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THE REV. J. SHORE.—RELIGIOUS PERSECUTION. TO THE 1MUI-.XDS OF CIVIL AND 11KLIGI0U3 LIBERTY THROUGH- OUT TIIE PHINCIL'ALITY. The crisis has arrived when the zealous and watchful sons of civil Mid. religious liberty are summoned to utter their united And solemn protest againstthe unchristian and cruel conduct of the notorious Bishop of Exeter, in the imprisonment. of Mr. Shore, for daring to preach the Gospel of universal love and liberty beyond the pale of that Church established and sus- tained by human law. I was highly delighted in perusing.the report of the great meeting held at Exeter Hall, the scriptural principles advanced, and the intense feeling of sympathy ex- pressed towards that devout man of God who is now the suffer- ing victim of ecclesiastical perfidy and injustice. It is not only our duty to proclaim, with the voice of thunder, our holiest detestation of ecclesiastical wrongs, but to seek by every prompt and. legitimate means the abrogation of every law which stands opposed to the liberty of conscience, which is so degrading to the intellectual and moral character of man, so subversive of the genius and design of the Christian system. Is it necessary for the sturdy sons of Gwalia, the Nonconformists of the nine- teenth century, to have additional victims placed upon the altar of clerical immolation erw their latent andslumberingener- gies arc aroused into worthy action—combined, powerful, and living action—which shall contribute to the speedy and public empalement of that barbarous law, in the presence of a free and admiring people ? Doubtless there are other noble victims in store, who being eminently endowed with p ),.ver from on high, signally clothed with the meekness and gen leness of Christ, fitted to shine lv-ith.poeiliar sl)lendour in the firmament of the Church, and to proclaim the stupendous message of the cross to admiring multitudes, yet at the present mo.nent they are silenced, and their important labours lost to the public. If the unrighteous law be not speedily revoked, and if the Christ- lik.e Noel should venture to cross the barrier, in the name and power of his Divine Master—if this step of Nonconforming defiance to the existing law be taken, and thus become a noble victim to the prelatical vulture of London—the painful and solemn fact, I am certain, would touch the very spring of national sympathy and deepest indignation—would arouse the activities of the country, and fill the true spiritual Zion with the choicest tears of weeping and lamentation. The cruel fact is before us, not in the person of a seraphic Noel, but in that of a faithful Shore therefore, my fellow-countrymen, I most solemnly conjure you in the name of your forefathers, who studied, wrote, and prayed for you, who suffered, bled, and died to purchase your present freedom, in the name of liberty, conscience, truth, and God, the universal sovereign, I conjure you to the prompt and zealous discharge of duty—let the mantle of departed Nonconformists rest upon you—catch the.spirit which they breathe. and tread with unfaltering step in their virtuous and self-denying path—come out from your sectarian iiielosurei in defeuec of great principles—to express your sympathy with an imprisoned brother, and to record your utter abhorrence of that iniquitous law which has thrust a good nun into a miser- able dungeon. to t'ie (-tlL of the Patxun>\MTY —let there he meetings convened in towns, villages, and hamlets through the length and breadth of the land —let there b. reso- lutions passed, and petitions adopted and presented to the Par- liament of our country—let your voice be heard—your indigna- tion felt-speak the word, and the accursed law shall be blotted out, and the honoured captive shall go forth to liberty. Yours fraternally, Morlais, Merthyr. A. P. JONES.

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