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A LITTLE BEAR'S GIIBA.SE.—It is rumoured that the Emperor of Russia has conferred on Mr. Anstey the title of Count Out.-Punclt. AN indirect way of getting a glass of water at a boarding- house is to ask for a third cup of tea. IT is not in the power of a good man to refuse making another liappy, where he has both ability and opportunity. Somp sensible chap says truly, that a person who undertakes to raise himself by scandalising others, might as well sit down on a wheelbarrow and undertake to wheel himself! THE Nonconformist says of Lord Brougham "His mind is by nature springy. It has in it too much bounce to allow of even a proximate calculation as to his whereabouts for two days together." "WELL, Patrick," asked the doctor, "how do you do to- day?"—"O dear, doctor, I enjoy very bad health entirely. This rhumatist is very distressing indade. Whin I go to sleep, I lay awake all night, and my toe is swelled as big as a «,oose''s hen's egg, so that when I stand up I fall down directly." A COUNTRY VICAR, giving his text out of Hebrews, pro- nounced it He-brews, 10 and 12 (meaning the chapter and verse). An old toper, who sat half asleep under the pulpit, thinking he talked of brewing so many bushels to the hogs- head, said, Egad, and not such bad liquor neither." THE PLAINTIFF PRELATE.—The word versus appears so often in the Law Reports, in connexion with the name of the Bishop of Exeter, that after-ages will perhaps be led to suppose that it was actually one of his Lordship's titles. There is probably not a single confessor or martyr that has had so many trials as Bishop Philpotts.—Punch. "ACCORDING to Lord J. Russell," observes the Birmingham Mercury, Dissenters ought to feel very happy in the presence of the exacting and overbearing Church of England- 0 blest Dissenters, could you but perceive The beauty of the Church ill which you don't believe." AL ADDIN in Jerrold's News says The menef mere figures only calculate the value of the produce, but wholly forget the pro- ducer; they simply concern themselves with material wealth, and, provided th t accumulates, they care nothing for the labourer. Social civilisation enters not into their thoughts they make no effort to raise the masses." 0 THB Clonmel Chronicle mentions that hardly a tradesman can begin business in any Irish town, but he must stick up Late of London," "Formerly of London," Late foreman to Messrs. Somebody or Other, London."—A worthy Celt, however, scorned the nonsense, and now figures signally in Clonmel as William Slattery, Tailor, never in London." TUB NAVY.—When all Governments, of whatever shade of political opinion, have been found for the last 200 years ready to wink at extravagance, peculation, and mismanage- ment in the navy, and when we have a Secretary to the Admiralty standing up in his place in the House of Commons and deliberately admitting the fact, it should cease to be a matter of wonder that every item in the Navy Estimates is looked upon., and will continue to be henceforth looked upon, in a spirit of mistrust and suspicion. Now that the matter has been dragged so publicly into light, it is impossible but that specific answers should be furnished to the few simple ques- tions upon which the amount of navy expenditure must be made ultimately to depend. These are simply—How many ships do we want ? How many ships have we ? How many ships must we build to supply wear and tear ? How many men must there be to man the ships in commission, and how many are to be held in reserve ? Let these questions be answered, and the formation of a navy budget will no longer be a mysterv.—Times. TUB OREGON Ti., ltltl TORY. -Census of the Indian tribes in the I Oregon territory, from lat. 42 to lat. 54 Males, 33,956; fe- males, 35,182 slaves, 5,164 total, 86,947.

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