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EMIGRATION TO BOSTON, U.S. I THE First-class Copper-fastened Ship, TAFF, Will sail from the Bute Docks, Cardiff, on or about the 1st April, and will have room for a limited num- ber of Passengers. EMIGRATION TO QUEBEC. 4 TH ERE G U LA R TRADER, the Barque ELDON, 700 Tons Burthen, will sail from the Bute Docks, Cardiff, on or about the 12th April, for Quebec, and will have room for a limited number of Passengers. For terms, apply to Captain GILLESPIE, on board; or BATCHELOR BROTHERS, Merchants, Cardiff. MARCH 8, 1819. EMIGRATION. 4!IL THE Fine, Coppered, Fast-sailing Brig, A CAWTON, 400 Tons Burthen, O. A. K. DUNN, Master, I Now lving in the Bute Docks, Cardiff, will sail on or about the 5th of April, 1849, to PORTLAND, U. S. Persons intending to Emigrate will find this a most desirable opportunity, as the accommodations will be of a superior kind, such as are seldom offered at any of the outports. As steerage and cabin passengers of a limited number only are required, early application should be made to H. H. PARRY BROTHERS, and BROWN, Cardiff; G. W. JONES and CO., Newport; or to the Commander on board, who will show the vessel, and give every other information. EMIGRATION. I Ik i THE Fine, Fast-sailing, Coppered, and Cop- per-fastened American Ship (A 1), ARVUM, 600 Tons Burthen, HIRAM VIJTALL, Master, Now lying in th 10, 1849, to This vessel's a a very desirable For further broker, Cardiff: Newport, Monn e Bute Docks, Cardiff, will sail on or about April BOSTON, U. S. Lccommodations are of a superior kind, and present opportunity for parties intending to Emigrate, particulars, apply to Mr. JOHN OWEN, Ship- and to Messrs. C. H. STONEIiOUSE and CO., iputhshire. emigkatkE t, k i BRISTOL to NEW YORK.—The Fine, Fast- sailing, Frigate-built Coppered Ship, JAVA, >800 Tens Burthen, JOSEPH SAMSON, Commander, (who has had great experience in the trade,) to sail trom BIUSTOL on the 10th of AKB.IL. Her 'tween decks are peculiary airy and lofty, and will bo fitted up with every convenience calculated to promote the health and comfort of the passengers during the voyage. She has a spacious Poop for Cabin Passengers where several families can be accommo- dated. No charge for passengers' lugg-age. To secure berths, early application should be made to MARK WHIT WILL, Licensed Passenger Broker, Middle Avenue, Queen Square. Bristol, March 20th, 1819. EMIGRATION. XT'OR QUEBEC, direct from the Newport P Docks, the Fine Fast Sailing, British-built Ship, MAECIIIONESS OF ABEKCOEN, 1500 Tons Burthen.* iE 1. E. KEY, COMMAND-™, will sail on or about the 28tli of March, 1849, wind and weather permitting. This splendid fast sailing Ship, (from her large carrying capaci- i ties) presents an opportunity to persons wishing to emigrate, seldom 10 -L)C met with her 'tween deeks being remarkably lofty and airy, »n.l the Commander being well experienced in the trade, can fur- l.i h parties with any necessary information. For further particulars apply to the Commander on board, Messrs. G. W JONES and Co., 28, Llanarth-screet, Newport, or P.vivtiY BROTH mis and BROWN, Bute-street, Cardiff. emigration IN THE STATE OF GEORGIA—UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.—For Sale, 120,000 Acres of FREEHOLD LANDS, in IRWIN COUNTY; in Lots of 120 Acres and upwards, at Five Shillings per Acre. The Lands lie between thirty-one and thirty- two degrees north distant from the Atlantic Ocean one hundred and twenty miles, and at an elevation of four hundred feet above its level; free from swamps, climate salubrious and healthy, distant from England eighteen or twenty (lays' sail. They are bouuded by the Navigable Rivers, the Flint, and the Ocmulgee. A railroad, two-thirds finished, passes through the lands, which will connect both these rivers.