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^tatisramits. "PRINCIPALITY" OFFICE, NORTH-STREET, CARDIFF. EYANS AND WAKEFORD, POINTERS, BOOKSELLERS, STATIONERS, BOOKBIND- ERS, AND ACCOUNT-BOOK MANUFACTURERS. YEltY description of Printing, Plain or Ornamental, executed 'j with. Neatness, Accuracy, and Despatch, Books well bound in every variety of style. Magazines, and other Periodicals, Books, Music, Newspapers, &c., procuerd to order. The following Books (bound in cloth, unless otherwise men- tioned, J are on Sale at the Office;- Memoir of Dr. William Yates, of Calcutta, by Dr. s. d. iioby 10 0 D'Aubigne's History of the Reformation, vol. I. 2 6 The Baptists in America, by Drs. Cox and Hoby 6 0 Principle and Practice, a Tale. 3 6 Thornton's Christian Consolation 1 2 Baxter's Confirmed Christian 1 2 Puritan Farms, or Old Ways kept upon New Times 1 2 Ransom on Temptation 2 0 Farewell Services of Rev. Robert Moffat 2 0 Memoir of W. T. Buchanan, Esq., of Ilfracombe.. 2 0 Searle's Companion during Maternal Solicitude. 2 3 The above-mentioned Books, at the low prices subjoined, will be found valuable for Country Lending Libraries, &c. An early ap. piication is necessary, as they cannot be obtained again at the'same price. PUBLICATIONS OF THE RELIGIOUS TRACT SOCIETY. RECENTLY PU BUSHED. PRIZE ESSAYS ON THE TEMPORAL ADVANTAGES OF THE SABBATH TO THE LABOURING CLASSES, and the consequent Importance of Preserving its Rest from all the 1 of unnecessary Labour. By FIVE WORKING MEN. With "Pfeiatory Remarks by the Rev. E. BICKEKSTETH, A.M., Hector of Watton. 18mo. Is. 6d. boards. A VIEW OF THE EVIDENCES OF CHRISTIANITY. liv VVILOAM PALRY, D.D., Archdeacon of Carlisle. A New "Edition for Schools and Families. With Introduction, Notes, and Supplement, by the Rev. T. R. BIRKS, A.M., formerly Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge. 12mo. 3s. boards. ATHENS: ITS GRANDEUR AND DECAY. Foolscap 8vo. With superior Engravings. 2s. 6d. extra cloth boards. HARTFIELD; OR, EMILY AT SCHOOL. IS mo. With Engravings. Is. 6d. cloth boards; 2s. extra cloth boards, gilt edges. A HISTORY OF THE VAUDOIS CHURCH. From its Origin, and of the Vaudois of Piedmont, to the Present Day. By ANTOINE MONASTIUR, formerly Pastor in the Canton de Vaud, and a Native of the Vaudois Valleys of Piedmont. Translated from the French. 12mo. With a Map of the Valleys. 4s. boards; 5s: 6d. half-bound. THE LIFE OF MRS. SAVAGE. # By Sir JOHNB. WILXIASIS, KNT., LL.D. A New Edition. 2s. boards; 3s. lialf-bound. A HARMONY OF THE FOUR GOSPELS. Ia the .Authorized Version. Following the Harmony of the Gos- pels in Greek. By EDWARD ROBINCON, D.I)- LL.J)., Author of BIBLICAL RESEARCHES IN PALKSTINB." With Explana- tory Notes aDd References to Parallel and Illustrative Passages. Two Maps. Royal 12mo. 3s. boards. THE TESTAMENT POCKP.T COMMENTARY. With numerous Explanatory and Illustrative Notes. 18mo. Con- taining 36D pages. Price only Is. 4d. neat cloth boards. THE MIRACLES OF CHRIST. With Explanatory Observations and Illustrations from Modern Travels. With Engravings. Intended for the Young. 18nio. Is. 6d. cloth boards. 2s. iiaif-bouiid. I THE LIFE OF OUR BLESSED LORD AND SAVIOUR JESUS CHRIST. .FOR THE YOU:*G. 13mo. With Engiavings. Is. 6d. cloth boards; 2s. half-bound. A SKETCH OF THE LIFE OF SARAH MARTIN, OF GREAT YARMOUTH. ) With Extracts from her Writings and Journal. 18mo. Is. cloth boards. THE WILL FORGERS; on, THE CHURCH OF ROME. By the Rev. C. B. TAYLBR, M.A. With Frontispiece; Is. cloth. THE CLAIMS OF THE GOSPEL ON THE YOUNG. 13y the Rev. JOEL PARKER, D.D., of Philadelphia. 18mo. Is. boards; 2s. half-bound morocco. GUIDE TO THE SAVIOUR, FOR THE YOUNG. With Engravings. 