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IRELAND. THE PAPAL RATE IN AID.—The Freeman's Journal of Monday announces with a shout of exultation that the pa- rochial collections for the Pope in the diocese of Meath amounted to £1,266 2s. 9d. It is roughly estimated that the gross (very gross) total of this uncalled-for rate in aid will yield in Ireland from X25,000 to £ 30,000. A lady (Mrs. Bryan, of Kilkenny) presented her parish priest with a £100 note, to be devoted towards the relief of Pius IX.'s pecuniary embarrassments. We are truly a wonderful people when once driven to our own resources. It was scarcely within the range of probability that Parliament would, for the ask- ing, come down" with a grant for the support of his Iloli- ness, otherwise no doubt the attempt would have been made. Hence there was nothing for it but to trust in "ourselves alone," and the result is a golden tribute, equal in value to one half of the grant which the English Treasury means to allot for the secondary purpose of rescuing certain dis- tricts from the horrors of starvation.—Times. THE CHOLERA IN LIMERICK.—We are deeply concerned to learn, by a letter from a private correspondent, that the cholera has appeared at Limerick, where it is making awful ravages." The letter expresses surprise that no notice of the fact has been taken by the English journals. Writing from Limerick, on the 22nd instant, our correspondent says: —" The fearful scourge first visited this city last MOlldaythre0 weeks. Since then, there have been at least, from all the in- formation I have gathered, upwards of 2,000 cases. I am told, on the authority of a medical practitioner, that for some days past, not fewer than a hundred deaths from it have occurred daily. I know of two cases in which corpses re- mained unburied for eight-and-forty hours, because coffins could not be procured fast ciiough.-Pati-iot. THE WRECK OF THE LONDONDERRY STEAMER.—After a trial which occupied two days at the Deny Assizes, Captain Johnston and the mates of the ill-fated Londonderry steamer were acquitted of "the assault of Hannah Brennan and others, and of having caused her death by placing her and others in a place on board the Londonderry steamer, where they had not a sufficiency of air to preserve life; and that, while there, the said traversers neglected to pay her and others proper attention, and had thereby caused the death of the said Hannah Brennan." HARVEST PROSPECTS.—-The Meath Ilerald says, We have seldom witnessed a spring season wherein- farming operations-were so far advanced, nor one in which more grain has been sown than in that of the present." EXECUTION OF THREE MURDERERS.—The lioscommon Messenger, of Wednesday, contains the following appalling statement:—"This day, Commons, convicted of the murder of Major Mahon, and the two Scallys, husband and wife, for the murder of Alicia Brennan, were executed in front of our county gaol. Commons mounted the fatal scaffold with firmness, and was in a few moments in eternity. Scally was very weak, and had to be supported. He apparently suffered little; but then a scene most horrible to relate ensued. When the female Scally was about being executed, when the trap was let go, her leg caught in it. The unfortunate woman cried out, so o» to be Ryard. by those at a consider- able distance, I Oli, oh, l am caught in tliebars r till the hangman pushed her off and put an end to her sufferings. This scene, though of short duration, was indescribably re- volting. and horrible to witness." IN a case at the Clonmel assizes, John Ryan, a witness, described himself as a hereditary fiddler. SINCE the days of the Volunteers," asserts the Newry Ex- aminer, there has been no agitation in the north of Ire- land equal in importance, or at all approaching in enthu- siasm, to that provoked by the rate in aid."

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