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r P111N TIN (J » OF EVERT DESCIIIPTION EXECUTED AT THE OFFICE OF THE "PRINCIPALITY," NORTH STREET, CARDIFF, VllTII NEATNESS AND DESPATCH. Orders from the Country (both in Welsh and English) promptly ,Hi punctually attended to. Advertisements and Orders received for the London and Pro- vincial Newspapers. AN OUT-DOOR APPRENTICE WANTED. BUTE DOCKS, CARDIFF. OPENING OF THE BETHEL CHAPEL. f'i ^IIE above Building will be opened for Divine Worship THIS i DAY (GOOD FRIDAY), on which occasion THREE SERVICES WILL BE HELD, and Sermon? preached in the following order:- Morning, Half-past Ten, Rev. T. THOMAS, Theological Tutor, Pontypool, Afternoon, Three o'clock, Rev. JAMES JAMES, Trinity Chapel, Cardiff. Evening, Half-past Six, Rev. E. WILLIAMS, M.A., Merthyr. Collections will be made in aid of the Building Fund. Oa the following Monday, (Easter Monday,) there will be a TEA PARTY, when several Ministers and other Gentlemen will deliver Addresses. Tea on the Table at FIVE o'clock. Tickets, One Shilling each. ) I EIIIGIZAT ION. THE Fine, Coppered, Fast-sailing Brig, =- CAWTOI, 400 Tons Burthen, O. A. K. DUNN, Master, Now lying in the Bute Docks, Cardiff, will sail on or about the oth of April, 1849, to PORTLAND, U. S. Persons intending to Emigrate will find this a most desirable opportunity, as the accommodations will be of a superior kind, such as are seldom off ered at any of the outports. As steerage and cabin passengers of a limited number only are required, early application should be made to H. H. PARRY BROTHERS, ami BROWN, Cardiff'; G. W. JONKS and CO., Newport; or to the Commander on board, who will show the vessel, and give every other information. I EMIGRATION. THE Fine, Fast-sailing, Coppered, and Cop- per-fastened American Ship (A 1), arvtjm, 600 Tons Burthen, IIIKAM VINALL, Master, I 1 I A I Now lying in the Bute Docks, Cardiff, will sail on or about April 10, 1849, to ,_T TT „ BOSTON, U. S. This vessel's accommodations are of a superior kind, and present a very desirable opportunity for parties intendingto Emigrate. For further particulars, appiy to Mj'OWr.N Ship- broker, Cardiff; and to Messrs. C. H. SlONEHOUSls ond CO., Newport, Monmouthshire. 2, 11 i, t., EMIGRATION. BRISTOL to KKW YORK.—To follow the J A VA, the Spiendid new. Fast-sailing Barque DEYONIA, A.L. 900 Tens Burthen, RICHAKD HEARD, Jun. Commander. To sail from BRISTOL on the 25th Ap RIL. This ship's 'tween decks are admirably adapted for Passengers, being SEVEN FEET IN HEIGHT, and will be fitted up with every convenience calculated to promote the health and comfort of emi- grants. She has also a spacious cabia,< where several families can be accommodated. Parties about to emigrate will do well to secure berths immediately.. No charge for Passengers' „rtr Forfurther information, apply to MARK Y\ HITWILi., Licensed Passenger Broker, Middle Avenue, Queen Square. Bristol, 4th April, 1849. EMIGRATION. TN THE STATE OF GEORGIA—UNITED STATES OF I AMERICA.—For Sale, 120,000 Acres of FREEHOLD LAUDS, in IRWIN COUNTY; in Lots of 120 Acres and upwards, at Five Shillings per Acre. The Lauds lie between thirty-one and tliirty- two degrees north; distant from the Atlantic Ocean one hundred and twenty miles, and at an elevation of four hundred feet above its level; free from swamps, climate salubrious and healthy, distant from England eighteen or twenty days' sail. They are bounded by the Navigable Rivers, the Flint, and the Ocmuljtee. A railroad, two-thirds finished, passes through the lands, which will connect both these rivers.—Vessels sail nearly every. Week from Liverpool to Savanna or Charleston. Passage to either City from £3 to £4 per head;—From Charleston and Savanna, the Lauds are reached bv either 'Coach, Waggon, or Steam-boat.