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CARMARTHEN. LAMMAS-STREET CIKCBLATXNG LIBRARY.—On the 20th inst., a most interesting lecture was delivered by Dr. Davison, in connexion with this institution, on Mahomet and his times." The auditors were so delighted with the just and instructive remarks of the learned lecturer, that they expressed a wish, which was acceded to by Dr. Davison, that he should deliver another lecture in continuation of the same subject on the 3rd of April. LITERARY AND SCIENTIFIC INSTITUTION. On Thursday evening last, a lecture was delivered by the llev. William Mor- gan in connexion with the above institution, on the "History of Natural Philosophy." The rev. gentleman gave a brief but lucid account of the progress of natural philosophy in the middle ages, tracing its gradual development with much skill and ability. The lecture proved highly interesting. MILITARY TROPHY.—A letter has been received by Mr. John Davies, of Catherine-street, in this town, containing a medal granted to his son, Thomas Davies, of the 10th regiment of foot, in commemoration of his gallant conduct at the Sutlej. The oallant fellow to whom this honorary testimonial was granted, has, we regret to learn, died of the wounds received in the action. DISGRACEFUL SCENE;-On Thursday night, the 15th instant, one of the most disgusting scenes witnessed in this town for a Ion"- time took place, and one which fortunately is of very rare occurrence we allude to the burial without funeral rites of the body of a respectable old man, named Jones, who committed suicide and at the inquest on whose body a most learned, wise, and humane jury returned a verdict of felo de se. It having become known that the body was to be interred on the above nio-ht, a vast concourse of people, amounting to some hundreds, assembled to witness the sad sight; and when the coffin was brought out, about nine o'clock, p.m., borne on the shoulders of four men, who galloped away with it almost at the top of their speed, the scene was truly disgraceful to a civilised and. Christian nation, as the conduct of the populace, who ,occupied the time in coarse and indecent jesting, laughing, and jeer- in"- and other depraved acts, were far more befitting a heathen than a civilised nation. The body having been brought into the churchyard was almost literally thrown into the grave, and covered over with the greatest rapidity. We much dislike calling in question the verdict of the jury, but we certainly think there was sufficient evidence to infer that the unfortunate deceased laboured under temporary delusion, caused by appre- hended distress. If such scenes as these must be enacted—for- tunatelv they do but seldom occur, the above, we believe, being the'only one within the last hundred years—we think they may very easily be conducted in a more orderly manner, and at a time when they are not likely to be attended with such truly may very easily be conducted in a more orderly manner, and at a time when they are not likely to be attended with such truly demoralising accompaniments as characterised that on Thurs- day night.—Carmarthen Journal,