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LLANELLY. THE lecture for last week was delivered by Mr.E. V. Ravens- croft, of this town, on Orthography and Phonetic Spelling." The lecturer endeavoured to show that the present orthography of the English language failed to express the sounds of that language, and was successful in proving that no Englishman can'tell with certainty how to pronounce any English word which he has only seen written nor to spell any English word which he has only heard spoken. lie then pointed out many of the disadvantages which resulted from the use of such an orthography, and reverted to the spelling-reform now making such rapid progress in the literary world, the adoption of which would remove all the difficulties of the Romanic orthography and besides conferring other advantages, rendered the art-- of reading and spelling so easy, that they may be attained with correctness in a space of time varying from one day to three months, according to the intelligence of the learner. The lecture proved highly interesting, and was listened to with marked attention. The Rev. Thomas Roberts and Mr. B. Howell, in proposing the thanks of the meeting to the lecturer, strongly recommended the subject of Phonetic spelling to the attention- of the audience. Mr.oiiANics" Iss-rrffTioN.—The .1f\1 WeeMy Wit., delivered by the Rev. David Hees; Of this town, the subject,, under notice being the Period of Youth." This being a very useful subject, it was treated on at great length by the reverend gentleman, and the various topics introduced were well handled. The lecturer very forcibly recommended the cultivation of can- dour, integrity, honesty, and industry for young men engaged in commercial and other pursuits in life, as sure channels whereby they can arrive at real respectability. He also related several instances of men of the most distinguished eminence, who entirely owe their advancement and reputation to the course they had adopted during the spring time of their lives and stated that most people of even ordinary capacities can attain to eminence, by strict application of their abilities at the proper season and, in conclusion, recommended the three fol- lowing suggestions to be adopted for the formation of proper habits during the period of youth, namely, a careful arrange- ment of your money, a diligent use of your time, and strict attention to be paid to the formation of character. The reverend gentleman was requested, and has promised, to deliver the same lecture in Welsh at a future period.