—Every information may lie obtained relative to the above, &c. from RICHARD KEILY, Esq., No. 1, Royal Exchange Building, London. EMIWUim JH EVINS ARCHITECT, EMIGRATION, and GENERAL AGENT, ABERGAVENNY, Land in America and South Australia to Sell cr Rent on very low Terms. FREE PASSAGES TO THE CAL'8 OF GOOD HOPE, and Free Grants of 20 Acres of Land to Emigrants, approved of by the Colonial Land and Emigration Commissioners. Passages secured to all parts of the World, on the most moderate and certain principles. ESTATE AND GENERAL AGENCY OFVICE, NEW-ROAD,"AnER- ° AVK-:NY. No. 1, NELSON TERRACE, CARDIFF. "v CHARLES VvAKEFORD, (Lata of the Firm of Evans and Wahcford,) Lsttsr-Fress and Copper-Plate Printer, Bookbinder, Stationer, and Account-Book Manufacturer, MOST respectfully announces to the Gentry, Merchants, g Tradesmen, and Inhabitants generally of Cardiff and its vicinity that he has commenced business as above (until enabled to procure more central premises). Having had much experience iu the departments referred to for the last fourteen years, he ear- nestly solicits a share of their patronage; iiid-it will be his constant endeavour to execute work with accuracy, neatness, and despatch, at moderate charges. C. W. will be happy also to procure BOOKS, MAGAZINES, PERI- ODICALS, NBSVs'PAFIJAS, &c., and will regard as a favour any order with which he may be entrusted. March 28, 1819.. VALIi OF Jill li TOVFY. TO BE LET, AND ENTEIttSD UPON IMMEDIATELY, (FURNISHED OR UNFURNISHED,) fnHAT well-situated and compact DWELLING HOUSE, called 1 MOUNT PLEASANT, in the Parish of LLANARTHNEY, in the immediate vicinity of MIDDLKTON HALL PARK. V,. -N The House comprises Two Parlours, Two Kitchens, Five Bcd- r oms, Underground Cellars, witii Coach-house, 1 wo-stalled Stable, ai d other appropriate Out-offices. An excellent Garden and a :a..i piece oi L¡wI.Í aic attached. Grass for a Cow and Hore can be had, if required, close to the house. Two in. il to London and Bristol, pass within a short distance of the house daily. T T For particulars, apply (if by letter, post paid) to Mr. R. ISTANCE, ,e Cabinet Maker, Blue-street, Carmarthen, itl) s ■ LARGE AND NEW STOCK. OF PAPER-HANGINGS HAS JUST COME TO HAND FOR THE PRESENT SEASON; CONSISTING of 8000 PIECES of the most elegant DESIGNS that can be brought before tlie Public in FRENCH. CHINESE, INDIAN, and ENGLISH tastes and designs, of the most superb patterns that can be produced, greatly surpassing any ho c has before had. Also, elegant sets of patterns representing Stag Hunting, Italian Boys, and various other subjects, so admirably executed as to obtain the Prize awarded byPltINCE ALBERT at the Society for the Promotion of Arts and Commerce. J. W., in returning thanks to his numerous supporters, not forgetting the Trade, for the very liberal patronage they have been pleased to favour him with, begs to inform them that he has this season nearly doubled that of the last, for the express purpose of procuring them at such remarkably low prices as to enable him to render them as low as any House in the Kingdom, as well as to have that great variety which cannot fail to please every taste. Splendid Crimson Flocks as low as 5s. 6d. per piece. LIST OF PRICES AS FOLLOWS: £ s. d. Rich Crimson Flock.pel. piece 0 5 6 All Criiii,oii, iiiiitation ditto 0 3 6 Ditto Glazed, ditto 0 4 0 Rich Satin Watered ditto. 0 2 10 Ditto Diti8: 2 V 0 Elegant Drawing-room Paper „ 0 1 6 Dining-room, Crimson and Oak 0 2 0 Very good ditto 0 18 £ s. d. Parlour Paper (last year 2s. 6d.) .pe)-,piece 0 Library Paper 0 1 4 (Joöd Sitting-room and Bed-room 0 1 0 iV^ry superior 0 1 3 •' &eV!