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ŒJ£tI£ml JMts. TIIE Gazette announces the appointment of Lieutenant General Sir James Napier, G. C. B., to the local rank ef Gen- eral in the Army in the East Indies." THE HIGHT REV. DR. WISEMAN is now Roman Catholic Bishop of the London District, in the room of the Right Rev. Dr. Walsh, deceased. THE TOOTING MANSLAUGHTER CASE.—The trial has been postponed until next session, owing to Mr. Drouet's precarious state of health. IT is understood that the Bishop of Oxford is about to lead to the Altar the able and accomplished daughter of Mr. Baron Alderson. CONSOLIDATION OF THE PRISON BOARDs.The superintend- ence of the several prisons under the control of the Government and of the convict department is about to be consolidated under one Board. ROYAL COLLEGE OF SURGEO:S.- The council of this College have determined that the examinations for the Fellowship shall take place on Monday, the 2nd, and Wednesday, the 4th, of April next. FORGING Mmmy ORDERS.—A young man named Tootel, the son of the Postmaster at Edgeware, was charged at Bow- street on Saturday with having forged several money orders He was remanded until Wednesday, when he was committed. DEATH OF ANTHONY WHITE, ESQ.—-The medical profession has lost one of its brightest ornaments in Mr. Anthony White, the eminent surgeon, who died at his house on Friday morning last, at an advanced age. SUPPRESSION OF HETERODOXY IN OXFORD.—We are in- formed that a work, recently published by Mr. Froude, M.A., Fellow of Exeter College, entitled "The Nemesis of Truth, was a few days since publicly burned by the authorities in the college hall.. Pctriot. GREAVES, Fawcett, and Brenhead, the three men who, on the 10th of January last, knocked down a banker's clerk at Wake- field, and robbed him of 9 173, were convicted at York on Fri- day, and were each sentenced to twenty years' transportation. THE trial of Sarah Grout, charged with murdering two of her children, came on at Chelmsford on Saturday. The unfortu- nateWoman, during a fit of furious madness, cut down the children with a billhook. She was acquitted on the ground of insanity. AN EXCEPTION.—A son of the late lamented artist, Mr. Hay- don, whose untimely fate excited so much public sympathy, has been appointed by Lord John Russell to a junior clerkship on the first vacancy that has been fiiled up by the Treasury for some months past, in consequence of the reductions in the seve- ral departments. THE GAME-LAWS AT A DISCOUNT.—Three carpet weavers, named Phasey, Rennie, and Price, were tried at Worcester on Friday, for poaching in Lord Ward's preserves. They had been attacked and terribly beaten by Lord Ward's keepers. They were all of them acquitted—a striking proof of the hatred of the farmers for the game-laws. AT SALISBURY, on Saturday, two men, named Green and Lawrence, were sentenced to transportation for ten years, for highway robbeiy. They knocked down the prosecutor in the neighbourhood of Swindon, and whilst two others held him down, the prisoners rifled his pockets of a considerable sum of money. MR. GOltHAM'fj CASE.— The arguments in this case were brought to a close on Saturday. Dr. Bayford thought, as some new argument had been urged, he would wish to make a reply; but the Court thought the question had been most ably and most fully discussed, accompanied with great learning, and that it wanted no further reply. It would defer its judgment to a future day. A RAILWAY LABOURER named George Howe, who had been a gentleman's servant, was tried at York on Saturday for the wilful murder of his daughter, Eliza Amelia Howe. The de- ceased was born on the 30th of October last, and its mother died shortly afterwards. The prisoner, who was desirous of marrying a girl with E300, poisoned the infant with oxalic acid, fearing it might stand in the way of his forming the contem- plated marriage. He was found guilty, and sentenced to death. MR. HUDSON AND THE COMMITTEE OF INVESTIGATION.-The yiM-AsA re/MMH says No explanation can be sufficient entirely to exonerate Mr. Hudson. The charge of upwards of E2,000 for broker's commission we look upon as fatal to the abdi- cated Iron King." SIR C. J. NAPIER AND THE INDIAN WAR.—It is now defi- nitely arranged, that General Sir Charles James Napier, the new Commander-in-Chief in India, will leave town for Marseilles by the mail of the 24th instant, not the 20th, as was stated last week by several of our contemporaries. Sir Charles will be entertained by,the Directors of the East India Company at a grand banquet on Saturday next. The embarkation of the 75th and 87th regiments for India will not take place until after the arrival of the next mail from India. THE PAYMASTER-GENERAL'S OFFICE.