarlet and black, crimson and black, any size. for Table Cloths Papier-mache Table Mats and Doilers Indian-grass ditto and Doilers Quite a new assortment of Berlin Patterns, Wools, Purse Silks, Knitting and Crotchet Books, Coloured and White Boar's-head Cottons, and every other article belonging t,) the same department, just come to \n,l A large assortment of Patent Carpet Bags, double lock, and address can be locked in- side of the lock A variety of the. Patent Leather and Brussels Carpet Bags Carpet Bags, from 4s. up to 17s. each. A nice assortment of Velvet Carpet Hassocks Ditto, Brussels Ditto, Common Ladies' Carriage Carpet & Wool Feet-Muffs CrimsonDruggetingditto; crimsonnnrfyrey A large Stock of Druggeting, plain and printed Variety of Dutch Carpeting A large assortment of Kiddermir stcr C vrpets Yard, |, and 4 Yard Carpeting A large assortment of Giraffe, Damasks, qute new. Ditto, mixed with Silk Lapland Rugs Ditto, Fancy Work; ditto, Plain colour Hearth-rugs and Door-rugs Cornice Fringes and Bell Pulls, of various prices Oil Cloths, from three yards wide down to half-yard White Marble Oil Cloth, expressly for wash- stand tops Ditto, Rosewood, Mahogany, Gold, and Claret, best goods Ditto, Common, of various patterns Cocoa Matting; ditto Manilla; ditto In- dian figured; ditto plain ditto Dutch Foot-stools; Camp-stools Brass and Mahogany Window Poles nnd Ends Musical Pictures American Chairs Slipper Stands; Ladies' Work-frames Eight-day Timepiece, remarkably low Common Goods, of all kinds, at remarkably low prices A large assortment of English and Foreign Fancy Toys Fancy Cabinet Goods, such as Tea-Caddies, Work-Boxes, Desks, Net- ting and Glove Boxes, &c., &c., &c., of the latest designs. n The Proprietor also begs to inform his numerous supporters that he is appointed by V» SMEA and SON, Sole Agent in Y\ ales ior tPHt valuable article called the FRENCH POLISH PRESERVER, which preserves and hardens the Polish, keeping up that beautiful 1 '■n:npJ which is so much desired, and can be made use of by any servant with the greatest ease in oottles, Is. 3d. and 2s. 6d. each. *T W wishes to inform the Trade that lie has 011 hand a large assortment of the following VENEERS for sale Mahogany, :R.')scwood, Maple, and Satin Wood and intends keeping a regular supply for the convenience of parties on the Hills, saving them the of aoiiw* to Bristol for such things, intending to sell at Bristol prices. Also, Mahogany Boards of various thicknesses on bale L T yr Keo,s^o inform, the Inhabitants of this Neighbourhood, that in compliance with the desire of several parties, he, for the future, will be an HOUSE AGENT, and shall be most happy in receiving instructions from any parties, either to procure or let Houses i°r rlrC wmbe"-s to call the attention of the inhabitants of Aberdare, Merthyr, Dowlais, and their respective Neighbourhoods, to his Establishment j being assured that they will effect a saving of about 15 per cent., together with the advantage of selecting from a general as;,oi unont. A large Assortment of Angola Wool Rugs, of various Colours, just come to hand. ALL GOODS MARKED IN PLAIN FIGURES, AND NO ABATEMENT. li.ko-street. Cardiff, 7th March, 1819. T EAS AT WHOLES A L E P R ICES, CARRIAGE FREE, No. 2, BUCKLERSBURY, CIIEAPSIDE. heading of our Circular sufficiently indicates the basis of our system, viz.—that of supplying the Public with Teas and Coffees I at Wholesale Prices for Ready Money.. t t This announcement m'av appear somewhat presuming and the question may naturally arise—How one party can sell at \V holesale P while another requires a Retail Profit ? The answer is simply this Our arrangements are identical with those of the largest Wholesale Establishments, and framed on the most Economical Scale. Our Warehouse, situate in a bye thoroughfare, is one of the Loudon, and affords the Greatest Facilities for the most Extensive Transactions, and is entirely unencumbered with i W merciless expenses inseparable from the show of a Retail Shop, and for which indirectly the purchaser is taxed. Our business, the Irreni of mam/ branches, extending throughout the United Kingdom, is of such magnitude, that our purchases are necessarily large, W we thus derive every advantage the market