-ro0||tY. Ditto 0 0 7 Ditto. 0 0 6 Ditto 0 0 4 The Proprietor wishes to inform his Customers, that h: undertakes to Paint andPaper Houses by Estimate or Admeasurement, war- ranting to give satisfaction to all Parties who will be kind enough to favour him. The Trade supplied at o per Cent, on any amount over £ o. Patterns, free of charge, sent to any part of the Country upon application. All Papers marked in plain figures, and no abate- ment whatever. J. W. begs to state that, in compliance with the wishes of several Ladies and Gentlemen in this Neighbourhood, he shall henceforth keep a regular supply of PIANO-FORTES, both for Sale and to Let out on Hire, of first-rate Instruments, by Collard, Broadwood, and Metzler, and has by him now some very superior Instruments. Among the many novel articles now on hand is the PATENT DOWN QUILT, adapted for a Large Bed, and so constructed as to make a beautiful Chair or Sofa Pillow; the PRINCE of WALES'S EASY CHAIR, which is not only elegant in its appearance, but is considered to be the most comfortable yet invented Patent Rising Dressing-Glass; Patent Night Commode; Smea's Patent Reading Stand Drawing-room Table Book-Stand; Angola Hearth-Rugs Sliding Hearth-Brush together with a very great variety of fancy Drawing-Room Chairs, of quite a New Style, elegant Dressing- Glasses with Marble Slabs, from £2 up to i:6 Ss. with a variety of other new things. U The Proprietor wishes to call particular attention to his large and elegant assortment of CARPET INGS and HEARTH-RUGS, of every description, the patterns and quality of which cannot fail to meet the approbation of all who may be pleased to favour him with an inspection; 47 quite new Patterns of Brussels, just struck off the blocks, very superior quality, 3s. 6d. per yard, regularly sold at 4s. 6d. per yard; the very best that can be manufactured tor money, at 4s. 6d. per yard Dutch Carpets, in all widths, and quite a new class of Patterns, of the very best quality; Kidderminsters and Druggetings; Linen Crumb Cloths, in great variety, at equally low prices. J. W. takes this opportunity of bringing before the Public his List of CABINET and UPHOLSTERING GOODS, &c., &c., now on hand and feeling confident, fioin the great success that he has met with, that the attention so called will not be in vain, being assured that his Goods are of such a general character as cannot fail to suit all parties, having on hand a very large assortment of first- quality Goods, together with every description of Common Furniture.. Marqnetene Brawing-Hoom Furniture. The Sutherland Work Table, forming Card r, Table, with Chess, Cribbage, Backgam- mon, Work-box, and a new shaped Bag PJ Most elegant Landscape Tables Circular Tahle, pearl and gold chess tops Ditto, sizes smaller, with groups of flowers Fitted-up Ladies' Work Tables Four feet Rosewood Loo Tables, E5 5s. Pair ditto Card-tables to match, E6 6s. Ten different-style Easy Chairs, Cabriole feet and arms, f2 10s. upwards Elizabethan Pillows, marqueterie tops New-style Cylinder Cheffioneer Ditto, plain New Fitted-up Fancy Bell Table Cabriole Marble-top Wash-stands, in va- rious sizes New style Cylinder Cheffioneers Four-feet solid Loo Table, polished, E3 19s. Three-feet six Loo Tables, E2 19s. Ilair-bottoni Chairs, each 13s. 6d. Cheffioneers, £3 10s. Sideboards, Telescope Tables, Dining and Pembroke Tables New Style jjiininn-room Chairs, yoke back Library ditto Spanish Mahogany Hall Chairs, Cabriole feet, moulded back Hail Chairs; ditto, ditto, carved back Mahogany Umbrella Stands, extending arms Ditto, ditto, no arms Portable Easy Chairs Chinnock's Patent Easy Chair A large assortment of Easy Chairs, newest styles Silk and: Worsted Gimps Cords