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-----__-----.-THE NORMAL COLLEGE.…


THE NORMAL COLLEGE. E. The various deputations continue unwearied in their la- bours on behalf of the College. All the accounts that have reached us show that they are kindly and warmly received wherever they go. They meet with no difficulty or opposi- tion, but the most cordial approval is manifested by the peo- ple, both as regards attendance and contributions. The Hey. J. D. Williams and the Rev. J. P. Jones, of Bridgend, com- menced their tour this week, and will, we doubt not, meet the same reception as the other deputations have experienced. We have received several reports of meetings held by the Rev. Thomas Price, Ab'erdare, and tlie HOT..John Tixomas, B wlchnewydd. Our space will not admit of lengihy reports; we shall merely give brief notices of them. TIIOED-V-HHIW.—The Rev. R. Johns, Baptist minister, presided. The addresses of the deputation were listened to with the greatest attention. The deputation succeeded in en- listing the sympathies of the neighbourhood. It is pleasing to observe that Mr. Morgans and Mr. Johns, the ministers, take so lively an interest in the affairs and success of the institution'. DIN AS COLMKRY, MAucu 2.—The meeting, which was large and imiueutial, was held in the -independent chapel, Cymar. The Rev. J. Evans presided. The meeting was addressed by n the deputation with great effect, and although, the meeting lasted nearly three hours, yet the m ;st lively attention was. kept up to the last. The three congregations in the neighbour, hood, m conjunction with their respected ministers, have signi fied. their intention to make public collections for the College. CAE-IPil-f,LY, MAncli 6.—The meeting was. held in the ilap- t;,it aii,t over by the ..Rev- D' Jones, the mi- nister, and addresses were delivered by the deputation. and I other ministers who were present. 'The* meeting Was ;all.that could be wished for. The next day many friends showed their readiness to co-operate with the committee by contributing to the funds of the College. TUEFOREST, IAIWH 7. -The ini.t-tit-ig was held in Libanus chapel. The chair was taken by Mr. Lewis Thomas, a highly respectable member of the Methodist connexion, who in his opening speech made some excellent remarks on education, and the duty of all to support the Normal College. The meet- ing was then addressed by Mr. Thomas and Mr. Price. A vote of thanks was given to the deputation, and also to the chairman, after which the meeting separated. PoNTYi'iunn, MARCH 5.—The meeting was held in the Methodist Chapel. Rev. James Richards, Baptist minister, occupied the chair. Mr. Richards gave a concise history of the present movement, and in a luminous and interesting address commended the principle on which the institution was carried on. lie said that no one could say an) thing against the voluntary principle; the only charge attempted to be brought forward was its inefficiency; but this charge Mr. Rich- ards contended was a disgrace to human nature, for it at once implied that man preferred slavery to freedom. The chairman concluded a most excellent address by declaring that the insti- tution had his warmest sympathy. The meeting was after- wards_addressed by the deputation. The next day the deputa- tion visited the friends of education in the towrn, and met with every kindness, and obtained a considerable amount of aid towards the building fund.. We may venture to express a hope that the thriving town of Pontypridd will not long be without an efficient British school established therein.


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