—Vessels sail nearly every Week from Liverpool to Savanna or Charleston. Passage to either City from £ 3 to E4 per head; From Charleston and Savanna, the Lands are reached bv either'Coach, Waggon, or Steam-boat.—Every information may be obtained relative to the above, &c. from RICHARD KEILY, Esq., No. 1, Royal Exchange Building, London. MMim A NUMBER of FAMILIES are about proceeding to form a J\ NEW COLONY of their own, in a delightful climate, where land, provisions, stores, and many other advantages will be furnished FREE to the first party of settlers. The larger the body the more agreeable for all. The sum of 100 Guineas will defray the passage, living, and every expense for a family of four adults. Parties dcVrous of further information can have a detailed pro- spectus sent to them, on application, with six postage stamps, to P. L. Simmonds, Esq., 5, Barge-yard, London. SOUTH WALES RAILWAY. y .OANS ON DEBENTURES..—The DIRECTORS o« this I ~j COMPANY are prepared to receive (vnder the powersi.fi tneir Act of Parliament) TENDERS of LOANS of MONEY, on security of Debentures. Tenders, stating amount and term of years of proposed Loans, to be addressed to the undersigned, N. ARMSTRONG, Secretary. By Order, SO'lth Wales Railway Office, 449, West Strand, London, March 21, 1849. I IOZ" -'L .1 mHE PATENT ECLIPSE LAMP FOR EURNIRG ENGLISH'S PATENT CAMPHINE, With its recent improvements, is now FREE FROM SMOKE, is the perfection of light, and forms a most elegant Ornament for the Drawing-room or Library. Though the light of the Vesta Lamp was beautiful beyond all others, it was liable to throw out clouds of smuts. The PATENT ECLIPSE LAMP- has a larger and more perfect flame, and is not liable to this accident. Its clear, steady, and softly-shaded light, preserves the strong sight, and assists the weak, which the feeble flickering candle damages and strains. It is the cheapest of artificial lights, and is so simplified that there Van be no mistake, and there is no trouble in its management. No. 4, equal to the light of 12 candles, cost. rid. per hour, 21s. No. 2J, equal to the light of 8 candles, costs |d. per hour, 17s. 6d. No. 1, equal to the light of 3 candles, burns 12hours for Id., 12s. 6d. Night lamps to btiril 80 hours for Id., 4s. (id. Old Camphhie Burners and Pillars, including Palmer's Candle Lamp, altered to this principle at a trifling cost. To be had only, and seen Burning daily, at William Pamall's Lamp & Chandelier Establishment, 18, CLARE-STREET, BRISTOL. WARD'S LARGE ASli' HSSW ST3SUK or PAPSR-SANaiNGS HAS JUST COME TO HAND FOR THE PRESENT SEASON; CONSISTING of 8000 PIECES of the most elegant DESIGNS that can be brought before the Public in FRENCH' CHINESE, INDIAN, and ENGLISH tastes and designs, of the most superb patterns that can be produced, greatly surpassing any ho has before had. Also, elegant sets of patterns representing Stag Hunting, Italian Boys, and various other subjects, so admirably executed as to obtain the Prize awarded by PRINCE ALBERT at the Society for the Promotion of Arts and Commerce. J. W., in returning thanks to his numerous supporters, not forgetting the Trade, for the very liberal patronage they have been pleased to favour him with, begs to inform them that he has this season nearly doubled that of the last, for the express purpose of procuring them at such remarkably low prices as to enable him to render them as low as any House in the Kingdom, as well as to have that great variety which cannot fail to please every taste. Splendid Crimson Flocks as low as 5s. 6d. per piece. LIST OF PRICES AS FOLLOWS: £ s. a. Rich Crimson Flock .per piece 0 5 6 All Crimson, imitation ditto 0 3 6 Ditto Glazed, ditto ,0 4 0 Rich Satid Watered ditto I) 0 2 10 Ditto Ditto 0 2 0 Elegant Drawing-room Paper „ 0 1 6 Dining-room, Crimson and Oak.. = I) 0 2 '0 Verygoodditto. 