and Tassels for Couches, Ottomans, Pillows, or Chairs, in great variety of colours Ladies' Skeleton Bags, for Berlin Work also, a Fancy Emb.,ssed Velvet German and Russian Bags, in various:pat- terns Angola Hearth-rugs, 6 ft. by 3 ft. The Patent Drawing-room Sliding Hearth- brush Embossed Velvet, in various colours Superfine Cloth, starlet and black, crimson and black, any size, for Table Cloths Papier-mache Table .Mats and Dpiiers Indian-grass ditto and i'oilers n Quite a new assortment of Berlin Patterns, Wools, Purse Silks, Kilitting and Crotchet Books, Coloured and White Boar's-head Cottons, and every other article belonging to the same department, just come to hand Loo Tables Occasional Tables The Elizabethan Star Table The Bell Table, with rich inlay ipier-Maelie Drawing-Room Purnitiir Handsome Fire Screens, pearl and gold Pearl Indian Sunk Tables Indian Banister Chair, pearl and gold Rosewood Drawing-Room Furniture. Chess-top Tables Ditto,brassmounted, Handsome Cut Fire Screens Ditto, plain Cabriole Settees, perforated back and spin- dle, quite new Double-end Settee, in Cabriole, quite new Ditto, ditto, Single-end, varying in style Mahogany Furniture. Patent Easy Chairs, of different styles An Assortment of Sofas and Couches, in different styles lour-post, Half-Testor, Kl-ench, and other Bedsteads, in various styles; Mahogany Wardrobes Tent Bedsteads, from 16s.; Mahogany-bot- tom Chairs, 4s. 6d. Beaufets and Corner Cupboards Chests of Drawers, new styles: painted ditto Washstands .and Dressing-tables, mahogany and painted Ditto, Mahogany, Marble-tops Alargeassortntentof li,drooiti Chairs Cane Swing Cots; Mahogany-cane Table Chairs Plain Cane Table Chairs Mahogany Marble-top Wash and Chamber- stands New-style Painted Washstands Various Articles. A large assortment of Patent Carpet Bags, double lock, and address can be locked in- side of the lock A variety of the Patent Leather and Brussels Carpet Bags Carpet Bags, from 4s. up to 17s. each. A nice assortment of Velvet Carpet Hassocks I)itto, Brussels Ditto, Common Ladies' Carriage Carpet & Wool Feet-Muftis Crimson Druggcting ditto-y crimson and grey A large Stock of Druggctjug, plain and printed Variety of Dutch Carpeting: A large assortments!K.iddorminster Carpets Yarn, j, and i Yard Carpeting A large assortment of \i jj;i ■Damasks, qute new. Ditto, mixed with Silk Lapland Rugs Ditto, Fancy Voiiv ditto,.Plain colour Hearth-rugs and Door-rugs Cornice and Hell ,Pulls, of various prices Twelve Fancy Work Tables, all beautiful Marqueterie e. Gondola Chairs, pearl and gold Ditto Patent Alberts, flowered, pearl and gold Ditto Yoke, pearl and gold Elizabethan Ottoman Ditto, Carved Ottoman Music Stools fancy Occasional Tables Different-style fancy Work Tables French Chairs, large and small Different-style solid Rosewood Chairs A large assortment of Drawing-room Fancy Chairs Room Screens and Chairs Back Fire Screens Bedsteps, forming Commode and Cupboard Ditto, Steps and Commode Ditto. Commode Mahogany and Painted Chamber Horses Ottoman Bedstead, forming Easy Chair, Couch, Ottoman, and Bedstead. Feather-beds; Miipufi ditto; Hair, Wool, and Mupuff mattresses Chimney and Dressing Glasses, various styles New Patent Rising Dressing-Glass New Patent Night Commode Smea's Patent Reading Stand Drawing-room Table Book-stand Gold and Plain Embossed Leather, for Doors New Toilet Table, with fixed drawers and glass, allowed to be one of the first arti- cles in the trade &c. &c. &c. Oil Clofis, from three yards wide down to half-yard White Marble Oil Cloth, expressly for wash- stand tops Ditto, Rosewood, Mahogany, Gold, and Claret, best goods Ditto, Common, of various patterns Cocoa Matting; ditto Manilla; ditto In- dian