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IRELAND. The State trials have at length been commenced, and the grand jury have discharged their duties in finding true bills against several of the leaders of the late attempt at insur- rection. The old Irish complaint of tampering with the jury is again revived. How far the accusation is correct we have not yet had the means of knowing. We sincerely hope it may prove unfounded, for if such is the case it must materi- ally weaken the cause of Government. Surely when the insurrection has so signally failed, there is no excuse tor resorting to such means for the administration of justice-. DUBLIN, WEDNESDAY MORNING. The intelligence from the disturbed districts by this morn- ing's mail train represents all tranquil, at least on the surface, for the apprehensions of fresh outbursts were rife still in the minds of the well disposed. The following communication arrived this morning Clonmel and its neighbourhood were free from any disturbance during the past night. I watched until nearly twelve o'clock, but I could not see any signal fires blazing on the Waterford mountains which over- look the town, as on the previous night. Large bodies of rebels are still stated to be in the fastnesses of the mountains, many of which are inclosed by deep ravines and very diffi- cult of access indeed, I am informed, almost inaccessible to the military; so that they may probably remain there as long, as the fine weather permits, and make midnight attacks upon the property of the gentry and farmers of the surrountfeng country." The Clonmel' -Chronicle thus describes the progress of the State prisoners from Dublin to their final destination in the gaol of Clonmel The special train arrived at Thurles in three hours and twenty minutes. Here they were met by a large military and constabulary force upon Bianconi's cars, and the travelling carriage having been removed from the train, and put to, Messrs. O'Brien; Meagher, and Levne were placed inside. There was nobody else with them. Messrs.. O'Donoghue and M'Manus occupied seats outside, and the rest of the vehicle was occupied by police inspectors, con- stables, &c. They left Thurles at about two o'clock this morning, and travelled on at a very rapid rate through Cashel, where they remained for some time to refresh the escort and the horses. The prisoners were also offered re- freshment, which, however, was declined, except a few cigars, which some of the party took. They then came on to Clon- mel, which place they reached at half-past seven o'clock. The prisoners were then handed over to the custody of Mr. Strahan, the governor, and were immediately supplied with an excellent breakfast, of which they heartily partook. Messrs. O'Brien and Meagher were removed to a rather comfortable apartment prepared -for them in the hospital rooms of the building, where they immediately retired to rest. Messrs. M'Manus, O'Donoghue, and Leyne, were then placed in the same department with other prisoners charged with treason- able offences. All the prisoners enjoy excellent health and spirits. Mr. M'Manus was very much dissatisfied with the distinction which had been made between him and Messrs. O'Brien and Meagher—for it must be remembered that Mr. M'Manus is also a great gun." THE STATE TRIALS. Clonmel, Thursday, Sept. 21. The grand scene of the drama which Mr. W. S. O'Brien and his companions have been lately enacting has now arrived. The special commission is opened. Yesterday afternoon the Lord Chief Justice Blackburne, the Lord Chief- Justice Doherty, and Mr. Justice Moore, reached Clonmel, escorted from Thurles by a company of dragoons and a body of mounted police. This morning the court-housc was opened at ten o'clock. i Several members of the family of Mr. Smith O'Brien, including Lady O'Brien (his mother), his wife, &c., were present. The judges took their seats at twelve o'clock, and the clerk of the crown having read the commission, the following gentlemen were called and sworn as the grand jury to try the indictments :-Viscount Suirdale (foreman), the lIon. Cornelius O'Callaghan, the Hon. P. F. Prettie, the Hon. H. Hutchinson, Sir E. Waller, Mr. R. P. Barker, Mr. S- Moore, Mr. Bagwell, Mr. A. Goring, Mr. M. Pennefather, Lieuten- :t-.Q9lm.1}::U?fÙ,txM.t;.r. ilY,1VlJ.)? Barton, Mr. J. O'Meagher, Mr. H. Trench, Mr. C. Going, Mr. T. Lalor, Mr. J. Larrio-an, and Mr. J. Cooke. Only eight nnmes were called without being answered, before the requisite number was made up. The Lord Chief-Justice then delivered a lengthy charge to the jury in explanation of the law of high treason, and the practises on the part of the accused which had led to these prosecutions; after which the jury retired, and were absent from court until ten minutes to five o'clock, when they re- turned, and announced that they had found true bills against William Smith O'Brien, Terence Bellew M'Manus, James Orchard, Dennis Tighe, and Patrick O'Donnell. The court ordered the prisoners to be brought up. When they appeared at the bar, the most breathless silence pre- vailed. Mr. O'Brien smiled as he recognised some friends near the dock. He looked pale and thin; and, though he assumed an air of composure, his countenance betrayed deep anxiety, Mr. M'Manus stood in the front of the dock, and appeared perfectly undaunted. The three other prisoners were of the peasant class. The Lord Chief-Justice, then addressing the prisoners, said, The grand jury have found a bill of indictment against you for high treason, and it is my duty to inform you that you are each entitled to a copy of that indictment. Do you desire to have it ?" One of the prisoners said, "Yes." Copies were handed to the prisoners accordingly. The Lord Chief-Justice You are each entitled to have- counsel assigned you, not exceeding two. Do you wish to have counsel now assigned? Mr. Potter said, that as the attorney, and on behalf of Mr. W. S. O'Brien, be wished most respectfully to ask that Mr. Whiteside, Q.C., and Mr. Francis Fitzgerald, Q.C., should be assigned as his counsel. The Attorney-General was not aware that Mr. Fitzgerald had taken out a license, but should make no objection. The Lord Chief-Justice: Then let t'jioge gentlemen be as- signed as counsel for William Smith O'Brien. What does the prisoner Terence Bellew M'Manus say? The prisoner said be was not yet prepared to name counsel, nor was his agent yet selected. The Lord Chief-Justice (to Mr. Potter): You are not at. present the attorney of the prisoner M'Manus; but you are of the prisoner O'Brien. (To the Clerk of the Crown.) Let this gentleman be appointed the attorney of the former pri- soner. Mr. Vere Lane (attorney) said, he appeared on behalf of Orchard, Tighe, and O'Donnell, but that he could not at pre- sent assign counseHor them. The Lord Chief-Justice (to the prisoners) I have to in- form you that you have each of you five days, exclusive of that upon which you have been served with copies of the. indictment, and exclusive of Sunday, fo appear and plead t;> it, and it is now for you to say whether you will avail your- selves of that time. Mr. M'Manus We will do so, my lord. The Lord Chief-Justice: Very well; next Thursday, then,, will be the earliest day on which you can be placed on your trials. Mr. Potter asked if the Attorney-General proposed to de- liver any other document to the prisoners? The Attoi-ii ey-,Geii era] replied, that he was not prepared to give them any document but the copy of the indictment. The prisoners were then conducted down the stairs of ihf" dock, Mr. O'Brien being the first to leave. We believe that although the bili against Meagher was sent to the grand jury, it was postponed for inquiry until the following day. The Court then adjourned until to-morrow. There are; it-would appear, some doubts as to whether t Lord John Russell will be required to attend as a witness, The leading counsel of inir. Smith O'Brien disapproves of tlif-, proceeding. I (ioveriiiiient liai arranged with the Electric Telegraph Company to have despatches at Jeast twice a nay dqring tha Commission, which it. is expected will not terminate before the middle of October.. FRIDAY.—The grand jury have found true bills for higk