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Just Published, price Is., l n ACT S, FIG U R E S, and S T A T E M E N T S, in illustration of The DISSENT and MORALITY of WALES: AN APTBAL TO THE ENGLISH PUBLIC. BY EVAN JONES. The Truth against the World." A. few copies remain on hand, and may be had from BENJAMIN L. G-RBEN, 62, Paternoster-row, London. A NEW MODE OF WASHING-, S -YYS the Maidstone Gazette of Jan. 30, 1849, which has been advertised bv Mr. Twelvetrees, Bookseller, has been submitted to'us for trial We have ascertained by careful experience tnat tne plan pursued is really a great saving. Several persons who have purchased the pamphlet have been so well satisfied with it, that t'tfv have called at our office to suggest that we might do great good, Pld save much unnecessary labour, by strongly recommending it adoption by our readers generally, in allr scientilic celumn. We do this most conscientiously." rT,r T, » 4further notices in Evangelical Magazine, The tnena, betas Mercury, J[otlu:r,' Magazine, Professional Almanac, and all the principal Journals- The above method is so economical and expeditious hat a FAMILY'S SIX-WEEKS' VVAbri can be ACCOMPLits-o-liJJ BKr'OitE BRb:A.K.F4.:H', for less than sixpence, without a ^Th^Pamphiet car, fee had of HARPER TWELVETREES Bookseller, 14, New Miilman-street, toundhng, London, for 31 fctftxtwR ana a directed envelope and all Booksellers ior 2s bcl. Kent and Richards, õ 1 and 52, Pateraoster-row, Loudon. NORMAL COLLEGE FO'lt WALES. mO BUILDERS.—Parties desirous of Contracting for the I Erection of the NORMAL COLLEGE FOR WALES at SWANSEA, may see the drawings and specifications, on and alter fi- ind day of April next, at the offices of Messrs. FULLER and Gr-iGJJ LL, Architects, Saint Werburghs Chambers, Bristol; and eoaies of the same at the residence of Mr. BUOKXA.»I>, Honorary Secretary, Adelaide-place, Swansea, to whom tenders are to be delivered, sealed and endorsed, on or before tue 30th day 01 tne "^The Committee does not pledge itself to accept the lowest tender. — v mm iiiiiiiiiiiiririi^iiMiii i"nvinnri TO AGENTS. We will thank our agents to put their names on the wrappers of roamed papers, as follows: Mr. W. Thoinas," or David Jones (as the case may be), PKIN UIPAI.ITY Office, Cardiff." TO UBCIUREgS. TBRMS of SUBSCRIPTION :—4* 9d, per quarter, payment in ad- utx/ics if on credit, 5s.. Post Office Orders should be made payable to DAVID EVANS, Principality Office, Cardiff. Remittances may be made in postage stamps to tha amount of one quarter's subscription. In order to save trouble and prevent delay, all letters relating to advertisements, and for the supply of the paoer, should be addressed to the Publishers of the PRINCIPALITY.' TO ADVERTISERS. The large and increasing Circulation of the PRINCIPALITY rtW's it a most advantageous medium for Advertisements of all ascriptions. The terms are moderatesix lines and under, five and threepence for each additional line. A considerate redaction is made on Advertisements repeatedly inserted. TOT LARGEST CIRCULATION IN WALES. TO CORK liS PON DENTS. SUSVN Nipp-tt.We will make room next week. 1). POWKLL."—Another account was in type when yours came been compelled to omit an article on Life Assurance, f, of space, as also several paragraphs of local and generah intdceiveLd-D. S. LEWIS, D. J. NICHOLAS, S. M. VAUOHAN, J. L. B. GóO :WE WILLIAMS."—Your letter is an advertisement. «< j).UJ{oWH.—Stamps will do. "H, (j VVe regret the ouussioa of which you complain, and coluÚ take steps to secure oetterreports of meetiugs in future. « j (Denbigh).—The lines are declined. í

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