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MERIIIYR. JOJlX MORGAN, Esq., solicitor, of this town, has been legally constituted a deputy-coroner for this district. SEVERAL parties around this town have set potatoes already. For agricultural purposes the weather is delightful. THE XWlIT SCHOOLS.—-We are sorry to report that the num- ber attending the evening schools is diminishing in some de- gree as the day lengthens. RETRENCHMENT.—A correspondent savs:—" The votes of the Welsh members on Mr. Cobden's motion is anything but agree- able to the people at large." Let our friend begin at home, and call his own member to account. AN INQUEST was held at the Rose and Crown beerhouse, Penydarran, on the 2nd inst., on view of the body of Theoplii- lus Shankles, tgecl 25, who died in consequence of the ignition of foul air in Race Lacs Colliery, Dowlais, on that day. Ver- dict, Accidental death." ANOTHER INQUEST was held before the same coroner, on the 3rcl instant, on view of the body of Margaret, aged 2 years, the daughter of D.Thomas, coker, Pentrebach, who died incon- sequence of his clothes taking fire. Verdict, "Accidental death." OUIL MARKET was as dull in Saturday last as the preceding ones. There was no variation in the prices. One person, who has attended the market regularly for the last ten years, told us it was the worst he ever saw at Merthyr. ltl-,Ni.-Oil Monday evening last, Mr. Davey, Profes- sor of Mesmerism, whose performances at Swansea have been repeatedly noticed in our columns, delivered the first of a course of lectures on this interesting science, at the Assemb1 jr-room, Bush Hotel, to a highly respect.ble audience. Mr. Jackson treated at length, and in a masterly manner, on the practical processes adopted, in order to induce the successive stages of mesmeric somnambulism, together with the scientific principles involved in them, and at the conclusion of his address was rap- turously applauded. We were surprised to hear how dis- tinctly he articulated the sound of the Welsh ch, so difficult to be pronounced by a young Englishman, in the following words, which were put to him by some gentlemen, to test his powers of imitation :—" Ihcch fach, a chweecha berchyll bach," and llechlcel." MERTHYR UNION.—The guardians of this parish have come to the resolution to build a workhouse for the reception of the aged poor and indigent, and for children. CELT,AR GRATINGS.—Mr. Evan Morgan, of Tydfil-road, says, On Thursday night last, about seven o'clock, as my little girl was proceeding down High-street, to attend the night school as usual, she accidentally fell into the under-ground stores of the Great Western Provision warehouse, through the neglect of some person who had left the gratings open without either light or any one to guard the spot and the only conso- lation 1 received when I went to remonstrate with them on their neglect, was a specimen of Iludibras, from some ghastly- looking official that stood behind the counter." DOWLAIS.—Though money orders were granted at the Post- office only on the 1st inst., about £ 35 were forwarded through the office in a few days.



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