018 £ s. d. Parlour Paper (last year 2s. 6d.) poi-piece 016 Library Paper. 0 1 4 Good Sitting-room and Bed-room „ 0 1 0 Very superior „ 0 13 Bed-room.. 4 b.. 0 0 8 J)itto ó 0 0 7 Ditto 0 0 6 Ditto 0 0 4 The Proprietor wishes to inform his Customers, that he undertakes to Paint and Paper Houses by Estimate "or Admeasurement, war- ranting to give satisfaction to all Parties who will be kind enough to favour him. The Trade supplied at 5 per Cent. on any amount over t-5. Patterns, free of charge, sent to any part of the Country, upon application. All Papers marked in plain figures, and no abate- ment whatever. J. W. begs to state that, in compliance with the wishes of several Ladies and Gentlemen in this Neighbourhood, he shall henceforth keep a regular supply of PIANO-FORTES, both for Sale and to Let out on Hire, of first-rate Instruments, by Collard, Broadwood, and Metzier, and has by him now some very superior Instruments. Among the many novel articles now on hllld is the PATENT DOWN QUILT, adapted for a Large Bed, and so constructed as to make a beautiful Chair or Sufa Pillow; the PRINCE of WALES'S EASY CHAIR, which is not only elegant in its appearance, but is considered to be the most comfortable yet invented Patent Rising Dressing-Glass Patent Night Commode; Smea's Patent Reading Stand Drawing-room Table Book-Stand Angola Hearth-Rugs; Sliding Hearth-Brush together with a very great variety of fancy Drawing-Room Chairs, of quite a New Style, elegant Dressing- Glasses with Marble Slabs, from £2 up to £6 6s, with a variety of other new things. The Proprietor wishes to call particular attention to his large and elegant assortment of CARPETINGS and HEARTH-RUGS, of every description, the patterns and quality of which cannot fail to meet the approbation of ail who may be pleased to favour him with an inspection 47 quite new Patterns of Brussels, just struck off the blocks, very superior quality, 3s. 6d. per yard, regularly sold at 4s. 6d. per yard the very best that can be manufactured for money, at 4s. 6d. per yard Dutch Carpets, in all widths, and quite a new class of Patterns, of the very best quality; Kidderminsters and Druggetings; Linen Crumb Cloths, in great variety, at equally low prices. J. W. takes this opportunity of bringing before the Public his List of CABINET and UPHOLSTEltING GOODS, &c., &c., now on hand and feeling confident, f. om the great success that he has met with, that the attention so called will not be in vain, being assured that his Goods are of such a general character as cannot fail to suit all parties, having on hand a very large assortment of first- quality Goods, together with every description of Common Furniture. Marqueterie Drawing-Room Furniture. The Sutherland AVork Tible, forming Card Table, with Chess, Cribbage, Backgam- mon, Work-box, and a new shaped Bag Loo Tables Occasional Tables The Elizabethan Star Table The Bell Table, with rich inlay Twelve Fancy Work Tables, all beautiful Marqueterie Papier-Mache Drawing-Room Furniture. I Most elegant Landscape Tables Circular Tables, pearl and gold chess tops Ditto, sizes smaller, with groups of flowers Fitted-up Ladies' Work Tables Handsome Fire Screens, pearl and gold Pearl Indian Sunk Tables Indian Banister Chair, pearl and gold I Gondola Chain, pearl and gold I Ditto Patent Alberts, dowered, pearl and gold I Ditto Yoke, pearl and gold Four feet Rosewood Loo Tables, E5 5s. Pair ditto Card-tables to match, f6 6s. Ten difierent-style Easy Chairs, Cabriole feet and arms, f2 10s. upwards Elizabethan Pillows, marqueterie tops New-style Cylinder Cheffioueer Ditto, plain New Fitted-up Fancy Bell Table Rosewood Drawing-Room Furniture. 