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MEltTHYK, PEACE.—An eloquent lecture on this important subject was delivered on Monday evening last, at the Labemacle chapeljfby the Rev. John Roberts, the minister. The llov. T. Aubrey, Wesleyan minister, presided. Mr. R. spoke for about an hour and a half, and his address was well received by an over- flowing audience. MESMERISM.—The interest excited in this town by Messrs. J i-kson and Davey on this subject continues unabated. On Tuesday evening Mr. Jackson delivered a philosophical and eloquent lecture on the influence of priestcraft in the middle ages, and of the Brahmins in India on their followers, and accounted for the same on mesmeric principles. Mr. Davey then mesmerised his son and Mr. Adkin, of this town, together, and by applying his fingers to the different organs, caused much merriment- To have clear views of the wonderful effects of this science one must be an eye-witness. The most preju- diced must be convinced, from the fair way in which everything M treated, that no deception is practised by the able operator. I:> DOWLAIS.— FATAL ACCIDENT.—John Jones, miner, aged 24, was killed at one of the levels of these extensive works, on Tuesday, by a fall of stone and rubbish from the top.