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Jaent of draining, that had lately passed the legislature. By it owner? of land, tenants for life, owners of encumbered estates, or any other description of property, might drain their lands Tender the sanction of the Enclosure Commissioners. He was alluding to a company that had been recently formed, who ad- vanced capital for the purpose of draining, the money being repaid by a rent-charge on the land, so that where a landlord did not choose to put his hand into his pocket for this purpose, or when it was not convenient for him to do so, there was an opportunity for the land to be drained. He had made a rough guess that in this county there were 20,000 acres of land that required draining (Mr. C. Bishop—150,000,) if they were drained at an expense of f5 per acre, it would cost £100,000 if this was effected in a period of ten years, there would be ex- pended EIO,000 a-year, and this would all be done by the com- pany, who would have a rent-charge on the inheritance abso- lutely, or to be repayable by twenty-five annual instalments of £ 6 10s. per cent. per annum. He hoped public attention Would be called to this subject, as it was one of importance.. In conclusion he begged to propose the health of the secre- tary (cheers). Mr. R. Williams, secretary, returned thanks. A few other toasts were proposed, after which the meeting separated.