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WEDNESDAY. The court opened this morning at a quarter to ten. There were present R. Nicholl Carne, Esq., chairman, Robert Buteler, Esq., high sheriff, T. W. Booker, Esq., T. E. Thomas, Esq., Rev. R., Knight, mid Wm. Meyrick, Esq. STEALING AN IRON SCOOP. William Tlwmns charged with stealing, on the 30th of March, from a boat in the Glamorganshire Caa il, at Llanvabon, an iron scoop. Verdict, Guilty. Sentence, two months' imprisonment, -three days in each month to be kept in solitary confinement. Counsel for the prosecution, Mr. Morgan; attorney, Mr. G rover. STEALING WEARING APPAREL. Mary John pleaded Guilty of stealing wearing apparel, the pro- I perty of Edward Paine and Charles Ufford. Sentenced to bix weeks' imprisonment for each offence. Mary Cogklen pleaded Guilty of having stolen a quantity of pig iron from the Messrs. Crawshay's wharf, Carditf. Sentenced to three weeks' imprisonment in the Swansea house of correction. IGXORUD HILLS. There were no bills found against the following prisoners:- John Williams, for stealing a boat hook, the property of Henj., GriffithR, Eglw-ysilan, M/try.Jones and Ami Morgan, for stealing coal at Dowlais. Elizabeth Edwards, for stealing a calico bag and a £5 note, the property of John Bowen. • APPEALS. Ha m let' o f.Rh yd og Clydach v. the parish of Liang iwc. i r. Lloyd Hall asked tor a respite of an appeal against the maintenance of one Edward Diivies and family, Granted.. Oeer.ieers and Churchwardens of St. Bride's Minor, appellants, v. Jarish of Yfrad!lf)(lll'!l' resp 'ndenhl. The cause of this action was the maintenance of apauoer lunatic, at Briton Ferry. x Order of justices quashed with costs, 40s. Counsel; t(lV appellants, 1r. Gro-. e; attorney, Mr. Lewis, Bridgend. Counsel for respondents, Mr. T. Allen; attorneys Messrs. Perkins and James, Dowlais Iron, Company v. the /xiri:,h of Merthyr Tydfil. This was an appeal against poor-rates. Rute amended by reducing the amount irom 170,00U tons to IU,Gi)) tons. Attorneys for the Dowlais Company, Messrs. Perkins ami Jaui, s for the parish of Merthjr, Mr. Smith, The same counsel were engaged in this as in the preceding cause. This closed the business of the sessions, and the court rose at half-past twelve.