affords." It will, therefore, be seen that we are in a position to supply the public on the best and most economical terms—in fact, to supply at first hand by which all intermediate profitsare saved. In ouotinn- a partial selection of our prices, we have appended a few recommendatory remarks, and we wish particularly to ■ nder^tood as holdiÙ: ourselves responsible for each character so appended. AVj mention this, in consequence of the too frequent Tiractice of particularly in the Tea Trade—gulling the public with false alluring titles-^and while some are distributing the.r rubbish at half a crown a pound, others adopt the ingenious appellation of best Black Tea, which, for quality, is on a par with Best Ha s, .1 9,1.; Best Boots, 8s. 6d.; and Best Coats, a Guinea. It is, in point of fact, pretty candid confession that they do not keep the fitter descriptions of Tea. The following List is composed from the Latest and most Favourable Quotations in the Market. BLACK TEAS. 8. d. GRFElq TEAS. s. d; GOOP ORDINARY CONGOU ( a very fair common Tea) .2 8 GOOD USBFUL GREEN (thiswill mix with Black at 2S. 8d).3 0 f'oon USKFUL CONGOU (a useful Tea, decidedly cheap) 3 0 I INE I WANK: AY (this with the Jlack at 3 s.) .3 4 n vr CONGOU TEA (a very good Tea for domestic use) .3 4 YOUNG HYSON (a very good 1 ea, and with the 3s. 4d. Black 1"INE STRONG CONGOU, PEKOK FLAVOUR (This is an excellent makes an excellent mixture) 3 8 Tea and deservedly in repute) .3 8 FINE OUNG HYSON (a little on the Cowslip.flavour) 4 0 SorcHONG. 4 0 GUNPOWDER TEA (very strongly recommended) .•••■ • • 4 F We MI»BT here refrain from publishing a higher price, for SUPERIOR YOUNG HYSON (I his is a most excellent Tea, and Dositively a higher price is unnecessary; but we keep the is really the most useful of all our Green leas; it Pos" higher prices for COnUIJiSsel;.rs.) sesses great strength and a fine aromatic flavour ) •••••. 0 SRRFRIOR PEKOE SOUCHONG (from the Kongshing estate, rich FINEST IIYSON (This IS a choice Tea, possessing all those rich ..uri-Kicxt an(i <jdicate qualities fine Hysons are celebrated for) w T PS V NG^SOUCIIONG I•" • ■' • ^5 0 FINEST GUNPOWI.BR 7 0 /Thi* U the acme of perfection in Tea, and bears comparison (This is The Gunpowder, and is quite a treat not many 3 BcSing Port.) V Jcar8 sincc it w» .old »t 16,. por lb.) COFFEE. We wish to direct particular attention to Coffee, from the fact of our having, after great trouble and expense, succeeded in perfecting the machinery for roasting, which has never before been discovered. Letters patent are already taken out for the invention, which preserves the aroma, aud removes that aeidity, so frequently complained of by delicate persons. GOOD CEYLON COFFEE (Good sound Coffee) 0 10 FINEST JAVA COFFEE (much and deservedly in request) 1 j FINE CEYLON COFFEE (a very good Coffee) .1 0 TIIE FINEST CUBA COFFEE (strongly recommended) 1 B p'I:sE PLANTATION (recommended) 1 2 FJXLST MOCIIA COFFEE Tt will be naturally inferred from the above that it is a favourable time to lay in a stock, as prices never were fo low, nor can a • »paterTall rea^onaWy De anrteioated until the excessive duty of 2s. 2|d. is reduced. For example we arc now seUmg Good sound S!rT,which;after deducting the dufy, leaves but 9Jd. to remunerate the merchants and pay ah expenses of importation- Pr R^fcn-iiig^to the abovelist we venture to solicit a continuance of that, support hitherto so liberally bestowed. Havhi" now established one of the Largest Businesses in the kingdom, we refer with pride to the progressive increase during the Et twenty years, proving that our System of Business, based on liberal principles of commercial enterprise, and holding out unprecedented a remittance or Post Office order or if a reference in London be made payment on y«5?ipt and approval bf the goods will be sufficient. Our Terms are Cash, and we seek remuneration only by magnitude ot business. ^OTK—Te^are^delfvered carriage free to any part of England when the quantity ordered exceeds six pounds, but the carriage of Cjffre is not paid unless accompaiiied by Tea. I-WCRTT CO 2, Bucklersbury, Cheapside. /> j,t. TT- j Delivered Carnage Free to any Part of the Kingdom.









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