—Mr. Osborne, M.P., has obtained a return showing the saving effected by the conso- lidation of the offices of the Paymaster-General, Paymaster of Civil Forces, and Paymasters of Exchequer-bills, &c. It ap- pears that the amount of the said saving in salaries is £ 16,145, equal to 45 per cent, or the difference between 1:36,045 and X 19,900. The saving of expense which may arise from giving up the offices of the Paymaster of Civil Services and of the Paymasters of Exchequer-bills, and from the decrease of other contingent expenses, cannot be correctly ascertained. The ex- pense of printing, of stationery, and other incidental charges of the office of Paymaster of Civil Services, have heretofore been included in the general expenses of the Treasury. It further appears that thirteen clerks have been promoted since August last the aggregate amount of whose salaries has thus been in- creased from C3,840 to 93,950. Certain allowances were with- drawn on promotion, and not renewed to the successors of the advanced clerk. LAWYERS FOR Bisi-ioppics.-Tlie practical profession of the Church in such a case as that of Mr. Gorham, is that the de- cision of doctrine is best left with the lawyers, and if so, why not allow them seats on the episcopal bench ? It would be a capital plan to secure the orthodoxy of the bar, to make bar- risters eligible for bishoprics, and would preserve a consistency now wanting in the syste,-n.Yatioital. THE DUKE AND Sllt C. NAPIER.-Sir Charles, at the late interview with the Duke, is said to have declined going to India. On this the Duke, in his customary curt style, responded, Then, sir, if you don't go, I must." United Service Gazette. LORD GOUGH'S LAST EXPLOIT.—" I came, I saw, I con- quered," was the boast of Caesar. "I came, I did not see,! did not conquer," should have been the bulletin of Lord Gough. He came, he made no reconnaisance, he shut his eyes, he put down his head, he rushed at the enemy like a mad bull,—Exa- miner. THE VALUE OF A DIPLOMA.If any fond father has a son who will be obliged to get his living by practising the medical profession, let that affectionate parent refer to the advertise- ments for assistants. Here is one :—" Wanted, a gentleman of undeniable character, and attached to his profession, as an assistant. A. gentleman holding a diploma, and requiring a year or two's experience, with kind treatment and opportuni- ties of improvement, rather than emolument, will be preferred. A moderate salary will nevertheless be offered.—Apply to M.D., care of f giving references." So, this gentleman of undeniable character is wanted as an assistant. He is to hold a diploma, and to require experience; but the latter, one would think, should have been a condition to the former. Surely he must be supposed to be very greatly in want of experience. Experience is to be his chief wages what services, then, is he. to render—domestic, culinary, atabular, or what? Johnson defined habit to be the power which a man acquires of doing a thing by repeatedly doing it." In like manner this assistant is to learn his profession by repeat- edly practising it. His work is to constitute his hire. It is to be observed that one of the advantages offered him is kind treatment," which, being advertised, must, of course, be some- thing extraordinary, 0 ponder well, ye parents dear," these things, before you allow your children to become the sons of Galen.—Punch. THE Times pronounces the Napiers all sons of Zeruiah, and Sir Charles the Joab of the family. THE WEATHER has, on the whole, been favourable since our last. We have had high drying winds, and though a few showers and some snow have fallen, field-work has hardly been interrupted. Sowing and planting are in a state of great for- wardness, and hitherto every kind of labour in connexion with the cropping of the land has progressed favourably. The reports which have lately reached us, relative to the appearance of the autumn sown wheat, are also of a more satisfactory cha- racter than some of the previously received accounts. In many of the principal wheat-growing counties along the east coast the aspect of the fields a week ago was anything but promising, the slug having committed great depredation but latterly the plant has recovered, and affairs now wear a much better appearance. Our prospects for the future, as far as the crops are concerned, may therefore be regarded as encouraging and were it not for the depreciation which large importations of foreign-grown corn have caused in prices, our farmers would have no reason to complain but with the short yield of last year, and the present value of agricultural produce in this country, no surprise can be felt that we should hear of distress.— Mark-lane Express.