figured ditto plain ditto Dutch Foot-stoois; Cam]) stools Brass and Mahogany Window Poles and Ends Musical Pictures American Chairs Slipper Stands Ladies' Work-frames Eight-day Timepiece, remarkably low Common Goods, of all kinds, at remarkab'y low prices A large assortment of English and Foreign Fancy Toys Fancy Cabinet Goods, such ad Tea-Caddies, Work-Boxes, Desks, Net- ting and Glove Boxes, &c., oie., &c., of the latest designs. The Proprietor also begs to inform his numerous supporters that he is appointed by WT. SMEA and SON, Sole Agent in Wales for that valuable article called the FRENCH POLISH PRESER\iiR, which preserves and hardens the Polish, keeping up that beautiful brilliancy which is so much desired, and can be made use of oy any servant with the greatest ease; in bottles, Is."3d. and 2s. 6d. each J. W. wishes to inibim the Trade that he has on hand a large assortment of the following VENliiSltS for saleMahogany, Rosewood, Maple, and Satin Wood and intends keeping a regular supply for the convenience of parties oil the Hills, saving thorn the expense of going to Bristol for such things, intending to sell at Bristol prices. Also, Mahogany Boards of various thickncssc on Sale. J. W. begs to inform the Inhabitants of this Neighbourhood, that in compliance with the desire of several parties, ht>, for the future, will be an HOUSE AGENT, and shall be most happy in receiving instructions from any parties, either to procure or let Houses for the same. J. W. begs to call the attention of the inhabitants^of. Aberdare,iJcrthyr, Dowlais, and their respective Neighbourhoods, to his Establishment, being assured that they will eliect a saving of about 15 per cent., together with the advantage of selecting from a general assortment. A large Assortment of Angola Wooi Eugs, of various Colours, just come to hand. ALL GOODS MARKED IN PLAIN FIGURE'S, AND NO ABATEMENT. Duke-strefii, Cardiff, 7th March, 1849. j-r I;F ;11 if,, 11; 1, I "I I IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT. NOW SELLING OFF, AT a very great reduction, all the immense and well-selected STOCK of London and Paris Hats, Caps, and Umbrellas, belonging to D. RICHARDS, 74, St. MARY-STREL1, CARDIFF. This being the largest Stock of the above Goo-da in the town (nearly the whole of which has been manufactured within the last three months), the present opportunity offers peculiar advantages to those who wish to purchase an article of first-rate style and quality at a very low price. < BUU I'LL WUALLWAY. I" OANS ON DEBENTURES.—The DlUEC'i OPtS of this j COMPANY are prepared to receive (under, an/ powers of tneir Act of Parliament) TENDERS of LOANS of MONEY, on security of DEBENTURES. Tenders, stating amount and term of years of proposed Loans, to be undressed to tlw ullder.1iignccl, By Order, N. ARMSTRONG, Secretary. South Wales Railway Office, 449, V» usi SUaud, L jiidon, March 21, 184J. I IO DUS AND PAIUS HAT EMPORIUM, HIGH-STREET, CARDIFF. ■■JO.HE" WILLIAMS AND Co. RESPECTFULLY acquaint the inhabitants of Cardiff and the suirouiiding countiy, that they have just received their first Lot of S Hats, which will be found the Largest and most Fashionable Stock of the kind in Wales. J. W. and Co. take this opportunity to return their thanks for tne very liberal support they have received, ana beg to state that th°y are.enabled, owing to their extensive trade, to°Mx such prices as no 'House in the Kingdom can surpass. French Hats gcl. Do. Fine 4 Q Do. Superior 5 6 Do. SininNap. 6 6 lJo. Superior « 0 Do. Superfine. 9 6 Bo. Veivet Nap 10 6 Do. Superior 12 0 Do. Superfine. 13 0 Beaver and C.oth fiats from 3s. 3d. to 14s. felilLDIiEN's HATS AND CAPS IX EVlilti VARIETY. The Loicevt jJrice asked. OBSERVE !