18mo. Is. cloth; 2s. half- bound iiiovocco, DEPOSITORY, 56, Paternoster-row, and 65, St. Paul's Church- yard, London; and sold by EVANS AND WAKEFORD, PRINCI- PALITY Office, Cardiff, and by all Booksellers. THE SCIENCE-OF WASHING. ~\TOW READY, an elegant little Brochure, in a sealed Envelope, 1% beautifully printed in gold and colors, HARPER TWELVE- 'l'.i..t.8ES' celebrated Copyright PAMPHLET, containing Improved Directions for AcoomplisMiig a Family's Six-Weeks' Wash before Breakfast, for less than Sixpence, without a Washerwoman. May be had at all the Berlin Wool Shops, and of every Bookseller in the Kingdom for 2s. 6d., or of HARPER TWBLVKTREES, Publisher, lei, New Millmau-street, Foundling, London, for 31 stamps and a directed envelope. None are Genuine without the Gold Cover and Proprietor's name. See all the leading Journals in the Kingdom for Testimonials. b H 8IV Wesley an Chapel, Pillgwenlly, NEWPORT CIRCUIT. THE OPENING SERVICES of this Place of Worship will commence (D.V.) on THURSDAY, MARCH 22, 1849, when the REV. DR. BEAUMONT, of London, will preach Morning and Evening. On SUNDAY, MARCH 25, 1849, the REV. WILLIAM ARTHUR, of Paris, will preach Morning and Evening. On SUNDAY, APIUL 1st, 1349, the concluding Services will be conducted by the REV. JOSEPH WOOD, of Bristol, who will preach morning and evening. A Sermon will be preached in the Afternoon of each day by other Ministers. ille- Service to commence on each day in the Morning at 11 1:1 the Afternoon at d; and in the Evening at 6 o'clock. A Collection at the close of each service throughout. HISTORY AND PROGRESS OF TAXATION. ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT PUBLICATIONS EVER ISSUED. ON SATURDAY, MARCH 31, 1849, will be PRESENTED a SUPPEMENT to the STANDARD OF FREEDOM, Comprising 32 closely-printed columns, uniform in size with that Journal, which will at one view demonstrate the necessity of an In nediate and Thorough Financial Reform.. TIIE HISTORY AND PROGRESS OF TAXATION will be developed in its relation to 1st. THK CIWWN AND ARISTOCRACY. nLlly. THE PLOPLE. 3rdly. E -iihiy.. THE ARMY AND NAVY. y- «.othiy. THE DIPLOMATIC STAFF. 6thly. THE NATIONAL DEBT. 7thly. SIXrcuHISS, PENSIONS, AND RETIRING SALARIES. Bthly. LOCAL It is intended thus to exhibit to the nation, in one striking view, the wonderful GROWTH OF TAXATION in Great Britain from its sun pie and necessary scale to its present exorbitant and ruinous Excess. :;ïr The STANDARD OF FREEDOM is one of the largest I'soens allowed by law and may be had of all News venders iutown country, COMMITTEE OF COUNCIL ON EDUCATION. EASTER EXAMINATION FOR CERTIFICATES OF MERIT. A GENERAL EXAMINATION of SCHOOLMASTERS and SCHOOLMISTRESSES for CERTIFICATES of INIJIIRIT will take place at EASTER. Trustees and Managers of Schools, who are desirous that their teachers should attend this examination, may ascertain what Can- didates are admissible on this occasion, and the time and place at which the examination will be held, by a written application to the SECRETARY, COMMITTEE OF COUNCIL ON EDUCATION, Council Office, London. APPEAL TO THE PUBLIC. fT'HE present position of Mr. GEORGE GREEN, SEN., who I for upwards of Thirty Years ranked amongst the principal Tradesmen of the Town of Abergavenny, being one of great diffi- culty, in consequence of law proceedings for the recovery of the sum of nearly E300, now pending against him, has induced several of his friends and neighbours, out of pure sympathy and kind feel- ing, to come forward, and if possible, by some united effort to ex- tricate him from the same accordingly, for such purpose a public subscription on an extensive scale was suggested and approved, and no sooner determined