0 0 Ditto, brass mounted Chess-top Tables Handsome Cut Fire Screens Ditto, plain Cabriole Settees, perforated back and spin- dle, quite new Doul/le-end Settee, in Cabriole, quite new Ditto, ditto, Single-end, varying in style Elizabethan Ottoman Ditto, Carved Ottoman Music Stools; fancy Occasional Tables Ditferent-style fancy Work Tables French Chairs, large and small Difierent-style solid Rosewood Chairs A large assortment of Drawing-room Fancy Chairs Cabriole Marble-top Wash-stands, in va- rious sizes New style Cylinder Cheffioneers Four-feet solid Loo Tables, polished, iC3 19s. Three-feet six Loo Tables, E2 19s. Hair-bottom Chairs, each 13s. 6d. Cheffioneers, f-3 10s. Sidebaords, Telescope Tables, Dining and Pembroke Tables New Style Dining-room Chairs, yoke back Library ditto Spanish Mahogany Hall Chairs, Cabriole feet, moulded back Hall Chairs; ditto, ditto, carved back Mahogany Umbrella Stands, extending arms Ditto, ditto, no arms Portable Easy Chairs Chinnock's Patent Easy Chair A large assortment of Easy Chairs, newest styles Mahogany Furniture. Patent Easy Chairs, of different stvles An Assortment of Sofas and Couches, in different styles Four-post, Half-Testor, French, and other Bedsteads, in various stvles; Mahogany Wardrobes ° J Tent Bedsteads, from 16sr'; Mahogany-bot- tom Chairs, 4s, (id. Beaufets and Corner Cupboards Chests of Drawers, newsfyles, painted ditto Washstands and Dressing-tables, mahogany and painted Ditto, Mahogany, Marble-tops A large assortment of Bfcdrooui Chairs Cane Swing Cots; Mahogany-cane Table '4 Chairs Plain Cane Table Chairs Mahogany Marble-top Wash and Chamber- stands New-style Painted Washstands Room Screens and Chairs Back Fire Screens Bedsteps, forming Commode and Cupboard Ditto, Steps andColllmüÜe Ditto, Commode Mahogany and Painted Chamber Horses Ottoman Bedstead, forming Easy Chair, Couch, Ottoman, and Bedstead Fjeather-beds Miipuff ditto; Hair, Wool, and Miipuff mattresses Chimney and Dressing Glasses, various styles New Patent Rising Ih.es"in,Gla8 New Patent Night Commode Smea's Patent Reading Stand Drawing-room Table Bo<)k-<1ad Gold and Plain Embossed Leather, for Doors New Toilet Table, with fixed drawers and glass, allowed to be one of the first arti- cles in the trade &e. &c. &c. Silk and Worsted Gimps Cords and Tassels for Couches, Ottomans, Pillows, or Chairs, in great variety of colours Ladies' Skeleton Bags, for Berlin Work; also, a Fancy Emb issed Velvet German and Russian Bags, in various:pat- terns Angola Hearth-rugs, 6 ft. by 3 ft. The Patent Drawing-room Sliding Hearth- brush Embossed Velvet, in various colours Superfine Cloth, scarlet and black, cu nson and black, any size, for Table Cloths Papier-mache Table Mats and Doilers Indian-grass ditto and Doilers Quite a new assortment of Berlin Patterns, Wools, Purse Silk, Knitting and Crotchet Books, Coloured and White Boar's-head Cottons, and every other article belonging to the same department, just come to hand Various Articles. A large assortment of Patent Carpet Bags, double lock, andaddress can be lockedin- side of the lock A variety of the Patent Leather and Brussels Carpet Bags Carpet Bags, from 4s. up to 17s. each. A nice assortment of Velvet Carpet Hassocks Ditto, Brussels Ditto, Common Ladies' Carriage Carpet &- Wool Feet-Muffs Crimson Druggeting ditto-; crimson and grey A large Stock of Druggeting, plain and printed Variety of Dutch Carpeting A large