—EAST SIDE OF THE TOWN-HALL. sTra^lliiig Accommodation between Aberdare and Swansea. A CAR, for the conveyance of PASSENGERS, will leave the HORSE AND GROOM, INN, ABERDARE, on Mondays rlvi 1 nursdays, the 23rd and 26th days ufApru, returning Tues- Fridays successively. BRISTOL GENERAL STEAM NAVIGATION COMPANY, OFFICE, QUAY, BRISTOL. tf-, 11 r j 1HE following steam vessels are intended to I sail from Cumberland Basin, Bristol, to and from Curk, Juveriuianil ISabrina; Water- ford, Victory and hone; Tenby, Os,,)i-ey ■ford, Pater, and Iiaveriordwest, ( ]sj,rey, Car- 'marthen, Torridyc, direct; Swansea, Counft/ and Beresford; Newport, Sicijt and Us/c; Cardiff, hlar and rrtncf of Wales, as under-mentioned, during APRIL, 1849 :— FROM BRISTOL TO J >. "S 3 £ S si J 1 APRIL. "2 t S-j 5 S j =7 ° I 5 Monday 2 S.'g H pm Tuesday 'A 2T2 pin 11111 2.; pm 2 £ pm S 2h am ~A pui, »;!i Wednesday 4 B 3V pm 3 p>« Thinsdav. 3 ••• £ .17 ail1 P1*1 Friday 6 44 pm sV H »«» ? a H Saturday. 7 6 pm 5 am 54 bi (> a-m. Saturday. 7 6 pm I is, am 54 bi (> a-m. Monday 9 j>4 am j ;r.n Monday 9 j>4 am j ;r.n Tuesday .10! 74 am 7J am 74 am 74 am g S 74 afit 7 aiii ■utn Wednesday! 1 iff "? am S am Thursday. g-J: 84 ami S au. Si, sv.n Friday 13. 9 am > 9 usui S} am 9 aiii Satu-dav .11 9 am i?g 9i anij 9 am 94 am Monday. 16 S| |l-| am Tuesday .17 12noou 12noon 12noon linoonl £ 'a 1 p;n| 1'-iioon Ivinoo. Wednesday 18 ^,3, 13 pm 14 pro Thursday. 19| ^-g 3 anij pmj i>ai Friday 2"; 3J- pm g 4 aui| 34 pin! 3 p:a Saturday .2l| pm s 5 .in,| 5 amj 5 juo Jlonday .23j ?% fi amjfii :■ m Tuesday 7 an, 7 am 7 am 7 ami J 7 air. 64 amj 1 -a Wednesday2.*»! ng » 7 ainiTJ Thursday.26| fc g 8$am S ani| 8 sua friday 27| 9 am gA 9 am 84 ami 9 ('.m Saturday .2^j 94 am "a § 10 ami amllii a.n Monday .3!'i 5-1 9J am1 II am 1 FOR BRISTOL FIWI APRIL. 1 1 1| | |il f rt H £ B £ J. p << >5 !C -==-LJ_ I' I III amlll;tl Tuesday 3 3 pmj ^5 2b am I pmj 1 pm Wednesday 4 S § 2 pin; 2 pm Thursday. 5 ••• J2_™ 11m] 2$pm! 3 !>i Friday 6 6 am; 6 am' — 6A am 3.1 pm'3i )>m Saturday. 7 7 am 1 am c |* 7 am 4I pv,i 4 Monday 9 5 a:n| 5 p,n Tuesday .I" 8 am £ 3 8i am 54 ami 6 am Wednesday 11 a. £ fi ;i;n (U atn Tim sday 12 g.s 9 am 6^ a'in!c.j ain Friday 13 10 am 10 pni 9 ami 4 pm > 9 am 7 am 7 am Saturday.II 10 an; 7i am 7-4 am .Monday .If. go Sj am 9 ;t,.i Tuesday. 17 12 noon je'5 12 noo.. 1 OA anelOi; i Wednesday 18 S. l-inomjlinoo, Thursday. 19 Jj •§ 34 am 1 pm|U p a Friday 2i) 4 pm 3 pmj 10 pm g 4.J am 2 pmi 2 p Saturday.2] 54 am d £ 5| am 3 p»,| 3 p.a Monday .23 44 pmU4 P<« Tnexday .2s 8 ami gj*; 8 au» 5 uiiii « am Wednesday2S 3 S 5J am 6 am Thursday.26 f; p irn fit pm fii am Friday 27 "10 am 10 pm 9 am 4 pm 10 am 7 a:a 7 u:u Saturday.2Sj "or 10 am 7-J am S am Monday .3t)j 9.' air, OS a.:n Tile Phu-1X will very shortly be replaced 011 the Carimirtlieu" station with increased facilities for carriage of Goods (see future bills). Tha whole of the above vessels are fitted up for the convey- ance of passengers and goods.—Female stewards on board. Carriages and horses shipped with care.—Horses and carriages to be shipped two hours before sailing. Particulars may be obtained by applying at the Bristol Steam Navigation Company's Office, Quay, Bristol; where all goods, packages, parcels, &e., should be addr essed :—For Swansea and Cardiff, to W. B. Owen, Bull Wharf, lied cliff-street and Claiv- street Hall, Marsh-street; and E. T. Turner, 12, Quay-street; and tor Newport, to J. Jones, Rownham Wharf, Ilotw-ells. AGENTS.