on, than a few individuals subscribed the sum of Forty Guineas and the most sanguine hopes are now en- tertained that a sufficient amount will be raised to discharge the liability, and also leave a small surplus to be invested for the future subsistence of the object of this appeal. The aid and influence of the charitable and humane are therefore respectfully solicited in behalf of this worthy, although unfortunate man; and "every contribution will materially assist to promote his future comfort and peace of mind, besides saving him from being immured in a prison, or becoming the inmate of a workhouse. Subscriptions will be received at Messrs. BAILEY AND CO.'S Old Bank, and at the Monmouthshire and Glamorganshire Bank, Abergavenny, where lists will lie open for signature. Issued by the under named, who are acting as a Committee for carrying out the above :— Thomas Baker, Chairman. V. H. Smith. Simon Andrus. John Michael, Jim. George Wallington. William Woodall. Charles Rogers. Charles Jennings. William Baber. J. Hiley Morgan. Joseph Meredith. Philip Morgan. David Lewis. James Saunders. 1. Isaacs. Roberts Brothers. T. V. Morgan. Thomas Evans. J. H. Conway. The names of all subscribers will appear in a future paper. Abergavenny, February, 1849. BUTE DOCK BRICK COMPANY, XHE PROPRIETORS of the above BRICK and TILE JL MANUFACTORY beg leave to inform the Public gene- ral Y, that they shall be enabled, during the ensuing Summer, to supply good RED BUILDING BRICKS at 28s. per 1000, Three Months' Credit, or 2 per Cent. Discount for Cash. Also, Tiles, Ridges, Drain Pipes, Drain Tiles, Squares, &c. Goods forwarded by Railway or Canal to Newbridge, Merthyr, &e. RICHARD STOWE, Manager. Office at the Manufactory, Eastern side of Bute Docks. [The circular of the Company was accidentally inserted last week instead of the above.] BREEDERS of HORSES, and all those who keep and value Ij good health and prime condition in that noble animal the Horse, are respectfully requested to read the following important TestiinoiiiLil Meaux. Abbey, Beverley, June 29, 1845. SIR, HAVING been in the habit of using your Constitution Balls" for Horses, I-find them to be an excellent Medicine for Horses at hard work, and particularly for Grease, Cracked Heels, Surfeit, Hide-bound and Loss of Appetite. I tried them on a two- year old thorough-bred Colt, which is engaged in the Derby and Great St. Leger, 1846, after trying a great many Medicines, all of which failed. I succeeded with your Constitution Balls," in bring- ing him into prime condition, after a very obstinate case of Surfeit and Hide-bound ho is now fresh as a star, and as flue as a fawn. I wish to consult you, Sir, respecting the Constitution Balls as regards giving them to yearlings making up for sale at Doncaster Races, which I have been in the habit of doing every year, five or six of which are feel to the highest extremity from being two months old I should feel obliged by your informing me the quan- tity to be given to each yearling, age from the 24th of Jan. to the 16th of April, 1844; you will, therefore, oblige me by dropping a line by leturn of post, on this subject. You are quite at liberty to publish this for the good of the Medicine, as I am confident there is nothing equal to the Consti- tution Horse Balls. I remain, yours respectfully, Mr. Cupiss, Diss, JOHN JESSOP." The Constitution Balls are prepared only by Francis Cupiss, M.R.V.C., and Author of the Prize Essay on the Disease of the Liver of the Horse," Diss, Norfolk; and sold by all respectable Medi- cine Venders in Town and Country, in Packets six Balls each, 310 Gel. per packet, with a wrapper giving full directions for the use of the Balls, and