assortment of Kidderminster Carpets Yard, §, aijtl.i Yard Carpeting A large assortment of Giraffe Damasks, qute new. Ditto, mixed with Silk Lapland Rugs Ditto, Fancy Work- ditto, Plain colour Hearth-rugs and Door-rmrs Cornice Fringes and Belf Pulls,, of various prices Oil Cloths, from three yards wiele down to half-yard White Marble Oil Cloth, expressly for wash- stand tops Ditto, Rosewood, Mahogany, Gold, and Claret, best goods Ditto, Common, of various patterns Cocoa Matting; ditto Manilla; ditto In- dian figured; ditto plain ditto Dutch Foot-stools; Camp-stools Brass and Mahogany Window Poles and Buds Musical Pictures American Chairs Slipper St (is Ladies' Work-frames Eight-day Timepiece, remarkably low Common Goods, of all kinds, at remarkably low prices A large assortment of English and Foreign Fancy Toys Fancy Cabinet Goods, such as Tea-Caddies, Work-Boxes, Desks, Net- tiiig ai)(I Glovc., Boxes, &(, &c., &c., of the latest designs. The Proprietor also begs to inform his numerous supporters that lie is appointed by W. SMEA and SON, Sole Agent in Wales for that valuable article called the FRENCH POLISH PRESERVER, which preserves and hardens the Polish, keeping up that beautiful brilliancy which is so much desired, and can be made use of by any servant with the greatest ease; in bottles, Is. 3d. and 2s. 6d. each. J. W. wishes to inform the Trade that he has on hand a large assortment of the following VJBNKERS for sale :-Mahlwany, Rosewood, Maple, and Satin Wood and intends keeping a regular supply for the convenience of parties un the Hills, saving them the expense of going to Bristol for such things, intending to sell at Bristol prices. Also, Mahogany Boards of various thicknesses on Sale. J. W. begs to inform the Inhabitants of this Neighbourhood, that in compliance with the d.'sire of several parties, he, for the future, will be an HOUSE AGENT; and shall be most happy in receiving instructions from any parties, either to procure or let Houses for the same. J. W. begs to call the attention of the inhabitants of Aberdare, Merthyr, Bowlais, and their respective Neighbourhoods, to his Establishment, being assured that they will effect a saving of about 15 per ceiit.j together with the advantage of selecting from a general assortment. A large Assortment of Angola Wool Rugs, of various Colours, just come to hand. ALL GOODS MAltXED IN PLAIN FI.GUHKS," AND NO ABATEMENT. Duke-street j Cardiff, 7 th March, 1849. 111' I .1 i m I IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT. NOW SELLING OFF, AT a very great reduction, all the immense and well-selected STOCK of London and Paris Hats, Caps, and Umbrellas, belonging to D. RICHARDS, 74, St. TlAlty-STREET, CARDIFF. This being the largest Stock of the above Goods in the town (nearly the whole of which has heen manufactured within the last fill 'to three months), the present opportunity offers peculiar advantages to those who wish to purchase an article of first-rate style and quality at a very low pi-ice. ""dents IMPROVED WATCHES AND CLOCKS, J. DENT, Watch and Clock-maker by distinct appointment JH| to the Queen, Ut. It. H. Primo A'ttcrt, and H. I. M. the Emperor of Russia, most respectfully solicits from the public an inspection of his extensive STOCK OF WATCHES AND CLOCKS. Embracing all the late modern improvements, at the most econo mieal charges. Ladies' Gold Watches, with gold dials, jewelled in four holes, 8 gs. Gentlemen's, with enamelled dials, 10 gs.; Youth's Silver Watches. 