—Mr. Joseph Morgan, Tenby; Mr. J. Rees, Haver- fordwest; Mr. Palmer, Milford; Mr. Bo wen, Pater; Mr. John N. Smart aud Mr. W. Pockett, Swansea; Mr. T. John and Mr. A H iiigston, Cardiff; Mr. Martin, Ilfracombe Mr. Thomas Baker- Lyiitoii Mr. Robert Stacey, Carmarthen and Mr. R. Jones, Newport. ELIGIBLE FARMST" GLAMORGANSHIRE. TO he LET, from 2oth lILulcn" 1849, all those TWO FARMS, j{_ known as Ysisarwed Beraesne and Blaengarwed, situate in and near to the Yale of Neath, rtvc miles from the market town of Neath, and 13 niiles from Swansea i- 4-20.,L. OH. ()P., of which above 12o Acres are fine alluvial vale land (Arabic, Meadow, and Pasture), of the richest quality, and reniaiiider good Arable, Meadow, Pasture, and Wood Land, m' d Mountain Shoepwalk. The Dwelling-house, Offices, ana Fqi-,14 buildings (this being the Demesne Farm of the Estate) are oi a very superior description, suitable for a gentleman's establishment., The mail road from Neath to Merthyr, and the Yale of Neath Canal pass through, and the Vale of Neatli Railway (now being constructeti) will pass close by th.' property, affording every facility for the transit of manure and produce. The Tithes are ve V moderate, averaging about Is. per Acre, and fuel and lime for manure cheap. Rent, £ 222. Ail that FAlUI called BLAEXNANT. situate near to the above, containing 284A 2K. -1P. of excellent Arable, Meadow, and Pasture Land, and Mountain Sheepwaik, now in the occupation of John J[ ipxi.i, te.iiMt.. Ticne £ 4; Rent, £ 60.> LLWYNLLANK FARM, situate near to the above, in the iais Valley, containing 98A. 3K. 19P. of capital Arai)le, Me-.i-.tou and Pasture Land, now in the occupation of John Jenkiu, tenant.. Tithe, £ 2 12s. 9d.; Rent, £ 33. LLET T YMA Wit FA RM, situate on flic South side of the Neath Yailev, and only three miles from Neath, containing 42A. Oa. 1; (Jf excellent Arable, Meadow, and Pasture Land, now in the occu- pation of Griffith Hughes, tenant. Li'he. £ 2 fj". lOd. Rent C7. NANTYGWIN and PWLLFA W A'I'KIN FARMS, in the occupation of John Phillip, and Henry J 011J, tenants, situate in Own Amman, in the Parish of Llangeveiach, two miles from the Llanelly Railway, and ten miles from Swansea; containing together 196A. ;Lt. Cr. of good Arable, Meadow, and Pasture Land, Avrut all extensive Uight of Common on the adjoining common. Tithe £ 6 7s.; Rciit, £ 80. PENYRESKIlt and TYNYBERTH FARMS,, situate in th-e parish of Llangeveiach, near to the last-mentioned farms, in tiij occupation ofwilliiiii Evans, and John Howells, tenants; contain- ing together 88A. 3ii. 27p of excelleiif Arable, Meadow, and Pas- ture Land, with an extensive Right of Common on the adjoiniiv common. Tithe, £ 0 Os. yd. Rent, £70. LYGOS or LUGOS FARM, in the parish of Llangeveiach near to the last-mentioned farms, in the occupation of Evan Evans tenant; containing 3-.)A. O,t. 38P. of capital Arable, Meadow, flHil Pasture Land, with an extensive Right of Common on the adjoining common. Tithe, £ 1 19s. Ren; £ ''5 YSCIACH UCHA and YSCIACH ISSA FARMS, in the parish of Llangeveiach, five mile- fro. Morriston, and eight a.-ik-s from Swansea, in the occupation of Thomas Jones, tenant con taining together ,¡;G.'I.. 2r. 3;2]'. of capital Arable, Meadow, and Pasture Land, with an extensive Right of Common on the adjoin- ing common. Tithe, £ 3 7s. liu.; Rent, £ 60. Hl'i.xJJREGARREG in the parish of Glvncorrw-g, in the South of the Vale of Niatli, containing 394A."0K. 171'. of good Arable, Pasture, Meadow, and Mountain Slieepv, alk.-l'itlie, £ 3 6s. 2d Rent, £ 40-. A,larg.e S¡¡ll .o.t. Il:ouey has, within the last few years, been laid out in repairs and improvements on the above Farms. The neighbouring markets are amongst the best in the kingdom to the large demand caused by the surrounding work.< Application to be made to W. J. BHOWNK, Eq., lerr3,si(ie,- near Carmarthen;. ALEX. CUTHBEKTSON, Esq., Neath; or M.r.. LKWIS GIUI-TiTiis, Land-Agent, Ynisygerwn, near Neath-