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EXGINEER'S REPORT. South Wales Railway, 18, Duke-street, Westminster, Feb. 21st, 1849. GENTLEMEN,—Arrangements foi suspending the works beyond Swansea having been effected during the last half year, my report will be limited to the subject of the works east of that point. Between Newport and Gloucester less expenditure has been in- curred, and consequently less progress has been made, than between Newport and Swanesa. This portion having been somewhat less advanced at the outset, it could not, even if they had proceeded at the same rate, have been completed at the same time as the line west of Newport, and it was therefore thought advisable to de- vote our means principally to the latter portion. Still, considerable and very satisfactory progress has been made in the works east of Chepstow. The Gloucester and Dean Forest Company are pro- ceeding with their works so as to complete this connecting link at the same time as the opening of the South Wales. Upon the line between Newport and Swansea, I am happy to say we have been enabled to proceed more rapidly than during the previous half year. On this part, under your directions, the prin- cipal expenditure has been incurred, and considerable progress has been made. The works through the town of Cardiff are every where in operation, and those upon the deviation near Margani, which were commenced a considerable time after the others, are advancing very rapidly preparations, are making for letting the contracts for the stations. Several portions of the line are ballasted and the laying of the permanent way is about to be commenced. If we continue our present exertions, .ami the season shall be mode- lately favourable, I trust that nearly the whole of this division of the line may be finished and the permanent wav laid by the end of the year; and that we may open the railway between these two important towns by this time twelvemonth. I am, gentlemen, year obedient servant, I. K. BRUNEL.

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