4 gs. Warranted accurate going Level Watches, jewelled in four holes, 6 gs. —E. J. DENT, 82, Strand; :5:3, Cockspur-street; and ;4, Royal Exchange (Clock Tower Area), London. -CC" BOTE DOCK BRICK COMPANY. rpir| Plt^I' RI.gTQ.ItS fil „the abote. BRICK and TILE J AN UFACTORY beg leave to inform the Public gene- raily, that tiiev shall be enabled, during the ensuing Summer, to supply good RED BUILDING BlllCKS at 28s: -per 1000, Three Mouths' Credit, or 24 per Cent. Discount for. Cash. Also, Tiles, Eidg-es, Drain Pipes, Drain Tiles, Squares, &c. Goods forwarded by Railway or Canal to Newbridge, Merthyr, &e. RICHARD STOWE, Manager. Office at the Manufactory, Eastern side of Bute Docks. [The ci cular of the Company was accidentally inserted lat week instead of the above.] "i- 110 DE SOLI),, A Superior Three-Horse Power High-pressure Steam Engine, -•S^lT.iyS New BOILER and FITTINGS complete. Apply to f WIJ.LI AM VACHELL, Cardiff. -T ;V NAliUEHTlI. ~7 rIO;be¡ L(!t, and entered upon the 29th day of September next JL- (1649)', the well-kuown COMMERCIAL INN and POST- USE., called I THE BFT2EST AE5S3, Situate in the town of Narberth, iii the county of Pembroke, with coiU'emjint and secure eoach-iiou es and stables and also about 27 acres of ncn .meadow land adjoining the premises. J'or farther particulars apply to B. It. Thomas, of Narberth. The Mi ei I ilipps, the present tenants, intend retiring from iiia(le, their, t'ortuiies, TUST ARRIVED, in SEED-TIME, a P-RINIE CARGO of Spanish Early Potatoes, Possessing a great number of eyes, and are well adapted for Seed. To be had at Mr. W. Hancock's Warehouse, near the Wharf Bridge. Cardiff, March 16th, 1849. DAILY EXPECTED, per STAli, from ANTWERP, a CARGO of > Prime White and Red Potatoes. The above are carefully selected, and will be found well worthy the attention of Growers, or for domestic use. Apply to G. C. BAYLIS, Wharf, Cardiff. TO GROCERS AND TALLOW-CKANDLHRS, k MOST favourable opportunity, and of rare occurrence, for 1-1. Embarking in Business.- TO BE LET, with immediate Possession, a House, Shop, Chandling House, and Store Houses, a with all other necessary conveniences, situated in a flourishing and rapidly rising town in South Wales. The shop is adjacent to the market-place, in one of the principal streets of thoroughfare. A good ready-money trade has been carried on for many years by "de present proprietor. Satisfactory reasons will be given tor resign- ing. The shop, fixtures, and chandling utensils to be taken at a valuation, and a lease of twenty-one years granted it required. Application by letter, post-paid, T. K., care of the Editor. w A N T E D, in a CENTRAL PART of CARDIFF, a Small House, with Three or Four Rooms and a Kitchen. Apply, prepaid, to B. A., Post-office. Cardiff. 1110 1, E il. THAT FARM-HOUSE, and OUT-BTHLDTNGS thereon, together with the WOOLLEN FAC TORY, and aii ii* re- quisite apparatus, known as The Tytomaen, in the Parish of Llanover. The Factory may be let with or w:,Iioiit the few pieces of Land which belong to it. Possession may be had on the first day of May next. For further particulars inquire of Mr. JAMES JAMES, Grocer, Llanover. CARMARTHENSHIRE. SALB of Valuable LIVB STOCK, CROP, IMPLTMEXTS of HI-I- BANDIIY, DAIRY UTENSILS, HUNTKKS, (JIG and HAH.NWS, SADDLES, BRIDLES, SPOKTWG DOGS, RUNS, &c., &C. MR. GEORGE GOODE HAS RBOJSIVED INSTRUCTIONS TO SELL, WITHOUT RESKBVI, At PARKE, in the Parish of HENLLAN, On Wednesday, the 4th day of April, 1849, 4LL the VALUABLE LIVE STOCK, CROP, Implement* of Husbandry, HUNTERS, capital Pony, Gig and Harness, Guns, Sporting Dogs, &c., the property of the late Nathaniel Row- lands, Esq., deceased. The Sticit consists of eight capital milch cows, some of which have calves at their feet, and the others are forward in calf, one two-year old bull, two two-year old in-calf heilers, two yearling steers, four steer calves, and