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ROME. The Constitntionnel announces as official, that the Pope lias claimed the collective intervention of Austria, Spain, -i-, and France to re-establish the former Government at Home. Count Martini, the Sardinian Minister at Gaeta, has received an official notification of this demand of inter- vention from the Cardinal Secretary of State. The King of Sardinia has been painfully affected at the exclusion of which lie has been the object on the part of the Pope, particularly as he was the first amongst the Catholic powers to off or his mediation, or even his army, to restore the Sovereign Pon- tiu before the proclamation of the Republic at Rome. The Sardinian Cabinet, however, had addressed to all the mem- bers of the corps diplomatique present at Turin a protest against such an intervention. The news of the protest tendered by the Cabinet of Turin to all the European powers, against the intervention of Austria, Sjxain, Naples, and France, for the purpose of rein- suiting the Pope, to the exclusion of the King of Sardinia, is fully confirmed. The Pope took the resolution on the unani- mous and frequently reiterated advice of the members of the Slici-ed College, united in a secret consistory at Gaeta. In that consistory the Cardinals, after submitting to the Pope the imperious necessity of having recourse to foreign inter- vention to put an end to the anarchy existing at Rome, and to the pillage which the revolutionists were committing on the patrimony of the Church, as well as to the pillage of the ga icric-s of the Belvidere and other collections of the works of the ancient masters, laid down as a principle that the po ;e ought to call in the aid of the Catholic powers who exorcise the right of veto on the election of the Sovereign Pontiff, and who are therefore considered as the natural protectors of the Holy See. These powers are France, Austria, Spain, and Portugal; but on account of the great distance of the last of these powers, and the natural commo- tions of which it is the victim, Portugal was omitted, and Names, which has been always considered by the Roman Court as a fief of the Pope's, taken in its stead. Besides these motives, the offer of King Ciiarles Albert was looked upon with the greater jealousy by the Sacred College, because the Sardinian Cabinet only proposed an amicable mediation between the Pope and the Revolutionists of Rome, while the Sacred College demanded assistance with arms. In the sitting of the Assembly of the 18th, the last protes- tation of the Pope was read, and received with a unanimous cry of Iiivc the Republic A deputation of the clubs and secret societies of Paris have left for Rome, together with a certain number of retired oiBeers, who are going to drill the new Republican militias of Central Italy.