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TT LEAGUE OF UNIVERSAL BROTHERHOOD, TO THE EDITOR OF THE BRISTOL MERCURY. I P,, _It is well known to many of your readers that one of the grand objects of the League of Universal Brotherhood is to promote the friendly intercourse between nations, as a means to bring about this most desirable end; cities, soci- eties, and various institutions have written letters of friendly greeting to kindred cities, societies, and institutions in other lands. Some months ago a public meeting was convened at the British School-room, Counterslip, for the purpose of adopting an address to the women of Farmington, U.S. To this letter the ladies' committee (in connexion with the Bris- tol branch of the above society) have recently received a response, and believing it to be of local interest, think its publication desirable. If, therefore, you will kindly insert it in the Bristol Mercury, we shall feel obliged. I am, sir, yours respectfully, March 5th, 18-19. EMMA S. MATHEWS, Secretary. From the Women of Farmington, in the state of Connecticut and United States of America, to the IV,)J)wn of Bristol, England. DEAlt FRIENDS AND SISTIOLIS,—After too long a delay we re- turn to you our thanks for your cordial proffer of acquaintance and love, and we reciprocate your desire for sympathy. We thank you for your desire to know us that you may enhance us in your affections, and we also wish" not to mind our own things, but those of others." We thank you, too, covdinl reception with vvhich you have welcomed our countryman, Mr. Bu I-ri: t, and trust that his benevolent efforts will form many new ties of harmony and affection between us and you. You and we of this land may also well turn our thoughts to others, for we are not forced by the sway of despotism to an absorbing consideration of our o n n wrongs; and in this day of change among the naiio is nny we not well exchange our congratula- tions, and express a common gratitude that our institutions need no such overtuvnmg as oppression has at last occasioned on the Continent. We rejoice in every token that the gospel of Jesus Christ, which is love and "peace on earth," is more and more fully accomplishing its mission, and that its spirit is more fully understood; and we anticipate, with joyful faith, that period when His prayer, that all may be one," shall be fulfilled with a completeness and a perfection which we do not yet fully conceive. When all the dwellers on the earth shall not only in the sight of the Father of all be animated by one spirit, but shall, as it wore, no longer dwell apart and in igno- rance of one another, but sharing mutually their feelings and purposes, shall rejoice in the consciousness of unity and har- nony. We welcome, as promoting this unity and expansive- uess of heart, ail that diminishes our ignorance of those whose homes are remote from ours, and that brings thmn forth to us as individuals with the same desires and aims as ourselves. We know, indeed, that we are far from having attained the blessed consummation of the history of this world; for the echoes of war must have died away long before the knowledge and love of one another shall have united all hearts—and these are still sounding in our ears. But by the good providence of God, these bonds that connect the Various portions of our race -the mutual dependence of material interests, the community of intellectual pursuits and pleasures-are becoming so numer- ous, and are so co-operating with the spirit and precepts of our blessed Saviour, that we are sure that all array of public hos- tility oil the field of battle must soon have been done away with; and we find in the sentiments awakene-l in your hearts, and to which our own respond, a new assurance that selfishness in all its forms will give pi tee to ilia ilifkst.,Ltiolis of love, so becoming to those who are tIe children of one Father, and the heirs of a common home in heaven. We arc, your friends and sisters, THE WOMEN OF FARMINGTON. Signed in their behalf, and bv their appointment, SAR VII PORTER, ) ISABELLA B. HOOKER, j Committee. Farmington, Connecticut, August 21, 1818.