two heifer calves, all of the pure black or breed, four excellent work horses, one verv snne- rior cob, an excellent hack, and goes well in harness, a supeuor chesnut horse, an excellent hunter and a good roadster, also a par- ticularly clever brown gelding, five years old, a tirst-rate humer, and a superior harness iiorse, fifteen sheep and lambs, a good cutSt; between the Leicester and Southdown breeds, a capital brood sow, and several store pigs, poultry, &c. The Implements of Husbandry consist of carts, ploughs, harrows, roller, chaff cutter, winnowing fan, & &e. A large quantity of seasoned timber, for agricultural and other purposes. The Crop, which is particularly well harvested, consists of two butts of hay, a stack of excellent wheat, two ditto of barley, n.u one of oats: also a large quantity of oats in store; 'together with the Dairy Utensils, scaies, weights, &c., &c. A capital gig and harness, nearly new, several saddles and bridVesr horse clothing, &e. three double-barrel gUllS, one single dite-i, several first-rate setters and pointers, and four excellent spaniels. The sale to commence at eleven o'clock.—Long credit will be given on approved security. Carmarthen, March 14: 1849. BRISTOL GENERAL STEAM NAVIGATION COMPANY, OFFICE* QUAY, BRISTOL. f I *H I'j following steam vessels are intended tor sail from Cumberland Basin, Bristol, to and from Cork, Juverna and Sabrina; Watt r- ford, Victory and Rose; Tcnby, Osprev and Phoenix Milford, Pater, and HfweriorlÍwu;<, ? Osprev Carmarthen, Torridge direct; .< Swansea, County, and Bercsford, Bristol Newport, Swift ARID Usk Cardiff, Star and Prince of Wales; as under-mentiorud, during MARCH, 1849;- ■■ FROM BRISTOL TO -= r i • j 3 i-g§S| 6|| te s MARCH. a |g -2 <2 C i 5 § '-3 p. 6 a I iS^hH] s Si 5 o ]__■ Thursday I 10 amj 9|am M Friday 2 11 am *»! 1 L.'pn;j 10s am 'I in Saturday 3 12 noon £ )' £ 11.jpmll2noon FIR.O'N Monday. 5 OP, 2 £ 'pm 2 EM Tuesday. 6 pm ok pra 3A pin 3I pm 4 AM s| PU. I> Wednesday 7 LI jnn 5 ..ra Thuisday 8 • S 6 am am 6 snft Friday 9 7 am o% 6 £ <UII 6 aa. T>A AM Saturday 10 7 am »| 7$AM 6 £ AN 7 ,.M Monday. 12 £ AA F sra Tuesday. 13 8 am 8 ain 8 am 8 am ? £ 8\ am 8 UU.IA- Wednesday!4 8 £ i.U. iJ .ua Thursday 15 C A A. 9 al) Friday 16 10 am 10 ami 9* am 10*m Saturday 17 am 3 lO.Uunjlei am lOiaiu. Monday. 19 12 noon 1 ;;I;I Tuesday -20 2J pm 2* pm 2J pm 2i pin "5 g. 2J am im 2 PM Wednesday21 S £ 3* PIU 3 «.NX. Thursday 22 G 41 AM 5 AM SI„M Friday 23 4I pm O. 5i -am 4* pa: «'< AM.' Saturday 24 5 pm 6^ am 54 AM 6- am. Monday .26 .64 AM AM- 2" Saturday 24 5 pm 6^ am 54 AM 6- am. Monday .26 .64 AM AM- Tuesday '27 8 am '4 am 74 AM 74 am 3 S '8 am 7I air. « ,IM Wednesday 2b 75 a: St ;,M Thursday 29 s S 94 am 83 am 9 Friday 3n 10 am FI ™ 10 am 9:{ uiu 10 am SATURDAY .31 10^ am| Kfiani 10;- un; II AM FOR BRISTOL FHOA-l -6 § £ \p « "g 5 S S o MARCH. a s a £ t fi .n co E-t £ C o p « s g « » Thursday l" TTT 11 am SI a;v S- 'm 1. i< iictay 11 AM 12 nighl 11 am 6 pm T. FLLJAM 8- am 9 ..nv Satu-day 3 1 AM LOI am LU AM Monday. 5 f| luesday. 6 1 pm « O, 5 am -4 N ^Wednesday 7, 3 pm 3 inu sdaiy 8 it & 6F am 4 pm 4 'NI rnday 0 6 am 7 am P J- 8 am 5 am 5t uiu baiurday 10 8 am 2 ani £ 74 am am 6 AM Monday. 121 6^16^ luesday 3 7 am =0 94 am (i* AM 7 \vedneeaayUi "S fij™ am ihursday LO JO AFFT }«\ 9 AM 10 PM 9 am 4 pm S G 104 am '7J dm 8 TM Saturday B «•§ 11 <" am 8* am S4 ATA Monday. 19 S -,T\ -rjic^iay 20 12110011 kill 1pm t ssn rriday. 23 .6 am 6 am -G g 6I am 8 pm 3* Sutuida; ~4 7jvni 1 am O 6i am 4| am 4 PM Monday .2G Z C Tuesday .27 7 am 'FC A O AM AM Wedn.-sday2S B am 6 AM Thursdav *9 ••• CI AM.C.i AJU j: 9» 11«10» 5 »»| II;; = a Z I s 3 ■" ••• ••• '»*T am 8$. AM 9 A)»'