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1511lirr. 1 + CARDIFF POLICE COURT.—MONDAY, MARCH 26. [Before Walter Coffin, Esq., Mayor, It. L. Reece, Esq., and the Rev T. Stacey.] Peter Duffy, James Brady, and another, railway labourers, were charged with being drunk and disorderly on Sunday, at the Blue Bell" public- house. Prisoners admitted being "middling" drunk. Fined 5s. each. The Mayor said he would recollect the circumstance of the landlord having drunken men in his house, on the next licensing day. Thomas Fair hurst was also fined 5s. for a slmilar offence on Sunday night. The prisoner stated that was the first offence, and hoped it would be the last. John Harris, carpenter, preferred a charge against the captain of the Gawton, now lying in the Bute Docks, of assaulting him, and refusing to pay him for work done. He claims 4s. 1 Id., and said when he applied fur the money on Saturday night, the captain abused him. The captain in his defence said that he had employed the complainant for three weeks pre- viously as a carpenter; and now having undertaken to do some joiner's work, which he did very inefficiently, he (the captiiin) disputed his claim. He denied having assaulted Harris, and called the mate to substantiate his statement. The captain was proceeding to detail the circumstances of the transaction, when the Mayor "cut his story short," and ordered him to pay the amount claimed, and costs. We think his worship cut it rather too short. Mr. Stockdale brought forward a healthy, inteliigent-lookiiiglad, who was represented to have been confined and ill-treated on board a Greek vessel. The lad said he was an orphan boy, and while living at alodging-houseiu London, the captain of the vessel (who also lodged at the same house) asked him if he should like to go to sea he said yes, and was consequently taken on board the vessel. On being asked if he had been ill-treated, he said that the cap- tain treated him Mudly, but the men used him roughly. Mr. Sully, coal- merchant, said the colliers were so enraged that lie was obliged to demand the boy from the captain, and "that they were prepared to maintain him. The Mayor asked the boy if he wished to leave the vessel; he answered yes. Mr. Stockdale was then directed to attend to the boy. The captain, who was heard through an interpreter, complained of the damage done to his vessel by thecoliiers, to the amount, he said, of £ 12. The Mayor directed him to get the names of the parties, and he, the Mayor, would grant him summonses against them. This case created considerable interest in the town. Henry Spriygs, St. John-street, was-charged with having assaulted P. C. .Morgan", on the lth inst. It appears that prisoner was chastising his wife rather severely, when the policeman, hearing the noise, entered the house and collared him. The prisoner was very violent, and kicked the polieemaa several times. Prisoner denied the charge, and called his wife, who said the charge of the policeman was false, and that her husband treated her kindly. She was evidently forced to give her testimony, as in the event of a refusal she would most probably receive severe punishment. Alr. Stockdale stated that prisoner had been before charged with a similar offence. He had once cut a serious wound in her face. The court after some deliberation fined him in the mitigated penalty of 50s. Prisoner asked time to pay, but was refused. A considerable number of rate-payers appeared to answer summonses for non-payment of the street-rate; most of them pleaded poverty. Those occu- pying houses rated at £ 10 and upwards were ordered to pay. Several land- lords" of houses rated under £10 were also summoned for non-payment of their tenants' rates, and ordei ed tu pay. The Mayor expressed an opinion that he should like to see tlle law so altered as .to make the landlords liable for ail rates on houses rated under i-10. j A few other unimportant cases were heard. NEATH PETTY SESSIONS.—FRIDAY, MARCH 23. [Before Griffith Llewellyn, and R. H. Miers, Esqrs.] William Thomas, Ystalyfera, was charged with assaulting Elizabeth Gape, o. that place. Fined 5s. and costs. Thomas liuokland was ordered to pay 2s. 6d. per week towards the main- tenance of his illegitimate child. Some other cases were adjourned for a week. KEATH POLICE COUitT.—MONDAY, MARCH 26. [Before K. P. Leyson, Esq., Mayor.] John Protheroe, alias Jack Mackeral, was brought up in the custody of P. C. Rees (who had arrested him at Swansea), and charged with having obtained ei."kt pounds of Mr. Phillips, grocer, Neath, representing it to be on account of^Mr. Henry Ilaucock, innkeeper, Cwinavon. Committed for trial at the quarter sessions. TUESDAY. MARCH 27.—[Before the Mayor.] Elizabeth Protheroe was charged v. iui stealing a shawl, the property of Mr. Tomkins, Neath. Committed for trial at the quarter sessions. MERTHYR POLICE COURT—SATURDAY, MARCH 24. [Before H. A. Bruce, and W. Thomas, Esqrs.] Aim Rogers, of the WeUh Oak beer-house, Dowlais, was charged by Super intendent Wrenn, with having drawn and sold beer at illegal hours on Sunday last. Being her first offence she was fined only 5s. and costs. lines Davies, a sub-contractor, was charged oy one of his men, named John Daly, with reusing to pay 12 s. 7Ad. wanes due to him. He was ordered to ijav"tlie%hole amount elaiin.-d at once, and cost*. )l'm. Jones, haullier, Do A lais, was placed MI the box, cbargod with the unnatural crime of refusing to obey an affiliation order to -support, his own child by Ann Rees. Committed for one week to hard labour, to study the elements of fatherly affection, and the practice of common honesty. Some o;her cases were allowed by their worships to b settled out of court. • MONDAY, MARCH 26.—[Before .11 A. Bruce, and W. Meyrieit, Esqrs.] George lialtiiiger, a baxer in the employ of Air. Samuel Thomas, Grocer, Dowlais, was committed for that at the next Assizes, tar stealing 6s. 9.1. 1\l copper, the property of his employer. St-tvil, miner, was clia ged with having removes Bis goods in order to evade the payment of rent, 191., due to David Jones. He was ordered to pay double "the amount of the value of the goods, or be imprisoned for Fix months. f There was nothing of importance done at III court on W e nc^dav. 0;10 fellow was committed for deserting his wife aad fiunU^, :1.,d seveial sum. mouses granted for Saturday's court.

















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