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TRIALS OF PRISONERS. MANSLAUGHTER. Benjamin Richards, aged 18, was charged with the manslaughter of Anne Hichards, of the parish of Llangunllo, by having thrown a stone at her; from the effects of the blow she then received she died. The prisoner pleaded Not Guilty. He was also arraigned on the coroner's inquisition. Mr. Grove stated the case to the jury, from whose address it appears that the melancholy transaction occurred on the 26th of August last, and the deceased, Anne Richards, was the wife of one Abraham Richards, a farmer, residing at a place called Cwm- nantyffynnon, in the parish of Llangunllo, in this county. It appeared that the deceased went into a garden to gather plums, taking her son with her. On arriving at a hedge which divided the prosecutor's farm from that of the prisoner's family, she got up into a tree in the boundary hedge, and had commenced gather- ing the plums, when the prisoner came out and used some very strong language, but whether the deceased said anything or not. it was not known. The prisoner then threw several stones at the deceased one of them struck her slightly, and the other very violently, inflicting a serious bruise on the groin. She fell down dropped a rake which she had in her hand, and said she had been killed. The son was present, and saw what occurred he went to the house, and stated what had occurred, and the daughter came to her mother's assistance. The husband was in the house, and heard what had happened, but thinking that the boy had ex- aggerated the matter, did not feel much concerned, until the de- ceased was brought into th house by the daughter in a very weak and feeble state. She was put to bed and received medical assist- ance, but died on the 15th of September. The origin of the jea- lousy that appeared to subsist between the parties was caused by the plum tree, which was situated in the boundary hedge. Several witnesses were then examined by Mr. A. Jenkin, who confirmed the statement made by the learned counsel. Mr. Hall cross-ex- amined the several witnesses, and addressed the jury on behalf of the prisoner; after which he called a number of respectable per- sons who gave the prisoner an excellent character. The learned Judge summed up, and the jury, after an absence from court of about an hour, returned a verdict of Not Guilty. Counsel for prosecu ion, Messrs. Gi-ove and Jenkin; attorney, Mr. Thomas Bavies, Cardigan counsel for prisoner, Mr. E. C. Lloyd Hall attorney, Air. James Parry, Newcastle Einlyn.








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