treatment of the Horse whilst taking them. Also a Pamphlet of Testimonials from many Gentlemen who have used the Balls in various Complaints. Any Gentlemen using the Balls may consult the Proprietor gra- tuitously, either personally, or by letter, post paid. TO THE NOBILITY, CLERGY, GENTRY, AND THE IN- HABITANTS OF CARDIFF AND NEIGHBOURHOOD. WILLIAM WOODS, HOUSE AND SHIP PLUM BEE, SAINT JOHN STREET, AVAILS himself of this medium to return his most grateful acknowledgments for the very liberal support he has received in the above Business during the last eight years; and to inform his Friends and the Public generally, that he has RE-OPENED in the same line on the premises situate NEAR SAINT J OIIN'S CHURCH, where he trusts, by strict personal attention, combined with punctuality and moderate charges, to merit a continuance of their kind patronage. Cardiff, March 1st, 1849. DENT'S IMPROVED WATCHES AND CLOCKS. IJ} J- DEN I, Watch and Clock-maker by distinct apnointment Jji. to the Queen, H.R. II. Prince Albert, and H.T. M. -the Emperor of Russia, most respectfully solicits from the public an inspection of his extensive STOCK OF WATCHES AND CLOCKS. Embracing all the late modern improvements, at the most econo- mical charges. Ladies' Gold Watches, with gold dials, jewelled in four holes, 8 gs.; Gentlemen's, with enamelled dials, 10 gs.; Youth's Silver Watchss, 4 gs. Warranted accurate goiug Lever Watches, jewelled in four holes, 6 gs J. DENT, 82 Strand; 33, Cockspur-street; and 34, Royal Exchange (Clock Tower Area), London. 9L IMPORTANT ANN 0 UN CEl\IE NT.- NOW SELLING OFF. AT a very great reduction, all the immense and well-selected STOCK of London and Paris Hats, Caps, and Umbrellas, belonging to D. RICHARDS, 74, St. MARY-STREET, CARDIFF. This being the largest Stock of the above Goods in the town (nearly the whole of which has been manufactured within the last three months), the present opportunity offers peculiar advantages to those who wish to purchase an article of first-rate style and quality, at a very low price, EMIGRATION. A NUMBER of FAMILIES are about proceeding to form a NEW COLONY of their own, in a delightful climate, where land, provisions, stores, and manv other advantages will be (, o furnished FREE to the first party of settlers. The larger the body the more agreeable for all. The sum of 100 Guineas will defray the passage, living, and every expense for a family of four adults. Parties desirous of further information can have a detailed pro- spectus sent to them, on application, with six postage stamps, to P. L. Simmonds, Esq., 5, Barge-yard, London. EMIGRATION TO BOSTON, U.S. 1111 THE first-class copper-fastened Ship "TAFF" will sail from the Bute Docks, Cardiff, on or about the 1st April, and will have room for a limited number of passengers. I,- ,t t 4 LL EMIGRATION TO QUEBEC. rpHE Regular Trader, the Barque ELDON," | 700 tons burthen, will sail from the Bute Docks, Cardiff, on or about the 12th April, for r Quebec, and will have room for a limited number of Passengers. For terms, apply to Captain GILLESPIE, on board; or BATCHELOR BROTHERS, Merchants, Cardiff. March 8, 1849. EMIGRATION. IN THE STATE OF GEORGIA—UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.—FOR Sale, 120,000 Acres of FREEHOLD LANDS, in IRWIN COUNTY; in Lots of 120 Acres and upwards, at Five Shillings per Acre. The Lands lie between thirty-one and thirty- two degrees north distant from the Atlantic Ocean one hundred and twenty miles, and at an elevation of four hundred feet above its level; free from swamps, climate salubrious and healthy, distant from England eighteen or twenty days' sail. They are bouuded by the Navigable Rivers, the Flint, and the Ocmulgee. A railroad, two-thirds finished, passes through the lands, which will connect both these rivers.