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SWANSEA. ROYAL INSTITUTION.—On Friday evening last Dr. Wil- liams delivered the last of the series of lectures to the young men of Swansea. The subject advertised for the evening was the study of the mind," which Dr. Williams treated skilfully and simply. It is to bo hoped that these lectures have not been delivered in vain, but that very many of the young men who have attended so regularly upon the in- strucSons of Dr. Williams will be induced to follow out the hints they have received from so able an instructor, and em- nlov their leisure lio in the study and cultivation of the mind. FLOATING ACCOMMODATION.—The disappointment occa- sioned in the failure of the application made by the late deputation to the Lords of the Admiralty, to raise money on' the security of the corporation property, has given rise to something like public spirit in the town. Members of the Town Council, have been charged with inconsistency andlarge professions, large handbills have been placarded on the walls of houses, calling upon the inhabitants to watch the -entlemen whom they have put in power. On Monday last there was a full" meeting of the Harbour Trust, when the subject was fully discussed. "The subject of the proceed- ings" says the Herald, "may be briefly given by stating that a plan was submitted by an eminent'engineer (Mr. Abernethv,} for floating the Town Reach, at a cost not ex- ceeding £ 40,000; and that a committee was appointed for preparing a schemo for securing the necessary funds for the object, to report to the next monthly meeting of the trust. From the general feeling which prevailed on the necessity of immediately providing floating accommodation, as well as explanations given by the gentlemen appointed by the com- mittee, we have every reason to expect that the same spirit of promptitude and energy will be evinced on the part of tlxe committee, in carrying out-the duties that have devolved upon, them, as on this occasion, at least, marked the conduct (1 the general body of the trust. •; It would be as ungenerous as it is°unwise to conjure up imaginary delays before men are tried." SUNDAY SCHOOL UNIO CONFERENCE.—On Friday even- ing last, at Mount Pleasant Chapel, the monthly meeting of mis union took place. An interesting and instructive prayer was read by the Rev. D. Kvans, York-place, on "The Signs of the Times in their aspect towards youth," after which a discussion, as usual, took place; on account of the length of the lecture but tew however could take part in it. The annual public meeting will take place on Monday next at the above chapel. SUNDAY SCHOOL TEACHERS AND PEOPLE'S INSTITUTE.-— The spacious Victoria-rooms, in Oxford-street, were on Mon- day evening last opened for the purpose of instruction, and at the advertised hour we proceeded to hear the lecture of Mr. Evan Davies, M.A., but- to our agreeable surprise we found scores like ourselves umfble to obtain admission to the lecture-room. Not only the room but the stairs were crammed. Mr. Davies delivered the introductory address on Arithmetic, and if we may judge from the cheering over our head it must have given great satisfaction. W. H. Michael, Esq., delivered, to the members who could not gain access up stairs, an admirable lecture, in the large room beneath, on physiology, which was listened to by a large company, consisting of young men and others more advanced in life. We thought Mr. Michael more than usually clear and ex- plicit on this evening. On Tuesday Mr. Michael delivered his lecture on Logic and Elementary Mathematics. We are glad to learn that the subscribers are equal to the expecta- tions of the committee. DEATH BY DROWNING.—On Monday morning last the body of a man, afterwards identified as that of Evan James, copperman, was found in the Swansea river, near the upper ferry. It is supposed that deceased, who was seen in town on Saturday, visited some public-houses, and, being intoxi- cated, attempted to ford the river, where he met a watery grave. INSPECTION OF SCHOOLS.—The Rev. H. Longueville Jones, one of the inspectors for Wales, is now in Swansea. The rev. gentleman is actively engaged in his inspection of the school teachers in connexion with the Established Church in the neighbourhood, preparatory to their general examina- tion on the 9ch of April next. IN our last we announced that the Troubadour steamer had towed into our harbour a French brig, with which they fell in near the Crow Hock, Milford. It appears that the crew, being apprehensive of their own safety, secured the vessel by the anchors, took the boat, and went to Milford for assistance. A day or two since, the crew, eight in number, arrived in a skiff at this port in search of their vessel. Some of them state that they hailed from shore at tho time the Troubadour people were raising the anchor, but the accuracy of this statement is denied.




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