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@trnniug5. INTEMPERANCE," says the Scottish Tempennce Review, "dems pulpits, undermines Sabbath-schools, mocks missions, and pawns tor drink the very Bible you would reform it with." .ENGLAND'S HEAL G[.OHY.— The glory of England was inse- parably connected with one fact, and that was that she main- t lined" her station in the great intellectual companson she was carrying on with the other nations of the world.-Sir 11. Peel. OCEAN PENNY POSTAGE, if applied merely to the English Channel, would be worth at least a dozen lecturers on the t) t'lla Peace Movement. With a Penny Post across the narrow strait, we could work the Continental field from England, plying thousands of leading minds with facts, arguments, an t principles, which would educate them for action in the ranks of Peace.—Elihu Burritt's Bond of Bro- therhood. TIME.—Time is like a creditor who allows an ample space to make up accounts, but is inexorable at last. Time is like a verb that can only be of use in the present tense. Time, well employed, gives that health and vigour to the .soul which health and retirement afford to the body. Time never sits heavily onus but when it is badly employed. Time is a grateful friend; use it well, and it never fails to make a suitable requital. BURN You A JEWS.—If the Jew be ex necessitate fidei the natural enemy of the Christian, encompass him with disabili- ties on every side. Let "him be debarred from holding property in any shape, for property will always bring influence. We should not in strictness stop short even at this point. If reli- gious persecution be admitted as a sound rule of action, Baron Rothschild and Sir Isaac Lyon Goldsmid should, after a short preliminary interview with the Bishops of London and Exeter, be conducted to Smithfield-market all any day, not being a cattle day, and there summarily buc,,it. Thus we should purge away our national sin, and offer at the same time every in- dueement to the Jews to reconsider their position. — Tunes. SAXON" CHARACTERISTICS.—The most remarkable of all Saxon characteristics is, the utilitarian character of the Saxon mind. They advise you to be religious, were it. only for the economy of the thing—its atility-its profit. With them, no doubt, oc- casionally, "holiness is a great gain." I pointed out to an English lady in the British Museum the fossil remains of the monstrous tortoise sent from India by Captain Cauntlett, and by my esteemed friend and former student, Mr. Falconer. I called her attention to its almost incredible size, and the won- ders of creation unfolded to man by the fossil remains already discovered. For a time she stood lost in thought; and then, with much seriousness, inquired if the shell was in a fit con- dition for the making of tortoise-shell combs! True to her race, her utilitarian mind made a direct application in the right direction.—Dr. Knox (JIedieal Times). Ccrtious FACTS.—From an average of the nicest experiments made on good meat, moderately fat, 4 lbs. beef lose 1 lb. in boiling, 1 lb. 3 ozs. in baking, and 1 lb o ozs. in roasting while 4 lbs. mutton lose 14 ozs. in boiling, 1 lb. 4 ozs. in baking, ana 1 lb. 6 ozs. in roasting. A SIKH'S DIFFICULTY IN COMPREHENDING CHRISTIANITY.— The Moolraj has written a letter to General Whish, referring to the treatment which his brother-in-law received in Ed- vardes's camp, and asks, What' is the religion that first seized, outraged, and wounded Lala Longa Mull—then cured PATENTS Vlie^iumllier oV^paVents sealed at W estminster during the year 1847, amounted to 498, and the amount of fees to £ 9,387 in Scotland, during the same period, to 163, fees £ 2,934 and in Ireland to 76, fees £583.

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