—Vessels sail nearly every Week from Liverpool to Savanna or Charleston. Passage to either City from £ 3 to £ 4 per head;—From Charleston and Savanna, the Lands are reached by either Coach, Waggon, or Steam-boat.—Every information may he obtained relative to the above, &c. from RICHARD KEILY, Hsq., No. 1, Royal Exchange Building, London. I. EMIGRATION. 1. FOR QUEBEC, direct from the Newport Docks, the Fine Fast Sailing, British-built Ship, MARCHIONESS OF ABERCORN, 1500 Tons Burthen.* 2E 1. E. KEY, COMMANDER, will sail on or aboutthe 28th of March, 1849, wind and weather-permitting. This splendid fast sailing Ship, (from her large carrying capaci- ties) presents an opportunity to persons wishing to emigrate, seldom to be met with her 'tween deeks being remarkably lofty and airy, and the Commander being well experienced in the trade, can fur- nish partios with any necessary information. For further particulars apply to the Commander on board, Messrs. G. W JONES and Co., 28, Llanarth-street, Newport, or PARRY BROTHERS and BROWN, Bute-street, Cardiff. f-L IIIE PATENT ECLIPSE LAMP( FOIl. BURIRG ENGLISH'S PATENT CAMPHINE, Witii- its recent improvements, is now FREE FitOM SMOKE, is the perfection of light, and forms a most elegant Ornament for the Drawing-room or Library. Though the light of the Vesta Lamp was beautiful beyond all others, it was liable to throw out clouds of smuts. The PATENT ECLIPSE LAMP has a larger and more perfect flame and is not liable to this accident. Its clear, steady, and softly-shaded light, preserves the strong sight,anl assists the weak, which the feeble flickering candle damages and strains. It is the cheapest of artificial lights, and is so simplified that there can be no mistake, and there is no trouble in its management. No.4, equal to the light or 12 candles, cost ad: per hour, 21s. -No.- 21, equal to the light oi 8 candles, costs Id. hour, 17s. 6d. No. 1, equal to the light of 3 candies, bums 121ioursfor Id., 12s. 6d. Night lamps to burn 80 hours for Id., 4s. 6d. Old Cauiphme Burners and Pillars, including Palmer's Candle Lamp, altered to this principle .at a trilling cost. To bo had only, and seen Burning daily, at Pariiall's Lamp & Chandelier Establishment, 18;'CLARE-STREET, BRISTOL. —& — I liST ARRIVED, in SEED-TIME, a PRIME CARGO ef Spanish Early Potatoes, Possessing a great number of eyes, and are well adapted for Seed. To 'be had at Mr. W. Hancock's Warehouse, near the Wharf illidge." Cardiff, March 16th, 1849. NAEBERTH. qpO be Let, and entered upon the 29th day of September next ,JL (1849), the wcii-kaown COMMERCIAL INN and POST- IN G-HO USE, called TIIE RUTZEN ARM3, Situate in the town of Narberth, in the county of Pembroke, with conveaient and secure coach-lion-es and stables and also about 27 acres of rich meadow land adjoining' the premises. For further particulars apply to ø. It. Thomas, of Narberth. The Misses Pliilipps, the present tenants, intend retiring from business, having jftade their fortunes. NOTICE. THE TNDIIRMENTIONHD SALE HAS BEEN UNAVOIDABLY POSTPONED FET'JAI THE 1ST TO TlfB 22ND DAY OF MARCH. PEMBROKESHIRE. MR. II. P. GOODE EGS to announce that he has received instructions to offer for > BY AUCTION, at the COMMERCIAL INN, in the town Oi-.i."TSHGUARD, on THURSDAY, the 22nl day of March, 1849, at one j clock ill the aiternoon, an exceedingly valuable freehold piopOr».y>coiiipi-i»iug four rich FARMS, known as Trewracli, Gam, Peatrs, and Penywaun, with some new cot cages,_ erected by teiiaiits on building leases, situate in the parish or Fishguard, intersected by the road leading