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THE EXETER PRELATE AND HIS VICTIM. IF the great body of Dissenters, and all other friends of religious Uberty in the kingdom, dp not raise such a storm righteous indignation about the ears of all parties directly or indirectly concerned in the imprisonment of the Rev. Mr. Shore, as wiU make them glad to liberate their victim, then we have greatly mistaken our men, and shall despair of any speedy reform in our hateful ecclesiastical laws. We can- not toe often impress on the minds of our leaders, that no Government, trammelled by a Church Establishment, can be expected to take a single step, voluntarily, in the direction of religious liberty-a principle which is the very antipodes of political priestcraft. The distinctly expressed opinion of united and deliberative multitudes is absolutely necessary to rouse one fulers into an attitude of attention, when cases of conscience are to be considered. The voice of the CtttKY has never yet been silent in the great and holy cause justice aud freedom.* Let it now give forth an utterance worthy of itself, and,, of <tn occasion which demands its full energy. L(1t.. The dwellers in tho-valeg and in the roeVs Sliout to vuuU other," and. summon such a gathering of piety, intelligence, and eloquence as old Wales shall be proud of, whilst the turbu- lent arch-priest of Exeter aud his myrmidons quail at the ku-e echo. We laugh to scorn-the paltry quibble, that Mr. fihorc is imprisoiied fox* costs, aud not for preaching in an It #iLcousecra-ted"' chapel. How were-'thoricosts IVcurred P A whode suit are they now attenrpted to be enforced? What is the real head and front" of Mr. Shore's offence ? These questions are easily answered by every unm and woman of common understanding. A clearer case of persecution- malignant, resolute, Bonner-like persecution for conscience sake-has never been recorded since the law for burning "heretics" was repealed. If such bishops as Henry of Exeter be permitted thus to wreak their dark-souled vengeance upon clergymen who, like Mr. bhore, presume to think for themselves, and preach the Gospel "without conferring with flesh and blood," even though clad in purple and fine lim-rt, and capped with a gilded toy, called a mitre,—if the land z!1 boasting its PROTESTANT REFORMATION permits this, we must, though in the midst of tearful expostulation, inscribe on the fabric of our national honour, Icii visou, the glory is departed!" But never shall this melancholy inscription deface the fair structure, for the sanctuary of our; Christian faith stands in its very front, and there is no profanity in saying, ou such an occasion, In the name of THE LORD we will set up our bannei-s