from iisligviard to Newport, and bounded by Fishguard Bay on tne north, importantly placed 10 participate in the benefits to be derived from the improvements of that harbour when it is made tiie termmus of the Soutn Wales Railway. The whole of the pro- ty pei-Ly contains 304a. lr. 26p., which will be divided into six lots, suitaole fur convenient occupation.for building aud other improve- ments.. f, PRINTED particulars with a plan and description of the lots will be ready by the lifth day of February, and may be had on application to W. p solicitor, 17, Hatton Garden, London at the place of sale, and the principal inus in Pembroiceshire and of H. P. Qoode, Land Agent and Surveyor, Haverfordwest. Hawgrfordwestj January olst, 1849. 'OT T C E. rHE AiEM and LANDS called "THE WEDDALL," ad- "fertfeed to be sold oy Auction at the ANGEL L," CARDIFF on thent of March, 1849, Has bean Sold by Private Contract, 12th March, 1849. TO A Superior Three-iforse Power High-pressure Steam Engine, WITH New BOILER and FITTINGS complete. Apply to W tLiiAM VACa-iiLL, Cardiff.- BRISTOL GENERAL STEAM NAVIGATION COMPANY, OFFICE, QUAY, BRISTOL. I THE following steam vessels arc intended to sail from Cumberland Basin, Bristol, to and from Cork, Juverna and Snbrina; Water- ford, Victory andliose; Tenby, Osprey aud Phoenix; Milford, Pater, and Haverfordwest, 'Osprey; Carmarthen, Terridge Oirect; aiid Swansea, County, and Bereslord, bristol; Newport, Swift aid Usk; Cardiff, Star and Prince of Wales; as under-mentioned, during MARCH, 1849 I ROM BRISTOL TO MA11CH. | | | | | | 1| £ | | | | | I £ 8 £ ° 1 Thursday i 10 am 9fam 10 am Friday 2 11 am ii ll £ pm 10.5 ,ui:U :.m Saturday 8 12noon o S HJpin mnoou taiuna Monday. 5 S 2^ pm 2 pin Tuesday. 6 3J pin 34 pm 3j pm 34 pm 4 am 3$mr, 3 j-m v\ ednesday 7 "g £ 44 ljni 5 am I'liu.sdav 8 = h 6 a,u 5-i am 6 :nu Friday 9 7 am$3 64 a»: 6 a:rr q Saturday 10 7 am «"3 7i am 04 an.. 7 aru | o £ Monday. 12 "{ am R Tuesday. 13 8 am 8 am 8 am S am 8.} am S aw-'Si ani Wednesday 14 j^s 8.4 air; si a:n Thursday 15 g'g 94 am 9 am VJaia Friday .16 10 am g-a 10 aia 9J an, 10 am Saturday 17 10 £ am 104am 1(»| am 10*m Monday. 19 12 noori 1 Tuesday 20 24 pm 24 pin 24 pm 24 pm g g, 24 am 2J pn: 2 >m WednesdaySl S 31 pm 3 am Thursday 22 — g am 5 am 3^. r:: Friday 23 H pm CJ 5 am 4 pm ,.uu Saturday 24 5 pm a$6| am 5J an, 6 .;m 25 Monday '26 S 64 am 74 -.un Tuesday 27 8 am 74 am 74 am 74 am -g 3 8 am 7A am § am Wednesday 28 7| am S.\ am Thursday.29 94 am SJ am 9 ,u:i Friday 30 10 am ^4 a 10 am! 9j am 10 am sariird.ay .31 10J am! lojamlioj am 11 am FOR BRISTOL FROM MAKcn. |f|| | 1 I 1 i I a a 3 0 i Thursday 1 II am Si m: 8*"aiu Ftidav 2 11 am 12nigh 11 am 6 pm £ 11.' am Sf am| 9"am Sata/day 3 T am 104 am 10 iD, Monday. 5 t 1.2} pm Tuesday. 6 1 pzn <5 a 5 am 21 pn; ii ;n Wednesday 7 wg .3 pm 3 Im Tiiu.sday 8 a j: 6J am 4 pm -i pm Friday 9 6 am 7 am o~ S am 5 amij a-n Saturday 10 8 am 2 am :.j am 5J am 6 ,a- Monday. 12 cs £ 6 am 6i ri Tuesday. 13 7 am c'cj 9.J am ':4 am 7 Wednesday 14 ^3 pin 7 Thursday 1ft Z-v air; amjfi !Tnv Friday 16 9 am 10 pm 9 am 1 pm § g 1 OA are 7| ami S urn Saturday 17 m am Ss am!S^ uui Monday. 19 g 11 ainillJ. -i Tuesday. 20 l2noor. 3i am 1 unjf I '-v; Wednesday 21. fa pmj 8 i'lnn-sday.22 s 5 iiK; 24 pm! 3 Friday. 23! G am 6 am S-g Gi am 3 prn|3» ^u. Saturday 24| 7 am V am £ 64 am 4^ am! 4 fr,a Monday .2fij 3 5 5^ amj 6 um Tuesday .27j 7 am 9 am (.; umi (i .a Wedaesday2S| Sj| M amlc ;i '"nursday.?9! 94 am 74 ami 7 -0;-i Friday 3:J 9 am 11 pm 10 aw 5 pmj 5 § .1-04 am 7J am! S aa Saiurday .31 Ills ami ami 9'atu The PHmxiX will very suortly have completed her rentme.-t, and will be replaced Oil the Carmarthen station with increased fu- cilities for carriage of Goods (see future bills); The whole of the above vessels are fitted up for the convey-* anee of passengers and goods.—Female stewards on board. Carriages and horses shipped with care.—Horses and carriages lo- be shipped two hours before sailias. Particulars may bo obtained by applying at the Bristol Steam Navigation- Company's Oifiee, Quay, Bristol; where all '-oe packages, parcels, &e., should be addressed For Swansea-: d Card in, to \V. B. Owen, Bull Wharf, Reddiff-street and Ç!;¡¡,C-, _roe Hall, illarf;1 -.stl street Hall, Marsh-street: antlE. T. Turner, 12, and for Newport, to J. Jones, Rownham Wharf, Hotwclls. AGENTS.—Mr. J oseph Morgan, Tenbv; Mr. J. Rees, Haw- ford west Mr. Palmer, Milford; Mr. Bowen, Piitel, Mr. John N. Smart and Ji v. \V. j'ockett, c?\vaiiseii; Mr. T. Joim and Mr. A. Hingston, Cardift Mr. Martin, Ilfracombe Mr. Thomas Bakc-r, Lyntoa; Mr. Robert Stacey, vJar.uarthen; and Mr. R. N ewport. BEITISE EMPIRE MUTUAL TIFE ASSUEANCE COMPANY. 37, NEW BRIDGE-STREET, BLACKFRIARS, LONDON. EEPORT presented to the ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING, 1 at RADLEY'S HOTEL, NEW B.'UDGE-STIIEET, BLACKFRIAMS', on Tuesday, February 27, 18.19;- THIS Directors have the pleasure to inform the Members that the following Policies have been executed during the last, year:— General Life Assurances 404 for £ 63 137 Iu vestment Assurances 484 24,227 Total. 888 £ 97,S6I The average number of Policies executed monthly durinp the fourteen months which elapsed from the commencement OH .the Company's operations up to the last Annual Meeting was 42 "During the last twelve months the monthly average of Polic'es ei,a e of executed has been 74, showing an increase both gratifying and en- couraging as to the future prospects of the Company," s In addition to these Policies, proposals for Life A«sur-lUces have been received, some of which are in progress of eo»ip'Vtk>i' and others have been declined from various cau8e%, the Direeiovv' f while desirous to extend the progress of the Companv. bein" sti more solicitous that such extension should be p2rfec.t1 sllfC. T-he: whole number of Policies executed during the twenty-six months' of the Company's operations has been :— General Life Assurances 737 for £ 121 780 Investment Assurances 744 50,937 1,4S1 £ 17->,7i7 One death has'occurred during the year, making a claim on the. Company's.funds to the extent of £ 100. The increasing income of the Company has enabled the Direc- tors to pay off nearly one-half the sum advanced at the conuu-'ree- ment of the Company to aid its establishment. T. V f*r?a?1 £ e!Jient has been made with the Directors of the British Empire Mutual Fire Assistance Society, fordividi-e tl «- rent and ollice charges between the two institutions,-by which t h expenses of carrying on the business of this Company will b" ma' rially diminished. U]1 tho motion of James Blacket. Esq., seconded by the Eev William Underwood, of Paddington, it was unanimously re- solved :— -1 That this Report be received and adopted." W. S. GOVER, Actuary and Secretary AGENTS IN WALES. Aberdare.—Rev. Thomas Price. Abergavenny.—Thomas Tomkins, "Victoria-stree Bridgend.-—J. D. Williams. Cardiff.—George Sully, 1, Bate-street. Caimaithen. -James Brown, Schoolmaster. Haverfordwest. — William Marychurch, Hay.—William Biddle, Market-place. Merthyr.— William Morris, Cacpantywyll. Milford Ho yen.—John Merritt, Chemist. •' in Mold.-T. Jones, Cefn-y-Gader. Da,ies. Neath. Rev. J. Matthe^vs, Easti^nte-terraeo Newport.-Jt H. Phillips, 2, Clu5-le.s-sS Pon^pool.-Henry Hughes Bookseller, Commercial-^et St. s.—W. Williams, Commercial Hotel. Swansea.-ltev. G, P. Evans, 8, Nelson-place,